Dolphins Add a Patriots Assistant Wide Receiver Coach as new Offensive Coodinator

I’m too angry–and perhaps too lazy–to look up the guy’s name again, but the Dolphins have raided that Patriot Coaching Tree for the second time.

They’re taking a man who’s never called a play in his life and thrusting him into an enormous role that he is unprepared for.   He has zero experience with designing offenses and calling plays.

Much like our new head coach has never advanced further than being a linebacker coach.

You’d think Stephen Ross would have learned his lesson about hiring inexperienced assistants and promoting them to the top job.  You’d think he learned a lesson from watching all the failures from the Belichick coaching tree.  You’d think he learned a lesson from allowing an inexperienced coach to hire his own inexperienced friends.  Why oh why oh why did I believe Stephen Ross when he fired Gase and said things will be different.   He correctly defined insanity as trying the same thing over and over but expecting a new result…and then he went out and tried the same thing over and over.

No one else in the NFL wanted Brian Flores to be their coach.  Doesn’t that tell you something?   Why do the Dolphins give out head coaching and coordinator jobs as if they were charity?   Is it stupidity?   Did Ross really want to sacrifice wins just so he can say “I have the only black GM and Coach combo in history”?  Has he given too much power to Chris Grier?   Where is Rex Ryan?   LOL.

Seriously, I know my readers are hardcore knowledgeable Dolfans.   Sometimes we disagree, but we all love our team unwavering.  Are ANY of you guys excited about the coaching staff we’ve compiled?

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  1. We should’ve just asked Dan Marino to coach the team through our rebuild. I would’ve settled for Rex Ryan too. The next 3 seasons are over before they even start smh.

  2. I’ve been saying it for over a decade,closer to 15 hears-we have the worst front office in football,no matter who runs it. Ross has provided little more than the money asked of him since he bought the team. A carcass rots from the top,down………! WE ARE the worst franchise in the league,period. Not the worst team,but very close to that too,but the worst franchise for sure. WE give auditions for HC and Coordinator positions. Yes,auditions.
    noun: audition; plural noun: auditions
    an interview for a particular role or job
    We give 3 year auditions to unqualified people year after year. It’s how we do business. ADMIN,you are correct. Nobody else wants the Tom Flores wannabee. To avoid stress in 3 years when this event happens again,and it will, I suggest we hire the entire staff from Alabama,except that lying POS SATAN! Package deal because at least they won SOMETING and we good at what they do. (I hate Alabama BTW)

    1. Author

      Audition is the prefect word. I was trying to think of a word like that the other day. This will be Ross’s third audition hire in a row.

  3. Yea I’m not optimistic not at all. But I have to rout for these guys their dolphins now. The pats offense is good because they don’t try to trick people hopefully this guy learned that while there but the fact that he has never been an OC before I don’t like. Hopefully these guys can prove us wrong

    1. Yes but it’s hoping against hope. None of his former coaches have done well with other teams. Only exception may be Detroit but it’s only 1 season so far.

    2. No their offense is all about finding your weakness and rinse-repeat. But you have to be skilled enough to be able to locate your opponent’s weakness for this to work. Our staff has never proven to be able to perform this task otherwise they would have been hired as coordinators. All we have now is the hope, no prayer that Cadwell can direct this sinking ship.

      1. Author

        I agree 100% In three years, did we ever once see Gase exploit an opponent’s weakness??

  4. What is so frustrating about this is that of all the good coaches out there did we talk to ANY of them? From what I saw we only talked to cordinators!

    Now it may well be that the real coaches didn’t want the job and I can understand that but we didn’t see……. “the dolphins reached out to so and so but they weren’t interested” with all the leaks you would have thought we would hear something like that.

    One thing with Floris is that he at lest is the defensive Cordinator in that he participates in game planning and weekly implimentation of that plan but the wide receivers coach? Give me a break!

    On ray of light…… I’m sure we will see a QB sneak!

  5. I can’t even comment until I see the whole picture. This all could end up just speculation. The guy may not show up. If true I would have preferred to see a few experienced men on the coaching team. Either way they can’t be possibly as bad as philbum or gase….

