Dolphins Great Jake Scott Passes Away at 75

RIP to the original #13.  The first DB to become a Super Bowl MVP.

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  1. RIP Jake. As a 6 to 10 year old youngster and newbie dolphins fan in first half of 70’s, he was my fave on defense. I had his player card at some point!

    1. Author

      Yeah, we are right about in the same age era. Dolphins had two slow safeties in those glory years, but man they were smart. Joe Namath always said Dick Anderson was the toughest safety he ever had to read.

  2. I am a ’65 baby, so i was seven years old when the ’72 Dolphins had their special year. It seems like Seven years old is around that age when a kid becomes fully aware of sports and attaches to a team. Dolphins and Cubs for me!

  3. A little before my time but will always be a part of the rich Miami Dolphins history.

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