Dolphins Truth poll: we want your honest thoughts on Adam Gase, Jay Cutler and more

Let’s hear from you.   Here’s your forum for our readers to have at it.

I’ll keep it short and sweet because I’m too disgusted to get into much.

What do YOU guys think of Gase?  Cutler?   Even guys I’ve praised for several years and are now suddenly playing awful, such as Kiki Alonso.

I thought Gase was a bad hire from day one, an arrogant prick who wasn’t accomplished enough to be arrogant, and he’s proving me right.  It’s painful to watch him cost us games with his predictable, unimaginative play calling and his horrible game management.

Luke Kuechly knew what play was coming before Cutler did.  Yes, it’s that predictable.

okay, let’s hear your thoughts…

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  1. Admin if it were just those three guys I’d be ok but it’s almost everything about this team!

    Our defensive line was overmatched again! Even when we sent two blitzers we dearly got pressure.

    Our Oline, for the twelfth year in a row can’t open running lanes and gave curler little time to throw most of the game.

    Gase again was out coached.

    I just think at every level our coaching talent is horrible. You have to think that if we had a real defensive cordinator he could do a little better with our group. How about plugging Carolinas defensive line coach in with our Dline. I know we have guys hurt on our Oline but we get so little out of them on game day you have to wonder if anyone is coaching them.

    Overall this team is not in sync, constantly not on the same page, always overmatched, always running the same plays.

    I don’t want to get rid of Gase out of fear of who Ross might replace him with but we need quality coaches all over this team starting with an offensive cordinator that maybe has won a few playoff games! Then a real defensive cordinator not some lacky who has less experience running a defense then Gase. Then we need some line coaches who know how to scheam and teach fundementals.

    I think it’s much more on our coaches then playes that’s why in week 9 or whatever it is these guys sent on the same page. I mean how many blown assignments did we see on defense last night that left panther recivers wide open 20 yards down the field!


    1. Author

      “…but it’s almost everything about this team!”

      Can’t argue with that. I’d say our 2 RBs played with heart, but that was about it.

  2. Just read this over in the Herald….

    “There is no way we should give up 350 yards with he players we have, let along 550,” defensive end Andre Branch said

    He is right! There is no way with the talent we do have we should have given up this many points but when the coaches call the wrong defensive half the night and shift players at the wrong time and constantly blitz without disguising it and allow the other team to run the play away from it this is what you get!

  3. FIRE EVERYBODY! from the owner to the ballboy,raze the stadium and end the franchise! this has become an insult to a once proud team.I have been a dolphan since 1966 and the steady decline over the last 20 years is killing me.the entire nfl is going to hell in a handbasket and the progressively worse coaching of the dolphins is adding nail after nail to the coffin! the day is quickly approaching when football will be played by giant robots and I for one cannot wait so this prolonged knife twisting will hopefully end!

  4. Gase is a genius. Look at that play he called when Cutler threw that interception with just seconds to go before half time. Pure genius!

    Thankfully we have the C A N E S ! ! ! !

    1. Author

      Genius Gase said that he felt good calling that pass play because his offense was moving the ball. No. They had moved the ball on the previous drive. Being in the middle of a good drive is a lot different than starting cold from your own 20 with 40 seconds left.
      Our offense just scored a TD, and immediately after, our D forced CAR to punt. Accept that and go to halftime! Carolina would be in the locker room worried and scratching their heads, while we’d be in the locker room getting ready to pile some more on them.
      But no. Our Genius coach thought we could complete an 8-yard drive in under a minute.

      1. Personally, I like the fact that Gase is willing to try to get those points before the half but that play call was atrocious. Everyone and their mother knows that the defense isn’t going to allow you to attack the sidelines in a 2 minute offense.

  5. I’ve been a fan of this bunch for 43 years now, and I’m not giving up, but man last night was tough.

    My wife is a Panthers fan and we live in Raleigh, so I could have justified a trip to see our teams, but I could see this coming a mile away.

    The Panthers lost to the Chicago bears, but put 45 on a defense that should be the strength of our team.

    I think Gase is over-matched, the coaching staff has no imagination, Cutler is fine but has no time to work, and the team seems to give up in a hurry.

    Over a decade ago I said we should hire Marty Schottenhiemer. I still feel we need someone like that. Even if he couldn’t win them to the championship, he could change the culture.

    It’s just so disappointing.

  6. Who knows what this team could of been if Tanny was at the helm ….Tannehill was the one who opted not to get the surgery and look what happened …I think Gase is in over his head …we need better coaches ,I look at this team and they have a lot of good player but to me the motivation isn’t there ….Cutler just stands there looking dumbfounded….it looks like the players are running this team and Ross is so soft and says its ok boys we are still filling the stadium ,mind you he spent a lot of money ..Alonso looked like he was stuck in first gear …I don’t know what the answer is but for the last 20 years its tough being a dolphin fan..i cant watch this under performing team anymore this year …big changes are needed badly ….im going to root for Philly the rest of the year …go Ajay….getting rid of him was a bonehead move by the stubborn Gase.

