Dolphins third and fourth string defenders win the game for us

Unheralded players like Jamar Taylor, Mike Hull, Zach Vigil, Tony Lippett, and Neville Hewitt stepped it up big time to seal the deal in a big Dolphins win.

It is an unwritten rule not to root for an opponents’ injury, but once Sam Bradford went down and we saw Jet Sanchez in the game, it seemed to inspire the defense.

Our offense stalled far too many times, but they did just enough to make the defense’s outstanding effort hold up.

The D forgot to show up in the first quarter, and then something lit a fire under Suh.  He was a beast for the remainder of the day, and set the tone for the benchwarmers to come into emergency service and shine

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  1. tannehill did enough to win this game. I would have liked to have seen more but there were a few plays where there just was no play to have been made because recivers were simply covered to tight.

    That said I watched the Pat / Gmen game right after and did you see the fire Brady had on the sideline! This guy is so damm competitive and its infectious hell he had me wanting to suit up and hit someone!

    Tannehill doesn’t seem to inspire anyone and he didn’t even seem all that competitive. It’s starting to bother me more and more

    A+ to the second half defense

    1. Yes, but I wish the Giants didn’t go into their variation of the prevent defense. Not to mention, they should got a TD when they were so close. Sick of teams folding under Tom Brady…including the Dolphins of course

      1. Author

        Yeah, it hurts to watch Brady gloat, but at least today he earned a win with a nice drive at the end, unlike in the Super Bowl when Pete Carroll handed him a free championship.

    2. Your absolutely right. T-Hill is way to laid back and reminds me of Philban. He will never lead this team to anything significant. He would make a good second string QB but he just doesn’t know how to inspire his teammates. He could get sacked 5 times in the endzone and never show any anger or emotion. How do you expect him to ever lead this team back in the 4th quarter of a big game that they are behind. I don’t like Brady but he is the most intense QB of all time.

  2. Author

    I think our MVP today was Miles Austin. Watch Reshad Jones’s interception, and pay attention to the lack of effort from Austin. The ball was a little high, but Austin didn’t even raise his arm. Then on the Eagles’ last drive, Austin didn’t even look for the pass. We got some VERY lucky breaks today, including Sam Bradford’s broken shoulder, but we’ll take them! We never catch those breaks, and somehow we did today.

    1. Agree we were lucky as heck to win that game!

  3. I give the team a lot of credit climbing out of the 16 – 3 hole and am i imagining it or did we have yet another safety (3 in as many games?) that must be an NFL record right?

    I mean right then the team should have folded and bent over for the reaming they were about to get.

    but…… then I noticed Philbin wasn’t on the sideline and this team fought back.

    Very different – Now we just need some consistency and I’m not talking about a forth safety this month

  4. I turned off the game after the first quarter and then turned it back on in the 4th and couldn’t believe we actually had to lead I was shocked at how bad that first quarter was anyways I think combination between that great catch Jarvis Landry made on the tip ball and then Rashad’s game ceiling interception in the endzone are what one is this game it was a team effort. I like the fact that they didn’t give up even when things were looking bad when the Eagles were so close to scoring late in the fourth.

  5. I think we will be ok as long we don’t play anyone in our division. ha ha

  6. “Dolphins third and fourth string defenders win the game for us”

    It makes you wonder if the coaches are able to recognize talent and place the best players on the field.

    1. It makes me wonder if we have any “best” players or if they’re all just 3rd stringers!

  7. Like I said in a post I made Saturday. If you can’t beat the NFC East, you should just tank for a higher draft pick. After getting our brakes beat repeatedly by the teams in our own division we should be battle-tested enough to take on Dallas and the Giants. And hopefully home field advantage means more under Campbell than it did under clueless Joe. And with only two games left to physical teams, the Jets and Baltimore, things are looking up. Plus we only have two games left to teams with winning records, Pats and Jets. If we can stay relatively healthy 9-7, while a stretch, isn’t implausible.

  8. Good points Gang, let’s see if we can string two wins in a row.

  9. Instead of a badly needed dome cheapo Ross is putting a canvas top over his circus! He doesn’t deserve a SB and cant even muster ONE winning season. Some forget, Huizenga did 350 mil in repairs and upgrades without ever asking taxpayers for one dime…..

  10. Obviously I was very wrong about this team. They are just terrible. I never thought I’d long for the Dave Wannstadt days.

  11. Wow!! I didn’t make that last post. Now somebodies posting under my screenname? dmin you better toughen up and figure a way to moderate this blog better. The same person that is probably posting all that troll foolishness under those other three names has attempted to sully my name and post under the tag I use. Cool. Grown men don’t do things like that. That’s junior high school ish,

    1. Author

      Gang, I see who it is, and I will monitor his future posts. The only solution is to have you guys sign up for accounts and sign in and all that hassle. I hate doing that on other sites, and I didn’t want our readers to have to do so here. Weird….I let my readers say anything they wish about anything and they can make up any old screen name they want. But instead, they try to trick readers. Oh well.

  12. Don’t understand why anyone feels they have to resort to such hijinks.

    1. That word is funny. Three dotted letters in a row

  13. @TheRealDOLPHGANG!!

    Don’t worry I figured you had eather been out drinking all night, had a bad breakup with a girl as good looking but slightly “thicker” then Lauran Tannehill or had finally gone insane!

    But I’m glade to know it’s just Jay/Mike posting under your name

    1. Not me you dumb turd. Stop making false accusations you stupid MORON!

  14. Whoever it was, it was junior highish.

  15. @Brian M. I’m glad you know my opinions better than that to understand that post wasn’t anything close to how I feel.

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