Even The Meaningless Pro Bowl Can Teach Adam Gase a Lesson

There was a play in the Pro Bowl where Alex Smith hit Jarvis Landry on a long bomb.   Wasn’t the play of the game, and it wasn’t overly dramatic in the annals of NFL history.   But yet it showed me something.

Landry lined up outside, and when the ball was snapped, he sprinted straight ahead.  He blew past his defender and caught the ball for a gain of 50 yards.  he did not run five yardds across the middle.   He did not stay in place and wait for a screen pass.  He ran the most simple route in the NFL.

In the past two years, so you know how many plays that Adam Gase called for Jarvis Landry to sprint straight down the field?  Zero.

An AFC Pro Bowl  coach who barely knows Landry and who had a week to piece together a game plan with a bunch of total strangers got more in one game than Gase has gotten from Landry in two years.  Imagine allowing your best receiver to run a long route.  We shouldn’t have to imagine it.  It should occur weekly.

But as we all know, arrogant Adam knows best, and asking Landry to catch a screen pass for a two-yard gain is a better use of him than running sprint patterns and blowing past Pro Bowl corners in double coverage.

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  1. Time to sign Cousins. We are already overpaying for Trannyhill-pay extra for a real franchise QB with a future.

  2. The Jets and the Bills will both be in the running for Cousins while the Dolphins draft a ninth round QB and rely on Tannehill

    1. You know, as much as I hate what you said, I can’t help but agree with you.

  3. As much as I want Miami to get cousins there is no way he chooses Miami over Minnesota or Denver.

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