    1. Author

      You touched on my 3 favorite topics, and all are true.
      Gase is over his head.
      Ross is soft.
      Jay Ajayi was wasted.

    2. Tannehill was hurt initially at the end of last season so surgery then or not he still would have missed most of if not all of 2017.

    3. “Who knows what this team could of been if Tanny was at the helm ….”

      I know…this would’ve been a team working on another 7 -9 or 8 -8 season!

  7. Author

    By the way, yesterday I pointed out how mediocre MNF is these days, starting with the fact that they have an unknown announcer and it’s on cable t.v.
    So when TJ McDonald intercepted Cam Newton and then had it overturned, you’d think ESPN would show a replay. But no. They went to commercial.
    Or when Cutler threw his pick right before halftime, they called a 15-yard penalty on Julia Thomas…and again there was no replay. That was a huge 15-yard penalty, because otherwise the Panthers settle for just a field goal before the half. But we never saw it.
    ESPN’s coverage was worse than ever. No replay analysis one two different game-changing plays?

  8. This organization has a loser stink about it that can only be remedied by getting a new owner who has enough football acumen to know who needs to run his team. This team is now run by an attorney who knows jack about football (only wants to draft wide receivers, ignore the oline, and sign sexy free agents), and a puppet GM, (overseen some very poor draft decisions as an assistant). It’s clear that Ross is too rich and has too many other ventures to make getting the right personnel in there a priority.

    For one, a team this far from being decent should not ever sign any high priced free agents, which is why I never liked the Suh signing among others. A smart GM or team president builds from the draft and isn’t afraid to stink for a while so they can accumulate high draft picks. This team will never see any transformational players picking from 15-32.

    When you see results on the field, when you know you’re a few pieces away from a title game….that’s when you pull the trigger on free agents. But not with this New York bozo, who only has a job anywhere because he drafted Revis.

    Another issue is that this team is always content to have rookies at HC, and what is compounding things now is that the OC is a 2nd year HC and the DC is a rookie. When the team looks like total garbage, complete with penalties and missed assignments, that’s on the coaching. All day and all night. Gase needs to delegate and focus on fielding a professional product FIRST! Stop thinking you can draw up schemes and manage a team at the same time. It’s not working.

    If you’re gonna draft like garbage and blow money on free agents, at least get a guy in there who has done this before on some level. Gase is so way in over his head that by the time he can really focus on what kind of personnel this team needs on both sides of the ball, he’ll be gone

    Did Gase get this team to the playoffs last year? He sure did, and I have to give him a lot of credit there (although the decision to fly up to Pittsburgh late on a Friday with no practice time in the extreme cold was a very rookie move. That alone guaranteed the loss). And I certainly believe he deserves one more year with Tannehill (although I am not convinced he is going to come back the same football player. Drafting a QB anywhere would be a smart move, which means it won’t happen).

    But it’s clear that he doesn’t like to run the football, and that alone in my mind disqualifies him as this team’s OC and playcaller. I can’t tell you how many games I’ve watched where the run is going nowhere for a particular team but they stick with it and pull out the win. Gase only ever did that once this year and it was against the Jets (not surprisingly, after Pouncey had left the game).

    He traded Ajayi because he was screaming about what everyone else knew. The only way to win games with this crew is to wear down opposing dlines, keep the game close, let the defense do its job. But not unlike other Phins HCs before him, they would rather lose than mix up the plays. Previous coaches wanted to make Tannehill the hero every game at the expense of a win, and now we see it with Cutler. How else do you explain that INT last night?

    This coaching staff, like others before it, are setting up players to fail. The GM and President are setting up Gase to fail. So, as long as Mr. Magoo owns the team, it will be a ship with no mast.

    1. Doesn’t like to run the football?? All he did on 1st and 2nd down was run the football to no effect at all.

      The Panthers are good, but not THAT good. It took forever (and the announcers mentioned this) for them to let Cutler load up and heave it. It was completely pedestrian from the coaching on down.

      It was…what? 45 to 21? It could easily have been 60 to 7 watching this nonsense.

  9. Author

    The worst part of the Panthers game wasn’t that they beat us, but rather WHO beat us. It was unknown bums like Cameron Artis-Payne and someone called Devin Funchess, not to mention some slow little white running back, Christian McCaffrey, or their third-string tight end, Ed Dixon. These aren’t exactly star players nor household names, but they gashed right through whatever Matt Burke tried.

    1. Matt Burk is a well respected defensive Guru who every team in the league would love to have calling plays!

      I’m sure some variation of that is how Gase sold it to Ross and what they all still think!

    2. Living here in NC, we know Funchess is a good player. He just is, and that will play out over and over. McCaffrey is also sneaky good and the announcers were right in saying he’s got some skills that no one expects (probably because he’s white, but..racism and all)

      Panthers are a solid bunch, but they are second tier. They still have a really good set of talent.

