Dolphins Friday News: Xavien Howard OUT and more…

Looks like Xavien Howard will be gone for about a month, with a knee injury he suffered Thursday in practice.  This team can’t catch a break with our injuries to our least-deep areas.   We have the worst secondary and LBs in the league, made worse the past month with all the injuries.   Not that we “prefer” injuries to other parts of the team, but those are easier to overcome.

On TNF, we saw yet another backup QB come in and win a game, business as usual.    When will the Dolphins at least try it?    I’m not saying that Gase has to stand up and scream, “Tannehill sucks and I give up on him.”   But he should AT LEAST say the old cliche about “We’re just gonna give Matt Moore a try to shake things up a little.”

Mike Pouncey was back practicing, but he is very questionable for Sunday’s game.  I don’t hate the guy, but I don’t see what he adds to the team each time he comes back from his many injuries.  Steen was playing great, and I’d love to see him back in the fold when he’s ready.

Arian Forster also practiced, but still no word on his availability to play.   Can’t blame Gase for keeping it a secret.

The Titans are not a good team but are better than Cleveland, and we all know how that one turned out.   Our offense has started off hot (like scoring on our first pass of the game in Cincy) and lost games, and we started off slow and lost games.   The main problem is how we’re are closing games.  It’s just not happening, and we’ll get a good look at the Dolphins’ resolve come Sunday.  Thank goodness Hurricane Matthew cooperated.

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  1. Between the crummy dolphins and the statement the NFL wants to promote with the knees and the fists I think I’ll be sitting this game out so I’ll just read about the blowout here on Sunday night!

    …..and I don’t mean to say I think we will be blowing them out!

    1. Oh and I don’t expect Tannehill will be replaced at anytime in this game even if he throws four INTs because they will all be the receivers fault or maybe the Punters fault.

      I can’t remember whos fault it is I just know it’s not Tannehills.

  2. As usual tannehill lights the world on fire only to prolong his opportunities to stink up that same world all over again. It will never end he will only do just enough to establish himself as the best of the worst options. Im done I want someone else. I dont get it Dysert looked great in spurts and so did Doughty. And maybe they want it bad enough they get fired up for it.

    1. Henne did the exact same thing with the occasional decent game and the team didn’t realize how bad he was until he got injured and Matt Moore turned out to be a huge improvement.

      Same exact scenario with TannePuke.
      Ross has WASTED 9 years of fans lives with garbage QB’s.

      1. Exactly right!

        Tannehill is Henne with more talent but not more brain power, maybe less!

        The kick in the pants is while teams NE can go to Walmart and pick any stockboy off the floor to come in and play QB and they can light up most of the teams in the AFC Miami can’t even seem to find a decent QB in the draft or free agancy so whoever we get it’s probably not going to be a big improvment

        1. If this were my team I’d be drafting a QB EVERY YEAR within the first 3 rds until I DEFINITELY have a franchise QB. The Dolphins have not done that. Nothing wrong with having a couple good QB’s you can always trade one.

          And I think every team without a franchise QB should do that until they get one.

          1. The NFL knows exactly how to game plan for tannehill. There is far too much tape out there. Take away jarvis. Our TEs take themselves out, our oline needs only be tested, and our running backs stink except the injured foster. Put the game on tannehill and the blitz a lot. Stills wont be open or will run a poor route. Rinse and repeat. He himself is barely a threat except when rolling out and like admin says we never call that even though he throws very good on the run. Even though our offense is fresh they fail to get any rythm because of so many 3 and outs. Nobody steps up and that starts with tannehill.

            1. This team (Dolphins) have problems I won’t deny. But I think you’re being unfair as far as the running backs are concerned. We’ve seen games ended with Tannehill having more rushing attempts than all of the Dolphins running backs combined. It’s no secret the play calling is unimaginative and basically, blah. If I were calling plays I wouldn’t call any throws in the middle of the field for Tannehill. I would have Tannehill throw towards the sidelines more. Like Admin said, have Tannehill roll out more. The Dolphins also need to run the ball more often. I know the run blocking is pathetic, but it must get done if we are to see any kind of improvement in this team.

  3. Admin, please proof read your stuff before you post it. Your spelling stinks!

    1. Author

      @Phil, you are right, and I shamefully apologize. My old journalism professors would be mortified. It usually comes from rushing and wanting to hit the SUBMIT button too soon!

      1. @Admin

        I love the new website but it wouldn’t take much to code in an edit option! I can do it for you if you want!

        1. Author

          You mean an Edit button so I can fix my own typos? I have that on my end…I just gotta use it more!

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