Jarvis Landry Trips on his own two feet with nobody near him, , drops ball, gets laughed at, and epitomizes our season

Will this misery never end?

Joe Philbin’s inept and incorrect decisions in the first half set the Dolphins up for failure.  More to come on this.

Can we sign Rex Ryan now, or do we have to wait another week?

Minnesota has among the worst offenses out there, and they put up 35 on us.   Yuck.

Glad to see the offense not give up, but let’s just lose and get a better draft pick.

Thanks to Kansas City, who didn’t even show up and gave the Steelers and easy easy win, otherwise we’d still be alive in playoff race.

Mike Wallace haters need to give up.   Second week in a row he made a sensational TD catch.   Just fantastic.

Philbin loves calling timeout on defense doesn’t he?   What was the stat about Philbin’s defensive timeouts and how often the offense scores on the very next play?   Does inept Joey P ever learn a leson and correct his mistakes?  EVER.

Why not go for 2 points conversion at he end and end this nonsense game?

Fox doesn’t cover too many Dolphin games, so we don’t hear these announcers much.    But they were good and insightful and did their homework.   They are extremely better than Steve Tasker and some of those other bums who call Phins games.

Nice safety.  The Vikings must be worse than we thought to lose this game.  Terence Fede earned his keep in Dolphins lore.

Meaningless game or not, and although it hurts our draft picks and it actually helps Clueless Joe….it’s still a fun, dramatic win and we end the day smiling.





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  1. Those ridiculous squib kicks. Passing on 3rd and 2 just before the half gives up 7 more points. The unacceptable penalties on the 2 point conversion. Wow same PI from the Pats game which wasn’t called now called. Hmmmmn

    1. Author

      Yep, same PI. Identical. Vikings don’t get the benefit on the road, but NE certainly gets that call at home.
      And how about when the Viking lineman punched Colledge? We didn’t really see it, but the announcers did and called it.
      The refs looked right at Philbin and said, “Nah, we are not going to eject him.”
      Can you imagine a ref going up to Belichick or Harbaugh and explaining why one of their players just got punched and why they aren’t punishing the puncher? It would never happen. Those coaches intimidate refs. Philbin intimidates no one. I mean no one.

  2. Something curious I noticed after Vikings last score. They are going for 2 points and line up and so do the Phins. Then after both teams have shown the other how they will play next. Then the reffs stop the play to review the TD. Seemed to me like subtle manipulation which I feel favors the Vikings offense more than our D. Oh well we won in almost impossible fashion. Seems another Hickey pick Fede came up big and Dion Jordan had a couple of good plays too. And Tannehill played his best game of the year interceptions and all he just kept carving up the Vikings especially in the 2nd half.

  3. Ross has allegedly stated Philbin will be HC next year.

    1. If that is true, then Ross is stupid. second week in row we started good on our opening drive. Got to opponent territory. faced 4th and 2 on both weeks in row. Philbin called for fieldgoal instead of going for it. 2 weeks in row we blow fieldgoal. both cases, both weeks, we were down 7-0 a minute later.

      1. Author

        Cuba, welcome. I am preparing a blog entry asap about that same issue. Philbin refuses to go for it when we have a 4th and short in enemy territory. We recovered today after Philbin’s mistake. Last week, we never recovered.
        I am so envious when I watch other coaches make decisions that earn points and earn his players’ respect. Joey P earns neither.

    2. Author

      Phins, I hope you are kidding or that the reports are false. Why does the inept old man keep getting votes of confidence?

  4. Its true Philbin will be back. Ross made the announcement in the locker room then on his way out he said
    “Here’s a Christmas present. You don’t have to ask me anymore. He has one year left on his contract and is coming back.”

    “Here’s a Christmas present. You don’t have to ask me anymore. He has one year left on his contract and is coming back.”

    “Here’s a Christmas present. You don’t have to ask me anymore. He has one year left on his contract and is coming back.”

    Read more: http://www.wptz.com/sports/dolphins-retain-philbin-for-2015/30344346#ixzz3MZdsYSnD

  5. Author

    The only Christmas present he gave anyone was that he just gave Bill Belichick a free Christmas present for 2015. Congrats to Patriots for winning next year’s AFC East.
    Robert Kraft sends a fruit basket to Ross.
    Ross sends the AFC title to Kraft.

    Fair trade? I am fuming furious. Philbin shoulda lost this game if not for the Viking long snapper. I told you…..this is why I was hoping for a loss.

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