Philbin Gives the Dolphins a Day off and Cancels Mini Camp

Joe Philbin, who must think the Dolphins went 19-0 last year, ended minicamp early and canceled the entire third day of camp.

Apparently, Philbin doesn’t think the Dolphins need to practice anything.  Apparently, he thinks going 8-8 every year is ideal and so why work harder to improve?

The Patriots also canceled their third day of minicamp.  But there’s a big difference between the Patriots and the Dolphins.  As a matter of fact, many teams around the NFL ended minicamps early.   Does that mean Philbin had to end ours early too?  No!

Why not gain the upper hand on our opponents by asking the Dolphins to come in for an extra day of work?

This man did NOT allow his players to skip practice.
This man did NOT allow his players to skip practice.

Joe Philbin couldn’t think of ONE single thing that we could have practiced today?  Maybe practice our non-existent QB sneak?  Or ask Will Davis and Jamar Taylor to practice covering someone?  How about asking the new Dolphins to come in merely for some playbook work, to ensure they are learning the system?

But no.  Philbin decided that not a single Dolphin needed practice.  THAT, folks, is why we are perennial losers.

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  1. LOL…..

    Well come on Admin Philbin doesn’t know how to coach so he just does what he sees other coaches doing in the hopes it makes him look the part!

    For instance remember last year during the Greebay game when Green Bays coaches were trying to call a time out but didn’t have any left?

    Philbin sized the opportunity to look like a real coach and called a time out too!

    And By God unlike the Green Bay Packers Philbin was issued the time out!!!!!!

    GB = 0 Philbin = 1

    Ahhhhhhh The little victory’s Philbin can relish!

  2. Sure Philbin is terrible but doesnt the real blame go to Ross for keeping him?

    1. Obviously winning is not one of the requirements for a Steven Ross HC.

  3. As everyone knows, I’m the last person to defend Philbin. But in this case, to be fair, they did get together as a team and do a 1-day Navy Seal training:

    This was billed as a team-building exercise. Of course, one wonders if practicing as a team on a football field is perhaps a better team-building exercise. lol

    But nonetheless – perhaps this will somehow translate to an on-field advantage during actual gameplay during the season. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell. Based on the players’ tweets (as shown in the article I linked to) they thought is was a serious workout – but that has nothing to do with team-building.

    Anyway, I just wanted to point out they did get together as a team and do something physical, rather than absolutely nothing. Admin’s point still stands that they could have been practicing football; but at least we know they guys weren’t given the day off to sit at home and play video games, etc.

    1. PS – Love the pic lol!

    2. Author

      It’s nice that they got a workout in, but I’d prefer it was on the practice field. I think team bonding is overrated. I don’t care if Ryan Tannehill hates Jarvis Landry’s guts…as long as he throws him the ball.
      I didn’t realize this until I read the article, but Caleb Strugis’s injury is from another team bonding event. Philbin has to cancel these before someone else gets hurt!
      Didn’t he take the team to a Broadway show last time we were in NY? Now that was nice and low-risk

      1. Yeah, Sturgis’ injury was from a team kickball game.

        I do agree that the injuries (and perspective injuries) are an issue with these bonding events. Doesn’t it make more sense to do on-field football activities anyway? Players/coaches are more familiar with the requirements and body movements of football. Seems like in other contexts people can easily hurt or unduly strain themselves because of lack of familiarity or overzealousness.

        I remember as a kid one of my teachers (huge football fan) told me that in the 60’s or 70’s an NFL coach (don’t remember who) had the team take ballet lessons, and of course everyone thought he/they were crazy. Turns out, they performed better on the field.

        That kind of activity seems somewhat different/better to me because it emphasizes stretching, jumping, and moving quickly from place to place. Seal training may have something like that in there (have no idea), but from the players’ tweets, it seemed to emphasize strengthening and heavy body exertion. Don’t they get that kind of stuff in they’re regular training anyway?

        For low-risk, yes a Broadway show. Or maybe take everyone to Build-a-Bear. Or how about learning the playbook?

        1. …*their* regular training…

  4. I read about the team-building exercise with the Navy Seals and I actually like the idea.

  5. Yeah, I think the Navy Seals team building experience was probably good for them. I mean, we all bitch about how mentally weak these players are and how they fall apart every year. Who trains for mental toughness better than a navy seal?

  6. @Mike J. Dont you mean physical toughness?

    Mental toughness = politicians
    Physical toughness = navy seals

    1. Nope Shula, I definitely meant mental toughness. Which is a necessity in combat and most sports. Many people physically have what it takes to physically do what it takes to become a Seal. Not many can take the sleep depravity, and sustained exposure to cold, wet conditions. Those are mental hurdles.

      Im not sure that politicians develop any type of toughness. They are just good at deceiving people and twisting the truth. Maybe Tom Brady should run for office.

  7. Taking cold wet conditions is physical toughness. Obama is mentally tough taking criticism from all angles and still performing at a high level. Just my opinion.

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