SANCHEZ!!! We can win now that filthy Sanchez is in !!!

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  1. Author

    Hull and Hewitt…great game

  2. Author

    Okay, pretty obvious that Philly is only allowing Sanchez to throw little dumpoff screens. Prepare for it

  3. Author

    Jay, I give you that one. Terrible pass. Lucky catch. BUT WE WILL TAKE IT

  4. Author

    Starting linebackers are invisible. keep hull and Hewitt in there

  5. Author

    Come on Sanchez/… throw it to a Dolphin

  6. Author

    jamar taylor with a big hit. A very rare big play from Jamar

  7. Author

    Gutsy, entedrtaining win. The defense shut me up after the 1st Q love it

  8. I can’t believe it…Props to the backup linebackers. Hull, Hewitt and Vigil.

  9. Dirty Sanchez is Miami’s best friend.

  10. Fuck yea bragging rights for the next 4 years!!!

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