Dolphins Begin Weekend by Drafting Another Tight End

Interesting choice.   We need tight ends.   But we need linebackers more.

Adam Gase’s tight ends sit on the bench when a game is on the line.   (I.E., he calls for 5-WR shotgun formations every time it’s 4th and inches).  Gase does not involve his tight ends during situations when other teams do.   So he’s either gonna change that habit, or these are wasted picks.  Let’s hope it’s the former!

Go Phins!   Go tight ends!

Now get some F’in linebackers.

YOUR thoughts???

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  1. How many times do I have to say we need 2 f*****g LBs? Pathetic defense last season and we take yet another TE. (And were stuck with Trannyhill for 2 more years).

    1. Author

      And now a running back, because we gave away All Pro Super Bowl champ Ajayi.
      Yesterday I said that opponents will rush for 500 yards a game against us, but now I say 600.

        1. Laugh all you want at giving up 500 yards.We will give up 200 yards on the ground several times this season,along with at least 2 games giving up at least 400 yards in the air.

      1. It only gets worse on defense. Like I said yesterday, opponents will only need to pass 20-25 times against us in the NFL Passing League. It will be like when Griese was QB. Only pass when needed.

    2. Hey KARMATOURER, looks like you’re ready to throw in the towel?!

      1. What was your 1st clue? I said 6 wins again this season,just like I said before last season. Feel free to go back and check. We may get 7 wins if we get lucky. it will be like when Marino was here and we need to score 35 points to have a chance at winning a game.

  2. A blocking tight end to play opposite the receiving tight end on short yardage and on the goaline. I had a feeling they might double up a tight end.

    1. We get that but they aren’t priorities over the huge need for LBs IMO.

  3. We do have two rookie linebackers though. McMillan and now baker with Kiko is intriguing. McMillan and baker played together in college and are supposed to work well together. Can’t have 3 rookie linebackers though, next offseason bringing in a solid vet to replace Kiko and drafting one more linebacker in the 3rd round would be my plan.

    1. We would not START 3 rookie LBs,first of all. Even our coaching staff isn’t that stupid,but I’m sure some would disagree that they are. I tried to get my cat a tryout to replace KINKOS but the Dolphins were too embarrassed they it would be a tight competition and would make them look bad.
      Hopefully Gase and his band of cronies will be gone after another 6 win season and we can get a real coach after 3 wasted season. I’ll be 67 when the season starts and I’d like to see at least 1 more playoff appearance,no matter how brief.

  4. Admin. I guess your wish for drafting 5 or 6 line backers was a bust!

  5. I will say the back half of the draft was horrible. Didn’t draft a single defensive tackle which is crazy. I would of rather had a d-tackle than a running back or another tight end. Also drafting another defensive back over d-tackle or a linebacker is crazy.

    1. Agreed about what now may be the worst Back Office in the NFL,now that the Browns may have got their act together. Hopefully whe Gase is fired after another 6 win season,Ross wil realize the Back Office is just as bad,or worse,than Gase.

    2. Welp, looks like the Dolphins are pinning their hopes on DT’s Jordan Phillips, Davon Godchaux, Vincent Taylor and Gabe Wright to get the job done.

      With that group, they don’t need no Stinkin Draft!

  6. Admin,before I forget,how do you think we will have 9 wins this season? The ONLY area we have improved is the OL and possibly the defensive backfield with the addition of the adult film star from Alabama. We traded or gave away our best 3 players and I know the nut-crushing trade of Ajayi still keeps you awake at night. So how do you figure 3 more wins? Possibly like those 2 gift wins 2 years ago from SF & Cle?

  7. I’m an Iowa Hawkeyes fan and realllly wanted Miami to draft Josey Jewell, but alas Denver got him.

  8. They may still bring in another DT plenty of offseason moves left. You don’t draft one for the sake of it if there’s no one left. I just hope that they hit on the players that they did draft. Perhaps the young DT’s have improved as well. I also heard that they’ll be using a DE in passing situations more than last year since teams pass so much hence the moves there. I guess we will see…

  9. Copied from another fan: Fins acquire Miami Hurricane Anthony Moten, DT — those who were screaming for the Fins to address this spot – this kid is a very capable talent at the position – a monster.

    He didn’t fully live up to expectations in college due to injury and not the best coaching early in his college career.

    With better coaching, he has all the tools already to be a capable prospect at some point early in his career.

    Fins also acquire another K, in FAU kicker, Greg Joseph – Fins doing right by creating competition once again at K.

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