Dolphins Schedule: The Leaks have begun!

Dolphins open at Home:   Week one, Titans @ Dolphins!

Raiders AT Dolphins Sept 23

Dolphins end the season (Week 17) at Buffalo.  The league really really needs to stop giving the Bills this December advantage every single year.

NOVEMBER 11:   Dolphins at Packers.     Better than December in Lambeau I guess.  Joe Philbin is now the offensive coordinator, LOL.

WEEK 6:  Bears at Dolphins.

Week 12:   Dolphins at Colts

Lions @ Dolphins Week 7

Dolphins @ Vikings Week 15

Looks like the Patriots get to come to Miami on comfortable December 9th instead of miserable September.  That’s okay.  We beat them last year in December and need to do it again.   At least we don’t have them Week 17.

Miami plays in Foxboro on September 30.

Dolphins travel at NY Jets on September 16…a big break for the Jets.  They come to Miami on November 4.   Again, another rival AFC East team gets to play in Miami at a time of year when we have no advantage.

More to come…

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  1. Did you see the tweek to the uniforms? It’s definitely better! I like getting more orange back. Now we just need to get the logo back!

    1. Author

      Yep, I commented on that this morning on one of our other threads. It’s a great first step! Logo has to be next!

  2. Whew!

    It looks like the Dolphins dodged this dumbass NFL’s decision to have these teams play games overseas somewhere. I would hate it if I were a season ticket holder and see that my team is playing somewhere in another country instead of playing at home where I, a season ticket buyer, is showing my loyalty to them and the NFL.

    1. Author

      Yes, hopefully Mr. Ross has PERMANENTLY learned the value of not giving away home games. Never again.

      Although playing in London on 5 days’ rest is preferable to playing a Thursday Night ROAD game yet again. Ross needs to put his foot down at the winter meetings to call for some disparity in the schedule. TNF games suck. But they suck even worse for the road team.
      At least make it home one year, then away the next, etc. We’ve been away 3 years in a row now.
      More to come as I analyze the schedule…

      1. Was pissed seeing this as its almost an automatic loss playing Thursday night on the road. Why are they always on the road???? BS!!!!

        1. Author

          I feel that Mr. Ross does not wield his influence with the league. He cannot simply demand whatever schedule he wants. We all know that. But he CAN remind the NFL about this TNF disparity. He CAN propose a rule that it changes every year, home one year, away the next. He CAN propose that the NFL stop making teams give away home games to play in Mexico, Canada, and Europe. He CAN make them take travel into account when scheduling. Why does New England get a 3-game homestand this season? Why do they start at home and finish at home? Why do they get their TNF at home yet again?
          These are not complex forumlas that require calculus. It’s simply taking a glance at the schedule and seeing that NE gets every advantage imaginable.

          1. Pisses me off even more hearing this patsie BS. When will it end?

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