Jets Acquire Brandon Marshall as each AFC East teams gets better and better except miami

The Jets have acquired former Dolphin and Pro Bowl MVP Brandon Marshall.

You remember Marshall, right?  He was the Pro Bowler who was traded away from the Dolphins, apparently because Joe Philbin thought that Marlon Moore and Davonne Bess would be better playmakers.

I know some Dolfans never liked Marshall.  They point out his drops and stuff like that.  But Mike Wallace had drops too.  That doesn’t make these guys are bad players.  They are still playmakers.  Still the best receivers on their team.  Still fast and still clutch.

I will never forget this catch. Thanksgiving Day at Dallas. Matt Moore goes deep for Marshall, who gets leveled by some Dallas defensive back, and pass interference is called immediately. But even after the guy hit him, Marshall made the catch anyway for a TD.

Now we have to defend this beast twice a year.  Half of our WR corps has been cut, while the Jets made their WR a lot more dangerous.

It’s simple:  New Jets head coach Todd Bowles knows talent.  And he brings talent in.

Joe Philbin on the other hand does not know talent.  And when he does see it, he sends it packing.

Someone wake me up after Philbin is fired or Ross sells the team. This is gonna be a painful 2015.   We have no chance.  Not at all.

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  1. Seriously, you are worried about the Jets getting Brandon Marshall? You still have to look at who is throwing the football and who is protecting the QB.

    I have no faith in Philbin whatsoever but if we get Suh and strengthen our interior Oline, even he couldn’t manage to keep us from getting 10 wins.

  2. Author

    Mike, you can make fun of Geno all you want, but he beats us at least once a year, including two year-end losses that led us into the off-season on a sour note. So yes, I AM DEFINITELY worried about any team that has a history of defeating us. Espedcially when that team just got a whole lot better by signing a hot young coach and a Pro Bowl receiver.
    I don’t care if it’s the 4-12 Jets or the 12-4 Patriots…Joe Philbin has never swept an AFC East team.
    Philbin also got swept by Hall of Famer QB Thad Lewis in 2013.

    1. I was at the season finale. Geno didn’t really beat us. Philbin gave that game away. He should’ve known that Rex would pull out all the stops to exit NY on a high note.

      What did Philbin do? Settle for FG attempts on 4th and short when our offense had all the momentum. Fell for a fake punt.

      That game showed just how weak our Oline was once we lost Albert. If we manage to land Suh our first priority should become getting a LG with pro bowl potential that could fill in at LT in a pinch.

      1. Genorusly smith had a perfect passers-by raring in that game how can you say Philbin gave him the game?

        How many PERFECT games did Brady and Rodgers have last year?

        They are not easy to come by and was a huge emberasment to anyone affiliated with the Dolphins and to just shrug it off like no big deal is very problematic because you say philben gave the game away

        No….. Philbin gave up because he had no answers to anything that happened the last few weeks of the season

        He is way out of his league and we will be on the bottom of the league with him anywhere on the coaching staff

        Remember greenback was happy to let him go. He had the OC title but was keep as An assistant qb coach to a qb who didn’t need a coach…….

        In other words they didn’t think he could coach eather……….

  3. Author

    Also, Philbin benched his best Wide Receiver in the second half. Punish Wallace AFTER the game if you want, but don’t screw over the entire team just because a guy mouthed off.

  4. Best case scenario now is we win 4-5 games, if that.

  5. Author

    Even with Suh, we win 8 games at best. He will make an impact and make a lot of huge plays. But Philbin’s system and philosophy will override whatever positives Suh brings to the table.
    For example, if the opponent’s offense is losing the game late and hurrying to the line, Suh can tee off because he knows they’re going to call a hurried pass play and take advantage of a mismatch on the opposing O-line. BUT…Philbin will call a timeout to allow the opponent to regroup and plan to double-team Suh. A superior athlete will always overcome an inferior opponent. But a superior athlete will never overcome a stupid boss.

    1. Best case scenario is Philbin messes up badly early in the season and is replaced by Bill Lazor as the interim head coach.

      Keeps the continuity of the team while losing the moron.

  6. Hey everyone – I know this is WAY off topic, but I keep forgetting to post these images of Shula/Phins graffiti from Wynwood in Miami. This particular one is located on NW 24th ST just west of NW 2nd ST.

