Defense Saves the Day

Opening a new entry here for you guys to discuss the game.  Looks like I missed the best Phins game in years.

Your thoughts?    Heros?    Goats?

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  1. RT17 played the best game of the season. Even when the run game didnt work the Offense moved the ball.

    Defense was great. Wake was ranked to be the best 4-3 DE in the league last week and came to play. Line backers actually made tackles in the run game. Secondary was suspect as Rivers threw for 300 yards and 3TDS but alot of missed calls and bad calls on D. Rivers picked on Lippett and McCain alot but again bad calls helped. Good play design by DC Joseph on the pick by Alonso. and good picks by secondaries all around. Defense MVP goes to Wake for putting pressure the entire game. Offense goes to D. Williams for bailing us out in the pass game out of the backfield and honorable mention to Parker who had a big day.

    1. Apparently Albert dislocated his wrist had it popped back in to place and FINished the game.

      1. I was just about to comment on Albert. You have to admire his dedication to the team..

  2. Memo to Gase:

    Sit Grant down, make him ride the bench for awhile.

    Grant scares me. When this idiot should take a knee in the end zone, he runs it out. That fumble on the punt almost cost the Dolphins the game.

  3. Defense was amazing. 4 picks and stopped the run.

  4. Defense saved Miami for sure, but the flags were the only reason the Chargers were even close. Idk what was going on with those refs, for them to call Miami for everything than let San Diego get away with that PI in the end zone at the end of the game was ridiculous.

    1. This is what pisses me off they were calling everything then Parker gets raped in the endzone and no flag. Wake was getting dragged down most of the day nothing. Obviously it was their mandate to help the home team but we rarely see this in Miami….

      1. We never see it in Miami, maybe because we’ve been mediocre for so long but it’s not like the chargers are a great team either

        1. Zero winning seasons in 8 years is NOT mediocre!

  5. All though I haven’t ever voiced this before . Its really getting old hearing the criticism of Kiko. Hes been solid and improves every game and iced this one for us. Our constant pressure masked our suspect secondary causing the pics. But when Rivers had time he was dissecting us pass after pass. They totally shut down our run and Tannehill stepped up big time and dare I say displayed poise, confidence, and leadership.

    And while I did see a lot of what I deemed fair penalties called against us, I agree the same calls were not as much called the other way. Still its not an excuse for us. I think the statistic was 8 penalties committed by us gave the Chargers a 1st down. Our secondary was doing a lot of holding and thats not good for a team that may just be thinking about the playoffs.

    Still Im glad we won and it was a great watch. I for once saw a mostly competent and competitive dolphins team. If we had lost I wouldn’t be that disappointed as the chargers did play very well. But we have got to do something about our secondary we really missed Reshad Jones and Xavien Howard on Sunday. Better teams will exploit this weakness better than Rivers did and we might not be able to overcome it.

  6. In my opinion this was the win I think we needed to see to finally breath some relief and have a sense that we may have some pieces in place that are litigate and we can build a wining team around.

    1 – HC -Gase has really beaten the odds here so far because he brought his 1-4 team to 5-4 on the back of a 4 game winning streak and he’s done it a few ways. With the running game and Oline, with the defense and the QB and I think what is most telling is that 1 – these men are playing for there coaches (I made that plural on purpose) and 2 – each week were seeing almost the whole team make improvements.

    Tannehill is seeing the 2nd and 3rd level now. Within the span of a little over half the season Gase has taught him a new offense and NFL QB skills and some of what is being taught is looking like its sinking in. Several times Tannehill put touch passes of 10 – 20 even 30 yards right on the money. One he had to put so much air under but it was perfect. I have to think this kid has had the talent so this has to be to a large extent the work of the coaching staff.

    Now how about this Defense?

  7. Gase has them winning 4 games in a row. First time in Ross era. Philbin never did it. I fear the Phins looking past the Rams though. Rammies have a horrible offense but could explode against us

    1. You “fear the fins are looking past the Rams.”

      You think the Dolphins have the luxury of taking any team for granted this season?

    2. I thought the same thing so let’s put it on the coaches to prepare them and see what we get

      1. So, you to Brian like Floridan “fear the Phins looking past the Rams”

        I think both of you need to control your anxieties.

        1. Well the fear is based on the last decades performances and will likely take a little more time to shake!

  8. No way Miami can look past teams. Even though they got a 4 game streak going the last 3 were all crazy close

    1. Yes and all 4 were against losing teams. Rams are just another team with a shitty won-loss record who could hurt us

      1. That is what Zach is saying to you. The four straight games the Dolphins won (although the Steelers and Bills were kinda surprised victories) weren’t cake-walks.

        I don’t believe the Dolphins are taking an arrogant position of looking past any team this season.

  9. Yeah like when Pittsburgh was 4-1 and looked ahead to New England instead of concentrating on a certain team in Florida…

    1. Well then, in your opinion, which team is it immediately after the Rams that makes you “fear” the Dolphins are “looking ahead of the Rams” for their next “Big game?”

  10. Okay, it’s official, the Rams are starting a rookie QB against the Fins. Hmmm………………….

    1. Yea idk why but that makes me nervous

  11. Was at the game. Could not believe that the Phins had half the stadium on their side. It reminded me of a high school game where the home team filled their side and the visitors theirs. Great Game! The game would have been a blow out if the refs would stop giving them first downs on 3rd and long all day. There was only 1 drive the Charges had that did not have a penalty assisted first down on 3rd and long. Stop calling game changing penalties on marginal plays!!!!

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