Dolphins Acquire Isaiah Wilson and Cut Kyle Van Noy: Signs Point to us drafting Micah Parsons

With the Dolphins trading for troubled OL Isaiah Wilson, I believe that rules out them going with Penei Sewell at #3.    Cutting Kyle Van Noy opens up a need at LB…a position where we needed major help EVEN IF we kept KVN.

So that starts to hint that we may be taking a linebacker in the draft and hoping for a jackpot.  Some pundits have Micah Parsons as a sure-thing top 5 d5aft pick, while others having him going into the 20s.  I think the Dolphins need to take a chance.  Everything we hear about Parsons is elite, and he plays a position where we have a desperate need.

We do NOT have a desperate need at WR.  There are dozens of quality WRs available later in the draft.  I’d love to see us roll the dice and grab some top defenders at 3 and 18 and save the WRs till later.



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