    Here’s the 1st one…….

    1. Here’s the 2nd one.

      Btw, these photos are undoctored/unphotoshopped. It was a bright sunny day, and the colors were really bouncing in the light!

  7. I imagine Brandon Marshall and Todd Bowles have a connection with their time in Miami. Bowles’ 75% NFL win record came when Marshall was on the team.

  8. Who’s building a bully now?

    1. Author

      Fields got a huge payday, and immediately afterwards he had the worst season of his life. If it’s true that he is gone (We couldn’t get into the Sun Sentinel article because they laughably wanted us to pay first), then it’s not a great loss. Fields killed us in several games this year by never turning around field position like he used to.

      1. Strange about the pay wall. I found the article by clicking on the link from Google News, and it wasn’t blocked. But now that I click on the link I posted I can’t get through – sorry about that.

        BTW – I happened to have driven by the Dolphins training camp facilities about an hour ago, and there were a bunch of news vans parked outside – presumably due to the Suh news.

  9. Author

    There is sooooo much free, instant news available these days, so it makes me laugh when newspapers try to charge us money !

  10. LOL, come on man, Wallace doesn’t drop TD passes. Marshall isn’t a deep threat. Marshall had trouble getting off the line while he was in Miami and would fall down on routes. Plus he threw a couple of teammates under the bus publicly – Wallace never did those things. Wallace scored more TDs in 1 season than Marshall his entire time in Miami, Wallace has been far and away better than Marshall in every way… and don’t forget Marshall also mouthed off to the coaching staff as well, but Phil was Yellow back then and we had no Lazor. I would take Wallace ANY day of the week over Marshall and twice on Sunday.

    Ireland and Philbin were right to get rid of Marshall, he could never participate in camp because if he wasn’t getting stabbed by his GF then he decided to get surgery right before camp which kept him out of camp (great team first attitude right there) and that prevented him from getting in sync . The fight he had with Davis. Publicly throwing teammates under the bus. Plus a few guys in the locker room didn’t like him; and that is outside of his poor play – he had more TD drops than catches, and that isn’t even talking about the regular drops. Marshall was a bust in Miami for all intents and purposes. And just to be clear, I always wanted Marshall in Miami and when they got him I was so happy and excited. Of course the next 2 seasons were basically a nightmare as he robbed Miami of millions with piss poor play, attitude, and off the field issues. And had they kept him, remember after the trade it was announced he had the incident where he was arrested at the club for fighting, had he stayed in Miami he definitely would have been suspended because the NFL hates Miami, but since he was sent to Chicago the league looked the other way on that issue.

    I’m not sweating Marshall joining the Jets for a couple of reasons. 1, Grimes can shut him down, no doubt in my mind, and he won’t have Jeffery on the other side or Bennett in the middle so Miami can double team Marshall if they want and not really get burned by anyone else. 2, He has Geno throwing him the ball. Now some will say look at what Geno did in the season finale … look who was covering Decker, the over the hill CB that Hickey was stupid enough to sign and Coyle and Philbin were stupid enough to play – he is gone, Decker won’t look like Jerry Rice anymore and Geno won’t look like Montana.

    * Fields is restructuring his contract.

  11. From a Miami Herald article today (quotes provided in case a paywall goes up):

    Dolphins sign ex-Steelers CB Brice McCain; Finnegan retires, Starks cut

    Largely lost in the hoopla over the Ndamukong Suh:

    The back end of the Dolphins defense got better Wednesday, too.

    The Dolphins signed Brice McCain, a dependable slot cornerback, to a two-year deal worth $5.5 million, with $3 million guaranteed.

    The signing came on the same day Cortland Finnegan, the player McCain replaces, expectedly announced his retirement. The Dolphins released Finnegan last week after just one season in Miami.

    The Dolphins on Wednesday also formally cut defensive tackle Randy Starks, who became expendable after the Dolphins lined up the Suh deal.

    Starks turned into a true free agent find after signing with the Dolphins in 2008. Starks was twice a Pro Bowler and missed just one game in his nine years in Miami. But his tenure was not without controversy. Starks infamously flipped off the Dolphins bench in the 2013 season opener — a game he did not start.

    Starks’ release clears $5 million in cap space.

    Read more here:

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