    1. Author

      I sorta-kinda have that same attitude. How can we judge a man before he even starts? Before he’s even been hired? On one hand, it is silly to critique a man we do not know. But…on the other hand, this feels like one of Stephen Ross’s community-based initiatives to get a black GM and black coach for the first time in history. I’ve fought the urge to think that since day one, but I’ve succumbed to it. I think Karma called it first…an affirmative action hire to appease the Rooney Rule.

      1. So keep it white, and it’ll be alright. There is one thing I’ve always wondered about you ADMIN, but you’ve confirmed my speculations, and that is, you’re racist. Now you can argue with that all you want, but the more you talk, the more you can’t help but let it out. The Dolphins still have a much more pressing problem than coaching and it’s at quarterback. After eight years with Tannehill under a white GM and headcoach, we’ve seen you whine about the results of that along with your other constant whining about Ross’s handling of his franchise. But even this comment seems to stoop to a new low just to give a shout out to this, in my opinion, racist halfwit who calls himself KARMATOURER’s comment about “an affirmative action hire to appease the Rooney Rule” seems to me this just affirms you guy’s racist love affair with each other.

        1. Author

          I’m surprised it took you this long to accuse me of racism, Phil. After all, you support Robert Quinn raising the black power fist during the anthem, and Kenny Stills kneeling during the anthem. I know you’re a veteran and you aren’t bothered by that stuff. But some of us are, and that is our prerogative. If you consider us racists, that is certainly your prerogative.
          As far as our new coach, I’m waiting for Ross to introduce him. If he can justify that Brian Flores is the best man in the world and explain why, then I have no problem with that. If he can prove that Flores is more experienced than Rex Ryan and Mike McCarthy, then he wins me over.

          1. There are 31 other teams you can root for “admin”…you pale faces haven’t got the job done.Im all for a all black coaching staff and let O’shea be the token hire.If you’re so knowledgeable about how to run a franchise,then why are you just an “admin” of blog hardly anybody reads?Why don’t you buy the team and run it the way you see fit?And you can take this karameter dude with you to be the GM…

            1. Author

              I am NOT knowledgable about how to coach a football team. That is why I would hire someone who IS knowledgable about how to coach a football team.

              1. You sure bitch and moan like you do

          2. It was not about me supporting someone raising a fist or kneeling, it’s about looking at the gestures as something so egregious to the point where you and others childishly contemplated stopping watching professional football. And what has happened since? No one was murdered or killed, no football stadium was blown up, and no white person lost their job because of it. Another season went by without a hitch and upset whites will again sit back in their easy chair and drink beers while watching the Superbowl. Now I’m amused at how you think it’s important for Mr Ross to convince us that this black guy would be more successful at coaching the Dolphins than Mike McCarthy or Rex Ryan. I mean, if you really think Mr Ross owes you or anyone else for that matter some ipso facto consolation like that, then you’re really taking yourself way too serious.

    2. Author

      Meanwhile, the Chiefs hired Steve Spagnuolo to run their defense.
      Imagine getting experienced, accomplished coaches to head up your units instead of allowing your no-name new head coach to hire his no-name friends.

      1. So if I agree with your comment am I a racist?

        1. Here we go. Phil is back. Gonna get good now.

  6. Not calling anyone racist but you can’t complain that a coaching staff is all black. I head no one complain that Adam Gase had a white offensive and defensive coordinator last year. So I don’t want to hear anyone say anything about a black head coach and defensive coordinator. If they do great awesome, if they don’t thats to bad but either way you have to be delusional to think their skin color will have anything to do with their success or failure. Also Rex Ryan couldn’t even get the chiefs defensive coordinator position. No one wants that man if Miami interviewed him they would of been the only NFL team that interviewed him. Look at the coaches other teams hired, Kliff Kingsbury, Adam Gase, Matt Lafluer, and Zac Taylor. It’s a fact that Flores seems better than all of those guys.

    1. Author

      FF27, you’re right and that is why I’m waiting for Ross to tell us his thought processes. If he explains why Flores is the best man on earth to coach us, then I shut up.
      But if he alludes to something like “It’s time for the NFL to have a black coach and black GM combo,” then we will know that race really was a factor in his mind. We’ll see in about 10 days.
      Please note, I don’t care about Flores’ race at all; I care about his experience.
      Jim Caldwell is a respected coordinator and former head coach. I’d love to see him get the big job. But for some reason, we bring him in as a coach’s assistant only. Not even a coordinator. 🙁

      1. “But if he alludes to something like “It’s time for the NFL to have a black coach and black GM combo,” then we will know that race really was a factor in his mind.”

