Super Bowl Thoughts

So, Andy Reid’s brilliant defensive scheme was to rush 3 or 4 guys at Tom Brady, which means 7 or 8 men would drop back into coverage.   With 8 men in coverage, surely Brady would not be able to find an open receiver.   That 199os defensive approach was just as successful as you would suspect.

Meanwhile, Todd Bowles threw every blitz known to man at Pat Mahomes, and the young man ran for his life the entire night.  You saw the difference.  The score saw the difference too.

I’ve never seen Tony Romo wrong so often as he was last night.   He kept pointing out which Chiefs were about to blitz Brady, but then remarkably, those blitzers instead dropped back into coverage.  That, of course, gave Brady all day to throw, and we all know the result.  Romo was anticipating common sense, but the Chiefs did nothing sensical all night long.

Compounding Andy Reid’s errors was Bruce Arians’ brilliant offensive game plan.  He routinely left 8 men in to block for Brady.  EIGHT!!  With eight blockers plus Brady, that means the Bucs had nine men in the backfield and only 2 running a route.  Only two options for Brady to throw to?  Surely that is not enough!

Go ahead. Look at the picture above and carefully count all 8 men assigned to block for Brady.   Max protection works!   He picked up easy completions all night long.

I’ve always respected Bill Belichick’s success, but in the course of the last 4 months, I see what an average, so-so coach he really is.   Without his star QB, he has a losing record (24-27).    He is simply a sub-par head coach without his best player, and the numbers simply do not lie.  My respect for him is waning fast.

Yes, the refs helped.  Phantom holds and one-sided calls went against the Chiefs all night long.   (Brady is allowed to get in a guy’s face, and chase him down, but the guy cannot “retaliate” by pointing toward Brady.)  The NFL should be ashamed of itself for those bad calls.  But Andy Reid, his drunk-driving son, and the Chiefs in general should be more ashamed.

And how about that Chiefs punter with the pertty long hair.   She shanked two punts and dropped a third.   Can you say choke?

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  1. I just wanted a good game, well that went out the window! Mahomes was running for his life for sure! Oh well, hopefully we’re in the hunt next season!

    1. Author

      Yeah, it went out the window a few times in the third quarter. When Mahomes did have time, a couple of Chiefs dropped balls that Mahomes threw perfectly. A true team loss. Can’t blame any one player.

  2. Worst super bowl I’ve seen in a long time. Bad commercials, halftime show, game, refs, etc. I turned it off in the 3rd quarter after Mahomes int. I always watch until the end, but could not for this game. Best thing about the game was the guy who ran on to the field. Very disappointing….

    1. Author

      LOL, guy who ran on the field was certainly entertaining.

      1. Did you hear that the guy who ran out on the field bet $50,000 that there would be a streaker during the Super Bowl to win $347000? Dumb ass! Lol! They’re not paying him! Surprise!

    2. Author

      Also, Speaking of commercials, I thought some were cool. My favorite was Tracy Morgan “Are you pretty sure, or are you certain?”
      I also liked the homage to all the old timer Bud Light spokesmen. “Yes I am!”

      1. Ah yes I guess I can give some kudos to the Tracy Morgan commercial. But seriously, the whole super bowl and everything with it was awful. Just my $0.02. As a side note, I hear the Dolphins will be playing another international game next season. Thanks to you know that who of course….

        1. Author

          Yes, we had a London game booked in 2020 (“at” Jacksonville), but that was canceled due to Covid. I hope it gets canceled again. The world isn’t safe enough for international flights, and this mess won’t be fully over come September.

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