Dissecting A Big Play from the Chargers’ Game

I noticed something cool right after Tua threw the game-sealing TD pass to Durham Smythe in the 4th quarter.   Check out the picture.

This was the play where Tua ran to his left, stopped, and threw way over to his right, where Smythe was SO wide open.  What I noticed is that Tua calmly threw the pass and then turned his back,  HE KNEW IT!  He turned away and quietly walked back to the bench…while the play was still going on.  He’s at the 17-yardline.

In the picture, you see Smythe is just barely catching the ball and still isn’t in the endzone.   Everyone on the field is watching him, except Tua is already walking away.  That is confidence!

I’ve also noticed the Dolphins are using Julien Davenport as an extra tackle in red zone plays.   He lines up on the left of Austin Jackson mostly. He’s out there #70 as well in the picture.   I love these formations.   For years, I harped on Adam Gase for going with 5 wideouts and no extra blockers.   Chan Gailey has already obliterated that mistake.  You can send three receivers out and still have great results.   You don’t need 5 guys running around and confusing a rookie QB.  Kudos to Gailey for these extra-protection packages.

In the picture below, you can count SEVEN offensive linemen in there to block.  RB Salvon Ahmed also stayed in to pick up a blitz.   That means EIGHT men assigned to block.  Tua makes 9.   That leaves only two receivers out running routes…and it worked!   You don’t need to send 5.  Send a couple at a time, and keep everyone else in to protect the QB.  It works like a charm.


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  1. Author

    Also, sadly, it appears that Reshad Jones was arrested for waving a loaded pistol around a 7-11 parking lot.

  2. I guess he still doesn’t get that he’s not with the Dolphins and his attorney can get him out of pretty much anything!
    How reckless and sad.

  3. That play you refer to above was awwwwesome!!! I loved it as soon as I saw it in motion! Gase was/is so thick-headed that he won’t budge on a play if HE didn’t create it. Jets are finding that out! Not sorry for them though.

    What’s your thoughts on how Dolphins match up against Denver on Sunday? Hope they can adjust to the altitude…and not get brain fog. I don’t remember the player or team he was on, but he got extremely sick from the altitude it could have killed him and he never traveled with the team when they were on the schedule. Maybe someone on here would recall.

    1. Author

      This is the first of several “easy” games on the schedule coming up. It could be a trap game, where the Dolphins are a bit overly confident. Facing Herbert, Murray, and Goff 3 successive weeks were all “iffy” games. No one would have been shocked if the Dolphins lost one or more of those. The team played relaxed and well, knowing they were somewhat of the underdog. I hope they keep the same attitude against some of the NFL’s bottom dwellers coming up.

      1. I think that the Fins D will keep the donkeys in check. That’s what I like about a good D even if the O sputters a little the game is normally in control against a weaker opponent.

        The offense will most likely do enough to get the win. Breida is also back by the looks of it so a little more stability in the run game which will help. Calloway has been made active so maybe we see what he has to offer…

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