        I see it really doesn’t take long for you to confirm my suspicions about about you being racist when I said “the more you talk, the more you can’t help but let it out.” What a way to play that old game called “twister” to explain some kind of convoluted claptrap view you have about Ross’s motives.

        1. Author

          It’s not convoluted whatsoever. It’s clear as day. I am waiting to hear if race was a consideration in Ross’s hire.

          If not, then we just go back to criticizing Ross for hiring another inexperienced, audition head coach.

          But if yes, then I disagree with hiring a man based on skin color AND we go back to criticizing Ross for hiring another inexperienced, audition head coach.

          Either way, I’m criticizing the selection of somebody so inexperienced.

          1. “I am waiting to hear if race was a consideration in Ross’s hire.”

            So it appears that as long as white guys are being hired, then in ADMIN’s opinion no such explanation is required?

            1. Author

              You don’t hear those explanations from owners, because they are not the case. Were Super Bowl champions like Mike Tomlin and Tony Dungy hired for their race? Absolutely not! They paid their dues and earned head coaching job,

              1. And what were Mike Tomlin and Tony Dungy before they became head coaches?

                1. Author

                  They were both experienced coordinators. Both ran entire units by themselves. Neither was elevated from the local scouting department to assistant linebacker coach to head coach in 4 years’ time.

                  1. Boy are you funny… aren’t you the same guy that was once positive about ADAM GASE and asked fellow Dolphans to join you in that thinking?

  7. I just want to make this very clear and for the record. I have never made reference to anyone by skin type! I make and have made references to them being head coaches with experience or cordinators with experience. In other words I judge people on their merits which today is considered racist, homophobic, etc. by many.
    I wanted coaches with experience in the positions they were being hired to coach.

    I said that over and over for months.

    Now we have all these coaches coming to coach positions they never coaches.
    I think it’s a bad idea (based on experience) and that I don’t think it will work.
    That does not make me a racist it makes someone who would stand and accuse me of being a racist not creditable to engage in a conversation with….in my opinion

    1. Dude, why are you defending yourself? Who referenced you?

  8. “Phil, you can keep coming back to spout your racism accusations, and you can keep coming back any time you wish to be proven wrong.

    – ADMIN

    Tsk tsk, is that the best you can do?

    I remember once how you reported that a certain internet site refused to let you post anymore comments and you considered that site as lacking the ability to truly look at and report accurately about issues concerning the Dolphins. You seem to consider yourself a “Sports Column Writer.” If that’s what you want to be considered as, then your own speculations about someone’s motives should be unnecessary to report. The facts stand on their own merit. Siding with the speculations of a poster only demonstrates an inadequate mental thought analysis on your part and someone like me questioning your biases. I don’t hurl unwarranted accusations. I take into account a person’s own words and from time to time you will see me question that person. And no one who wants to report in the media is beyond that.

  9. Personally I don’t believe anyone is being racist here Fins fans just want them to get the coaching right for once. Who cares if the coach is white, black, green I don’t give a fuck just as long as they stop the stupid shit. But if the owner is purposely putting in someone not for their knowledge but for the color of their skin then I agree it would be wrong. No one knows this for sure yet but Ross has done things to try to be politically correct so being scared is a legitimate concern. I read back that old thread and quite a few of us back then were asking for an experienced coach and we still don’t have one! It has blown up in our faces so do we have a right to be upset with Ross? Fuck yeah! Especially since the coordinators are raw too at least the rams have an experienced DC to help…

  10. Pay attention to what you say:

    Who cares if the coach is white, black, green I don’t give a fuck just as long as they stop the stupid shit. But if the owner is purposely putting in someone not for their knowledge but for the color of their skin then I agree it would be wrong. No one knows this for sure yet but Ross has done things to try to be politically correct so being scared is a legitimate concern.

    Saying Ross has done something in the past just to be politically correct is an opinion without reference. Please provide one example to back up your accusation. If Ross wanted to “put in someone not for their knowledge but for the color of their skin,” then why didn’t he do the so-called “politically correct” thing by making Todd Bowles the head coach of the Dolphins when he had the chance to? The Rams were so beleaguered as a franchise in St Louis because of attendance to the point where they packed up and went back to L.A. But it looks like they have finally righted the ship again. All we can do is wait and see what’s going to happen so getting upset and speculating about Ross’s motives is just demonstrating unnecessary angst.

