Dolphins Sign QB Bryce Petty

I guess we need someone to play in those meaningless preseason games…

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  1. We already have 2 QBs for that,now 3. Wonder which useless LB we’ll sign with the Suh money in a few weeks.

  2. I have no problem with bringing in more competition. Who knows maybe a change of scenery will do the kid some good. He’s still young…

    1. Sooooo, this is the best Dolphins front office can do?? Dumpster diving at the Jets Florham Park facility eh? Why is it I can’t get excited about any of the QB’s, starting with our #1 QB who has done nothing worth mentioning in his time with MIA. There’s absolutely no faith for me in him….same old same old. year in, year out. Too bad the moron owner can’t be throw out. That’s a big part of this problem.

      1. Author

        Ross’s favorite team is the Jets, so he continues to help his fallen Jet heroes like Tannenbaum and Petty. Chances are we just signed Petty for the summer, to act as the practice scout QB during pre-season. However, he has to know this is his last chance. That MAY inspire him to excel. He can’t be any worse that Ossweiler or Gase’s boy David Fales.

    2. Author

      Agreed. His experience as a starter in high-pressure N.Y. must be worth something, as opposed to Gase foisting his boy pal David Fales on us, fresh off the Bears’ practice squad.

      1. I think Petty at least has the chance to turn the corner. Whether he will who knows but doesn’t hurt to take a flyer on the kid. If anything he may be a better back up than Ossy let the best man win…

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