  10. Gase is a big part of the problem. Aside from the very predictable play calling, it seems that nothing gets fixed. One week, they can’t stop the run, the next week, no pass rush etc… Gruden points it out. There is nothing consistent with this team. Really tired of seeing Kiko overrun plays or Timmons not stay in his lane when the edge has already been set or ANY DB cut off a passing lane or Cutler missing wide open Receivers, or the O-Line fail to even lay a finger on a blitzer. Wait, did I just write the 2017 Miami Dolphin Yearbook in review?

    1. This is the way Gase gets his players to “step up!”

  11. Honestly I’m baffled. I have no idea how last year we won 10 games where half our roster was out due to injury. I get our o line is terrible but at the same time our o line has been trash since 1824. I will say I do like Gase, I didn’t think getting rid of Ajayi was right but there’s just no other available coach right now I’d want coaching the team over Gase.

    1. Sorry AXEL, but if I have to go out there on the field, I want to be lead by someone who’s been tested and has the experience. Gase had never been a head coach on any level before the Dolphins hired him. The Dolphins didn’t need to roll the dice again when they hired Gase. The Dolphins had just fired Philbin, another hire who had no head coaching experience anywhere.

      Us Dolpfans don’t need to see what inexperienced head coach can get lucky and turn this team around, we want to see someone with the right kind of acumen to give us hope!

  12. I don’t like gase but I don’t hate him. Last year I thought he was great but this year he seems to let his emotions get the better of him to much (the ajayi trade is the best example) also he seems like the kind of guy that wants to players to fit his system, not designing a system around his best players. I think he deserves another year with a real quaterback (cutler is trash and Moore is only good coming off the bench). But his play calling abilities should be taken away. Bring in a running oriented offensive coordinator and let him and gase design the offense together.

  13. Gase is only in his 2nd-year and inherited a flawed roster that was always going to take some time and some turnover. The decisions he makes only look as bad as they do because he doesn’t have adequate personnel to consistently execute them. Holes were filled in free agency and via trade with inadequate players like Julius Thomas because those were the only experienced players available in what was a pretty weak free agent market at those particular positions. Plus with the roster being so flawed it was impossible to address all team needs there or even via the draft with the way the front office has been so frivolous with draft capital. Still waiting on Leonte Caroo to pan out. Season was over when the qb that all the ball watchers, Big O lovers, and Omar Kellyites love to scapegoat went out for the season. At least the sensible ones can see that very few qbs could have made this roster a consistent play-off team over the last few years.

    1. Excuses, excuses, excuses…..

      When Tannehill went down, the biggest reason the Fins went out and got Cutler was because of Gase. If the Fins would’ve stuck with Matt Moore, us fans wouldn’t be so critical at how things have turned out at this juncture in time. But Matt Moore is making crumbs compared to what they’re paying Cutler, and the media is making jokes at the mockery of his hire.

      “The decisions he makes only look as bad as they do because he doesn’t have adequate personnel to consistently execute them. ”

      Yeah…like telling Cutler to throw the ball with only forty something seconds on the clock before halftime. Or, calling a timeout for the other team when they desperately need to score and can’t stop the clock. Yeah, Gases’ decisions only “look bad” on the surface…lol….

  14. As possibly one of the few females on this board, I’ll put my thoughts here. As a very long time Fin fan,
    this franchise has gone to the gutter. My first blame is the owner, my 2nd blame is the owner-he is more concerned about his real estate in NYC, and how much he LOVES UMich, his alma mater, and seeing his name on the Ross School of Business-yep, the Stephen B. Ross School of have to give lots of “schkarols” to get a business school named after you. Next, he knows nothing about football to be an owner…you may not like Jerry Jones, but he loves his Cowboys and it’s all that matters to him. We don’t have that kind of deep passion from Ross. He just wants to fill seats, put some awnings up in the stadium and count his millions. There is only one way we get a new owner—he’s not selling the team so you know where I’m going.
    Now on to Gase, Cutler and the rest of the motley crew. Gase is not strong enough with this team, he can say whatever he wants in front of the media, but it’s not filtering in to the mentality of working hard for a living, pride in your craft and competing not only with teammates but other players they play against. Play for Pride! There is none of that…now onto to Cutler….okay okay I was (was keyword here) a bit giddy about him coming in-well aware of his persona, playing habits etc., I was not uninformed by any means. I was looking for something to give us a boost, with more experience than Tannekill, I was hopeful that Cutler given another chance would take his play to a higher level. This has not happened-yes, players drop balls that get to them, but there are balls that don’t get them a well. I wanted him to be better; I wanted him to be the more seasoned QB and show us what that looks like bec. Tannekill wasn’t and will never be it…but this team is back to finding their QB for the future. These players need to play for pride of the Dolphins, the team and it’s longtime fans who endure season after season of hearing there is a lot of talent on this team….Really?? Show me where!

    1. Author

      Great post. I’ve been writing the same stuff about Ross for many years…the master of giving us stuff that no one wanted or asked for.
      Who cares about him hiring inexperienced, stubborn coaches when instead we get Gloria Estafan as a celebrity owner and an awning.

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