    1. The bullying scandal was ridiculous it was a bunch of hard heads trash talking each other yet he blew one of them out of town within a second. It hurt the team. As per Bowles sure he could have kept him back then but for some reason he wanted to make the big splash with the new coordinator. Not saying Bowles would have been better anyway but it shows a trend of Ross picking less experienced men every time.

      1. sorry this was me…not logged in.

      2. Was suspending Richie Incognito some kind of “politically correct” thing to do or was the suspension because of the locker room commotion it was causing? And Bowles had the Dolphins defense popping at the time.

        1. Author

          Rushing that suspension BEFORE ANY FACTS WERE GATHERED was indeed the p.c. thing to do. I have no problem cutting Richie or trading him to an Arena League or anything else you want to do, but at least investigate first.

          1. B.S. Admin this was 100% PC! Anyone who can’t see that is blind, ignorant, stupid or all three at the same time. Was Richie a model citizen? Nope but that isn’t a criteria in the NFL the guy was a high level offensive lineman who we have yet to find a suitable replacement for!

            Phil we call this move…….. stupid PC! There is your documented FACT….. so you were saying…………….

          2. Pertaining to the suspension of Richie Incognito, there was an investigation by Ted Wells, an NFL investigator. Wells’s report uncovered what seemed at the time harassment that was centered on offensive lineman Jonathan Martin by three fellow offensive linemen named Richie Incognito, Mike Pouncey, and John Jerry. Was Ross right to take action after reading Wells’s report? As an owner of an NFL franchise that’s a decision he has to make. After reading some disturbing remarks made by the three linemen in the inquiry, I seriously doubt that Mr Ross was thinking that he had to somehow appease the masses who were looking for the blood of an innocent to be sacrificed on the alter of “Fans Vengeance.” No matter how you or others want to look at it, the Dolphins had a major locker room problem at that time that had to be dealt with. The media, whether it was TV or Radio, was having a field day with mocking the Dolphins as a team, and organization. In that kind of scenario, I don’t think any decision by any NFL franchise’s owner would’ve been “politically correct, downright correct” or “satisfactory” to and for everybody involved whether it be players, family of players, fans, or office personnel. People can call the actions by Mr Ross at the time any term or take it as whatever conclusion they see fit but it certainly wasn’t like the Dolphins were some top tier and elite team whose chemistry was messed up by Mr Ross’s decision.

            1. Martin was doing the same thing to his teammates but wasn’t cut. He was also horrific on the football field. So yes Ross was attempting to show the world that he was going to snuff out bullying and held the flag even though it was a flawed decision. If anything Martin should have been turfed too but the whole thing about 300 pound men and bullying is ridiculous…

              On another note chandler jones walked into a cop shop naked on cosmetic drugs and kraft allowed him to play in a super bowl before trading him. You tell me what’s worse…

              1. Martin didn’t have to be “turfed,” he left the team on his own accord. He “was briefly hospitalized, and then joined his family in California and underwent counseling for emotional issues.”

                Now you, FLYERFINFAN don’t own an NFL team, so evaluating Ross’s decision at that time as being “flawed” is very easy to make. What should’ve been a decision by Mr Ross that you would’ve deemed satisfactory is quite an easy judgement to make when all you’re doing is standing behind the fence watching. Mr Ross don’t have the luxury of taking into account 1,2,3, or 4 players, no, he has the entire Dolphins organization to look after. From the players, to the practice facility, equipment, office personnel, coaches, and the stadium including the grass in it. And an owner also has to do one of the hardest jobs in the world and that’s PLEASE YOU FANS.

                As for Chandler Jones, I don’t see where he fits in the conversation. Not all NFL franchises have the same owner, management, or players for that matter. Some cops get off scott free and keep their jobs after killing an unarmed person and some cops get axed for what’s deemed as abuse of authority. You tell me what’s worse?

