Dolphins are West Coast Road Game Favorites

We are favored by a point and a half over the lowly Los Angeles Rams and a rookie QB about to see his first game action.  Let’s hope the 1.5 becomes 21.5 and we blow them out.

Miami currently sits 7th in the AFC standings, where the top 6 make the playoffs.     Time to start rooting for those ahead of us to lose.    Of course watching Carolina and New Orleans both choke last weekend and hand free victories to Denver and Kansas City hurt us in the standings, but that always seems to happen:    When you scoreboard watch and need others to help you out, they never do.   That’s why you just have to win your own games…starting with destroying untested rookie QBs !!

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  1. Goff starting against us has me a little nervous. Sometimes these untested kids will surprise an opposing team. I’d like to see his welcome to the NFL come with a few sacks. I think if we can rattle him early, it would set the tone for the rest of the game.

  2. Why is Brandon Albert OUT with a sore wrist? Wrap it up and send his ass out there. Ridiculous. It’s not broken or anything. Plus, how was he able to finish the game LAST week but now all of a sudden he can’t play? Did he hurt it worse in shower Monday.

    1. I don’t know if you’ve ever been hurt during a game but just for me from experience I dislocated a finger in a basketball game in high school. I was so amped up I was able to finish the game but by the next day my finger was so sore and stiff I had to a bunch of time. Sometimes injuries just stiffen up over time not everything heals right away.

  3. If the Fins are for real this should be a blow out against a rookie QB.

  4. @Anonymous

    I’m with you on this. Fins should win by that 21.5 point spread that Admin is dreaming about.

    Rams suck and our defense is playing very good. We should make their running game, which is already non-existent, extinct making them drop back and pass where wake and the dline can tee off and have a field day.

  5. Not to be a debbie downer. But we have reached an apex of hope as fans. In the past this is when the Phins play down to their opponents. If we win this game ( I know a 5 game win streak may be too much to ask) but we may just be for real. Real to me is you win almost always the games your supposed to and loose an couple less than your supposed to. Hoping we can do this without Brandon Albert.

  6. I have to say, as a Dolphin’s fan for over 40 years and a disappointed one for almost 20, this is a pretty good looking team.

    Jay Ajayei (sp?) runs angry. He reminds me a bit of Ricky Williams, but with more toughness.

    I was off the Tanehill train early this season, but the kid has looked good. Against SD he looked poised, his passes were crisp. I think Gase may be on to something here!

    I know that the 1-5 start was ugly, but it takes time for a coaching staff and team to come together.

    This was the year that I was set to join my wife as a Carolina Panther’s fan. It was getting that bad with Miami and the way it was run. But holy cow! She needs to join MY bandwagon at this point!


    1. they got off to a 1-4 start not 1-5

  7. Ajayi is turning into a good runner and he reminds all of us of Ricky but he is not that good yet. Ricky was stronger and faster. He would always run over the first guy trying to tackle him and no one could catch him after he broke one

  8. Ricky didn’t completely fulfill his potential but he was prolly the most talented player to ever wear a Fin uniform. After his first 2 years he held almost all the Dolphin rushing records. Ajayi’s had a couple of super games but its premature to mention him with Ricky.
    Funny how Wannstedt took heat for overusing Ricky but Gase hasn’t for overusing Ajayi…..

  9. I see Mike Pouncey’s paper-mache hip is busted again and he will miss yet another game. I know Admin has praised KRaig Ubrick and Anthony Steen’s work, so hopefully then can handle the L. A. Lambs.

  10. Down 2 top linemen and playing a rookie QB now I’m really nervous

    1. Be more concerned about Dolphins receivers Landry and Parker being healthy enough to go the whole game. As long as the defense doesn’t suffer any major injures to it’s key personnel, the Dolphins should be Ok. But again, the Dolphins have to stop it with the dumbass penalties to increase their chances of beating the Rams and returning home with a winning road record finally.

  11. Just sucks as they can never only have one olineman hurt has to be 2-3 to ruin their chances. This is crazy… I really hope that they draft more of them next year. I do like the back ups but to be safe I wouldn’t allow Tunsil to shower or anything for that matter!!!

    The key will be to stop their running game and make the rookie beat you. I don’t think that he’s able to at this stage..

  12. Even though Albert is out and Pouncey is questionable. We actually have decent depth now. No more Fox, Dallas Thomas, or Billy Turner to practice well enough to earn a spot only to embarrass us on game day. Our depth guys actually want to be there and will play their hearts out. Steen just might be our future center and urbik has played solid. Im hopeful we can protect tannehill and create holes for Ajayi. If this line holds we should be ok.

  13. We are 11-1 with Pouncey Albert and James starting, so without them we suck. ha ha

  14. Teams pay these guys millions of dollars and should use them as much as possible without worrying about overusing them. I always think of the Washington Nationals not wanting to over use Steven Strasburgh, so they “saved him” and under-used him and cost themselves the playoffs.

    1. Totally disagree if you’re planning on keeping a player. You think what Wannstedt did with Ricky was right? He got burnt out and had a shortened career. Ajayi wont last if his workload continues. These RB’s only have X amount of carries in them and they’re done.

      1. Yes it’s a fine line. Good thing that Williams has picked it up and hopefully Drake will play a bigger part as the season progresses. They all have young legs so that helps too.

  15. We don’t have to worry about anything but winning out. If we do that we’ll be either AFCEast champs or a definite wildcard team. Since the Broncos and Pats play each other, if Pats win Broncos will have 4 losses and a worse conf record. So we’re in as wildcard. If Broncos win, Pats have 3 losses, making our last game for the division championship. So let’s just win out and stop worrying about what someone else does. Go fins!

    1. @James Burnett

      If the Dolphins win out that stadium over there will be so packed fans will be sitting on the new canopy!

      It would be almost as miraculous as the Cubs winning the World Series………

      1. Cubs are proof anything is possible.

      2. Not if they continue disrespecting our country.

  16. These Keyboard patriotic crusaders and heroes kill me. Won’t spend one second in the military to defend this country but are quick to mouth off when someone else born here like them practice their constitutional rights.

    No matter how much you want it to, this country will not turn into a 1942 Germany.

  17. What a fucking game tannehill coming up clutch!!

    1. The Dolphins gave them all the chances they could ask for, and the Fins still came out victorious!

      1. Gase is making this team believe it can win for the first time in years. How many comeback wins can they pull in a row? Hopefully they just destroy the 49ers next week I can’t take this close games anymore

        1. I know what you mean there. I was halfway resigned to losing until the RAMs missed that fg. Then two GREAT drives and 1 heart attack later…..

  18. Thinking we were going to lose, halfway through the fourth I just stopped watching. Guess that makes a bad fan

  19. Horrible field conditions didn’t help plus some retarded calls the one on Maxwell was ridiculous. Nice to see them hang in there and fight. Parker is showing us why you need elite receivers when the going gets tough they make the difference. I hope he continues to improve as they could use another way to win games.

    Still can’t believe the unbelievable luck on the oline as I said they can’t settle with one guy out has to be 2-3 just stupid already. Hopefully get them all back next week…

  20. Forgot to say maybe they should stop the screens and just hammer the ball instead they are atrocious at them…

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