I’m not going to comment too much here, because I’m far more curious about what you our readers and other Dolphans have to say.

My overall grade of this draft is a D.  It’s not an F, because some of these guys are fantastic.  But it’s also not an A, B, or even C because of the baffling positions they chose to fill.

I’m excited to hear rave reviews for Minkah Fitzpatrick and Kalen Ballage.   I’m amused to hear that our new tight ends each can only do one thing.  I’m puzzled why we drafted an unneeded DB and a kicker who only makes 60% of his field goals.   I’m upset that we addressed our biggest needs (gap-filling, run-stuffing linebackers) by drafting two skinny coverage linebackers.

I’m most angry that we did nothing to bolster the defensive line.

Dolphins Management created huge voids and then failed to fill them.  They spent two valuable picks at positions where we were already decent, and spent zero picks where we were (still are) horrible.

Final questions:   Can you name me one game that we lost because of MarQuis Gray or Anthony Fasano?   I cannot.   But I can certainly name you about 12 games in the last 2 years that we lost because our line and linebackers can’t stop the run.  Given that, would you yourself draft 2 more tight ends or draft to bolster your line and LBs?

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  1. Dude, a D or a failing mark is a bit low. I gotta go with a B myself. We improved in the secondary and at TE. We DID ignore several other areas, but at least we improved in two important areas.

  2. I agree for the same reasons. C-/D+ and Trannyhill for 2 more years. 6 wins again and the same draft place next April-meaning we trade up (or not) to get a QB. You know how I feel about not drafting at least 2 LBs earlier in the draft. And signing Amendola to a contract that paid too much when we possibly could have had Berrios. The Dolphins Back Office never fails to disappoint. And after yet another 6 wins seaso,I hope the Gase Circus and all the cronies he brought onboard are long gone and this franchise can FINALLY move forward. OK,I think I’ve covered everything.

  3. Author

    I’m still hoping for a 9-7 season. We play a lot of “playoff teams” from last year who I personally think were flukes. These include Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Minnesota.
    I see 3 potential wins in those 4 games.
    Of course, Adam Gase has to try to win, and not just throw games away like he did in Week 17.

    1. Our team lost the 3 best players we had. Minnesota will win either 12 or 13 games,no fluke. With a weaker roster,I don’t see us winning more than 6 again. If we get a break,maybe 7 and if we get 2 gimmees (Cle & SF) like that fluke 10 win season,we get to 8 but that won’t happen. Jacksonville beats us. I just hope Gase is gone after this season and we move on.

  4. One I am very disappointed this “braintrust” didn’t move up for almost free and get Rosen. Stupid, stupid, stupid. With that said I wouldn’t have expected him to play this year except if Tannehill got hurt. Does anyone remember that Tannehill was a top ten qb before he was injured? Appearrently not! I thought Dolphins Truth was supposed to have a “more football educated” audience! Come On!

    Is Tannehill a pro bowler? No but is he a 6 win qb? Last time he played he had us headed to the playoffs! Our OL is much better then The last time he played, I would say our receivers are probably better (more options) then The last time he played and the TE will definitely be better than the last time he played. Add to that the defense is improved with this draft. Maybe not as much as we would like but improved on the back end.

    So how does it add up that last time Tannehill played he had us headed for the playoffs but with probably a much improved team we’re only winning 6 games? You guys are nuts!

    1. Yea this page used to have some knowledgeable fans but now it’s mostly haters and trolls.

      1. Author

        Haters can be knowledgeable too. One thing I’m proud of with our readership is that we don’t get just immature kids saying “Tannehill sucks.” At least with our Tannehill haters (and there are plenty), they give reasons why they hate him so.

  5. I can see 9-7 is not unreasonable. 6-11 is possible if we have injuries and stuff

    1. If we have major losses on the OL or to Tannehill we will be in bad shape. I don’t mind the back half of the defense with the players we have I still need to see how the plug the left side of the DL where that big hole is!

  6. I don’t understand your love for Tannehill. The season and game when Tannehill got hurt, he had only accomplished his usual and at most, seven (7) wins before the injury. I don’t see where Tannehill had the Dolphins headed to the playoffs when his record at the time was 7-5. In my opinion, the Dolphins making the playoffs with Tannehill before he got hurt was slim to none.

  7. Anonymous you have to be joking! So what you infer is that Matt Moore to a team headed for 7 and 9 and made them a playoff team?


    I don’t “love” Tannehill. Maybe you can’t read or are so obtuse you didn’t see that what I wanted out of this draft was Tannehills replacement! What about that says I love Tannehill?

    On top of that all my posts the last month about the draft we’re that I wanted the Dolphins to trade up and get Mayfield. WhT about that says I love Tannehill?

    What I said was he was a top 10 qb when he got injured! That is a stat not a confession of my love.

    I hope he replicated that and as I pointed out he probably has more weapons this year and now that we signed a 307lb DL to fill Suhs void the defense doesn’t look so bad eaither.

    If you want to crap on the team with every post why don’t you become a Jets fan?

    1. Author

      Tanny needs a better playcaller more than he needs a better line.

      1. I disagree! Both are very important but a bad line gets him injured again a bad play caller (which we are stuck with) only loses games.

        1. “Obtuse?” “Idiotic?” Bro, you can barely spell and your syntax, grammar, and spelling stinks. I don’t give a shit what you said in past posts about Tannehill. I’m glad the Dolphins didn’t go after that rich, arrogant, pampered, spoiled prick named Josh Rosen who thinks he’s “all that.” You said “So how does it add up that last time Tannehill played he had us headed for the playoffs.” The Dolphins were 7-5 then and maybe you had faith in Tannehill taking the Dolphins to the playoffs in the 2016 season but I didn’t. It was the defense along with matt Moore that gave the Dolphins the edge over the Cardinals which got the Dolphins to an 8-5 record which finally catapulted the team into the playoffs. I can read circles around your ass and make your spelling look like you’re a first grader arguing with a senior college student. Back in 1970, me and boys used to do all kinds of illegal shit to get into the Orange Bowl to watch the Dolphins play. I’ve been a Dolphan probably longer than you’ve been alive… so don’t fuck with me.

  8. This draft was all about team speed. Particularly getting faster and more versatile in coverage defensively between the numbers. And also getting better and faster between the numbers offensively with the drafting of the tight ends. They actually drafted well and filled three needs. Starting safety that has slot ability and can cover tight ends and backs. A coverage linebacker with sideline to sideline speed to make plays against the run but specifically cover backs as well. Last year the Dolphins defense gave up the most yardage and receptions to tight ends in the league. Yes they were bad against the run also but they chose to target one area of defenciency and focus on that. If the can shore up the pass defense then that means teams can only run against them. Therefore making the other team one-dimensional and thus easier to scheme against. And they also got another runningback. FYI, it’s a passing league now. They don’t draft hulking, run-stopping linebackers anymore because they get exposed in the passing game by tight ends like Gronk and Zach Ertz as well as pass-catching backs. Another FYI, all the backs that get drafted high now are very good pas-catchers. Minkah and Jerome Baker should make it harder for defenses to use such players to create mismatches in the pass game. This is actually probably the best draft the Dolphins have had in years. And with the Suh money coming back after June 1st they can go fill their other needs with the remaining free agents.

    1. I can agree with this. Hopefully the new players and McMillan will play up to expectations. Is this guaranteed of course not but I can see what they are trying to do. At least they have a plan.

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