Dolphins Barely squeak by one the NFL’s worst teams again, and Philbin Gets rewarded for it

We’ll be posting a blog this week about the continuing mess that is the Dolphins’ front office.  But for now, here are a few quick thoughts…

In the past, there was at least some debate about whose fault things were.  Do you blame our clueless an inept head strategist, Joey Philbin?  Or do you blame the man who hired him and allowed such incorrect decisions to fester?

Now we have our answer.  Clear as day.

Mr. Stephen Ross has just given Joe Philbin a fourth year on the job, and this is devastatingly bad news for Dolfans everywhere.

The only good thing about this situation is thus:  We now fully know who to blame.  This is all Ross’s fault.

  • He rewards poor coaching.
  • He settles for .500 records.
  • He refuses to make a change no matter how desperately his players beg for it.
  • He is content with a half-empty stadium.
  • He gives away home games and prefers to play an AFC Est rival on another continent.
  • He spends his time in NY City, and treats the ownership of the Dolphins like a hobby.
  • He thinks it is GOOD news when the Dolphins barely scrape by one of the NFL’s worst teams, mostly because their long snapper misfired.
  • How does Joe Philbin get any credit (let alone get to keep his job) simply because a Viking screwed up?
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  1. I think that Philbin and Ross must be secret lovers. Anybody, even a pop warner kid could coach better. Philbin is the worst coach in the history of sports and Ross just proves that he is in fact an idiot who cares nothing about the team or fans.

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