Dolphins Get to Face the Patriots Defense THREE times next season

It looks like Matt Patricia will become Detroit’s head coach next year.  So even though he will finally be out of the AFC East, we still have to face him.

Lucky for us, we get to play the strong NFC North next season.  Which means tough games in Green Bay and Minneapolis, and home games with Detroit and Chicago.  We have a chance against Chicago, but that’s about it.

More good news:  We also have to face Jon Gruden.  It just keeps getting better and better for the Dolphins, doesn’t it?   Every team goes out and makes themselves stronger by acquiring championship coaches, while the Dolphins hire some arrogant youngster with zero accomplishments under his belt (and then they allow him to hire his pals with even less under their belts).

On a positive note, the Dolphins seem to have a LOT of winnable games lined up.   The Bills and Jets stink, and we get them twice each.  We also play scrub teams such as Indy, Cincy, and Houston.   All those 7 games should be 7 wins, but we know the Dolphins, and it will probably be 4 wins.  I guess we’ll split with New England again and maybe another upset or 2.  Best case scenario:  8-8.

We’ll be 8-8, and Ross will then praise and extend Gase’s contract.


Away Games
Buffalo Bills (L predicted)
New England Patriots (L)
New York Jets (W)
Houston Texans (W)
Indianapolis Colts (W)
Green Bay Packers (L)
Minnesota Vikings (L)
Cincinnati Bengals (L)


Home Games
Buffalo (W)
New England (W)
New York  (W)
Jaguars (L)
Titans (W)
Bears (W)
Detroit (L)
Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders (L)


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