Dolphins Bring back Jason Fox for two years

When Jason Fox first signed as a Dolphin last year, we at Dolphins Truth thought he would have more impact.  We studied him a lot, and found he was tough as nails and thought he’d be a great addition.

Now, we still like him, but our opinion is lower.  He is tough, but he proved that he can be out-finessed but some of the NFL’s better defensive linemen.  But Fox adds depth and stability, and those are important factors for an offensive line that needs it.

He is not an All Pro, but he is a valuable player, and this is a great re-signing.

Jason Fox signed a two-year extension

Brandon Albert just can’t stay healthy.  That’s not because he is weak or brittle-boned, but because he is unlucky.  He gets hit from the blindside at bad angles and falls over guys at the bottom of the pile.  It just part of being an NFL lineman.

Billy Turner isn’t ready.  Apparently.  So we’re told.  Who knows?   We never see the kid play, so we can only estimate his worth by what we see of him:  which is not at all.

Ja’Wuan James played well at both right and left tackle, but we can’t rely on him to play well by sticking him into different positions regularly.  He can’t excel until he gets a solid year or experience in one place.

Mike Pouncey was a huge disappointment at guard.  There’s talk of moving him back to center, which means Samson Satelle will go into backup role or be cut.   We like Satelle a lot and hope the team finds a place for him.  Pouncey should not simply be handed a starting job at center unless he beats Satelle out.

Needless to say, there are a lot of question marks on the Dolphins’ offensive line, and signing Jason Fox is a good beginning.

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  1. Fox will add depth if anything ,the thing that bothers me is they draft a guy for a specific position and then put them on the field at a different position ,if you played center in college you don’t put them at left or right guard.Miami has a serious problem doing this e.g. Dion Jordan. when you draft a guy ,Philbin you put that guy at that position or don’t draft him at all.

    1. Author

      I think Dion Jordan is simply not good enough to be an NFL player. He is either getting himself suspended while already on suspension, or else he’s on the field making zero plays. I don’t think Dion sucks just because he is being played out of position. I hope I’m wrong, but I think he sucks because he sucks. When a guy is a bad player, you cut him. Period. You don’t experiment and keep assuming that he is an All-Star if only I can find the right position for him. Caleb Sturgis sucks too, but no one says “Let him try playing linebacker and he’ll be great.”

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