NFL Schedule out Thursday the 19th, Tomorrow

Will the Dolphins get a Monday Night game?

Will we FINALLY get to play our required Thursday game at home?

Will we get plenty of home games during the brutal humidity?

Will Stephen Ross give away invaluable home games in order to play in Europe instead?

Will the schedule leak out long before the “official” release?  (Yes!  it does every year.  I disagree with the Dolphin writers at the Herald very often, but I give them lots of credit for discovering the schedule in advance.)

Will we get some oddball Saturday game?


Will we have to go to Lambeau in December…or September.  A bit of a difference, eh?

Your thoughts?

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  1. We definitely need to get those Sept/Oct games at 1pm at home!!

    1. Author

      Also, did you see the new colors? For once, they did something right. It’s back to a more aqua color rather than sky blue, Still didn’t change the helmet logo, but at least we’re making baby steps !

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