Dolphins Name TWO Offensive Coordinators



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  1. I always wondered why some people would get mad at a man for having two wives or two girlfriends.

    1. Yeahhhhhh….. Seems like a recipe for disaster but I guess we’ll see lol

  2. Author

    Too soon to tell. This could be the most innovative idea since Bill Walsh decided to throw screen passes to Roger Craig 95% of the time and started the “West Coast Offense.” Or we will see a lot of sideline arguments among two coaches who wanna call different plays.

  3. interesting. one for Tua and one for Fitz?

  4. Per Barry Jackson- Dolphins have shown interest in Eagles QB Carson Wentz, per source. There are few teams still in talks with the team for Wentz.

    1. Disregard the above. Fake Barry Jackson twitter account.

  5. Would be hard for another team to steal both of them if they kill it next year… ha! It’s probably no different than having an assistant they’ll both work together.

    1. Author

      Happy to see Todd Bowles do such a fantastic job last night. Oh, what might have been

      1. Author

        And our pal Kong Suh. Another Gase castoff

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