Dolphins Complete a 180 and Look Like a Different Team

I’m starting right off with praise for the offensive line.  I thought this squad might be a disaster a few weeks ago, but they are gelling nicely.  I can’t believe 4 brand new guys, plus Jesse Davis, have pass-protected so well.

Special props to rookies Solomon Kindley and Austin Jackson.   I’m so impressed with these two starters.   Not to be missed, however, is the work of rookie guard Robert Hunt.   He’s not starting, but he came in last night during the goal line plays and helped Jordan Howard get into the end zone.  The Dolphins went with extra linemen and sold out on the run.  The Jags knew it was coming, but thanks to the 3 rookies, Howard got it.  Very very impressive.

It’s been 9 years since Miami scored 3 straight TDs to open a game.  Seems a lot longer.  I was thinking it was the Marino era, but only 2011.    Matt Moore threw TDs to Charles Clay and Anthony Fassano, and Reggie Bush ran one in as we beat the Bills that day.  The Bills’ QB you ask?   Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has clearly rebounded from Week 1, and we can only help it continues.  With the Seahawks coming to town next, it probably won’t happen, but we’ll see.

The Jags’ offense and their overrated QB made some gigantic mistakes, but let’s give our defense credit too.  Sacks.  Turnovers. Coverage.   These are words that have been absent in my posts all year.  They are back.

The coaching was good too.  Better play calls, more blitzes, and better decisions.  Flores went for it on 4th down twice and another time on 4th and one he punted.   All were good, situational decisions.

The one concern is that our offense didn’t keep the pressure coming.   With about 1:30 left to play in the first half, at midfield, the Jags went for it on 4th down and we sacked the QB.   We took over with plenty of time at midfield.  All we needed was a few completions to be in FG range.  Instead we went three and out.   All momentum was lost.  That was a huge series, and I’d like to see more of a killer instinct in that situation.

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  1. It was a pleasant surprise to see us come back from the embarrassing loss to the Bills on a short week! Fitzpatrick is fun to watch! He plays like a little kid! I love it! Sorry I haven’t been on the game day chat yet. I’m coaching my son’s football team and I didn’t start the game till about 7:30 my time. I’ll be on there one of these days!

    1. Author

      They were talking about how it’s Miami’s first double-digit win since the Bronco game in 2017. Justin and I were there live!

  2. I think everything did improve. The offense looks good for the most part lead by the O-line and passing game. Not sure the run game is consistent enough and dont think it can be relied on against a good team in crunch time. The defense is much improved but still very soft and inconsistent. Just dont think the coverage is very clutch and tackling remains questionable.

    1. Author

      We had a huge breakdown when Noah Igbinoghene missed an assignment I think, and the Jaguar was about 40 yards wide open. But some decent pass rush made Minchew hurry on that play, and it worked out for us. That would have made it 21-14 at the half, with the Jags getting the ball back. Other than that scary play, we contained well all night long.
      (My spell-check is going insane with Igbinoghene and Minchew!!)

  3. Now the Fins have some time to heal up and hopefully Jones is back for the hawks. They also played less man on D and that helped its too bad that it took Flo until next game to figure it out or they may have beaten the bills. He needs to make those adjustments in game.

    Some fans are calling for rookie Jones to start at FS as he’s been good. McCain has been better in the nickel so I can see that given a look. Noah may even bump him to dime as he progresses.

    Pass rush was also better last game that will help any secondary. Next week will be a challenge but their D isn’t great may end up more of a shoot out.

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