Dolphins Sign CJ Mosley to Bolster Defensive Line

The Dolphins signed defensive tackle CJ Mosley to a deal.

Miami will be Mosley’s 6th different team, so you have to wonder what he has left in the tank.  You also have to wonder why FIVE other teams let him go in the past.

The defensive tackles at this point are Kong Suh, Mosley, AJ Francis,  Anthony Johnson, Earl Mitchell, and rookie draft choices Jordan Phillips and Ellis McCarthy.  We’ll predict that McCarthy gets cut, leaving 6 D tackles on the roster.   Would 5 have been enough?   What did Philbin/Hickey see in Mosley that made them want to offer a deal?

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  1. That’s an interesting take on the signing, and I’m glad you brought that up; about Mosley being with so many other teams. I just figured it was good they hired someone to bolster the line without investigating who the person is.

    Always glad I read this blog!

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