            2. Author

              “it certainly wasn’t like the Dolphins were some top tier and elite team whose chemistry was messed up by Mr Ross’s decision.”– Very true; Phil and I finally agree on something! But seriously, Phil’s timeline is a bit wrong, and it’s the timeline that bothers me more than the Dolphins’ action. Ross did not suspend/cut Richie after the Wells report came out. He suspended/cut him immediately when the news surfaced. The Wells Report came out the following year! All I wanted was for Ross to wait and get both sides. All 4 sides if you count Jerry and Pouncey.
              Remember at the time, the players were speaking out. 53 men on the roster, and 52 of them sided with Richie. Jonathan Martin himself was the only man who supported Jonathan Martin’s side.
              Ross then went on this very public campaign, patting himself on the back for starting an anti-bullying program. All of that distracts him from running the Dolphins.

        2. The guy coached 3 games! 3 Phil and he lost one so lets cool it down with the….. “…..he had the defense POPPING….” nonsense!

          1. Um BRIAN M, in those three games that Todd Bowles coached, you can’t deny that the Dolphins defense were playing with a new attitude. Heck, after three games with only one loss with Todd Bowles in the captain’s chair, you can’t tell me you weren’t itching to see more.

            1. Author

              I remember Bowles’ last game was at Buffalo. Reggie Bush took a handoff from Matt Moore and had a 70-yard TD run at the end to ice the game in the snow. It was a gorgeous run! Brandon Marshall met him in the end zone ! The next season, all three of those guys were on their way out, 4 if you count Bowles.

              I don’t remember Bowles’ other 2 games. At the time, I was leaning toward keeping Bowles. The players loved him. But if Ross wanted to replace him, I wanted him replaced by someone excellent and experienced. Instead, we got Clueless Joey Philbin.

    2. Author

      True, but Ross’s other decisions caused a lot of justified angst, so it’s only logical to think his new hiring decision will cause the same. LOL. But seriously, you are right, we have to wait and see.

  11. If anyone is a true sports fan, they do NOT see or give a rat’s ass about the color of a coach’s skin, or a player’s skin. That’s the beauty of being a sports fan and why so many of us enjoy the comradery (sp?) of being a mutual fan with others who enjoy and have the same desires for their teams, basically, we want our Dolphins, to F’NG WIN! I don’t care if they put Putin in there, if he can turn this team into a winning team! I venture to say most of us who post here are longing for many years for this team to be on a winning track. This team hasn’t had a good QB since Dan Marino!! We haven’t had a good coach since Jimmy Johnson-he was a good coach at one time. We are tired of the BS that we get every year from this organization, and yet, we still maintain our deep fandom. Color/Race never entered into the football atmosphere until all the PC crowd started putting pressure on the NFL for not hiring more black coaches. #1 Are there that many black coaches available? Not as many as others seem to believe. Damn, we can’t get any GOOD coach to come to MIA, regardless of color, gender, whatever you want to throw in there. Why is that? For the reason(s) I have been posting many times- our esteemed owner, Stephen B. Ross, I am NYC real estate king and Michigan fan first. Oh, yeah, I own the Dolphins too. THAT my Fin friends is our problem! Ross is not a good owner, knows nothing about football so why would a good quality coach or player come here if they don’t throw a ton of money to him- Admin calls it like I see it, many others on here see it and I can’t see too many times he is off base. I happened to listen to Big O on Mad Dog sports this weekend and he is sick of losing, sick of Miami being a bottom dweller and would love to see the 90% of the team cleaned out and start fresh. I can’t say I’m not in agreement. We’ve had 7 years of a QB that went nowhere but in his bank account sure made out good. But IMO, our owner is a horse’s a$$ and until he’s gone in whatever way that happens, we are stuck. Ross is not running this team, someone else in that team office is and whoever it is is doing a poor job, but again, Ross is spending more time on other things more important to him. If it is Brian Flores, we have to give the guy a chance to see what he can put together…but I will say, I am glad Gase is not with MIA. And, the new coaching staff needs to put two games on their calendars with big bold dates-the date we play the Jets in MIA and the date we play the Jets in NY/NJ….those games are must wins for Dolphin fans no matter what happens during the season.

  12. I think we need to relax a bit. It would be more concerning if they did not hire Cadwell. He has experience and hopefully has more input with regard to team structure and function. We have to hope that this allows Flores time to adjust and grow. I would not feel good without Cadwell’s experience there. But I hope Flores is the next great coach, just wished there was more experience on his staff.

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