Will Dolphin Players Beg Arrogant Adam Gase to Punish Them Too ??

There are two incidents (that we’re aware of; there may be more) involving Adam Gase punishing All Pro running back Jay Ajayi.

One was opening day 2016, when Gase benched Ajayi.  The Dolphins lost that game.

The second was a few weeks ago, when Gase kicked Ajayi off the team.  The Dolphins have lost every game since then.

We also know that Byron Maxwell was often in Gase’s doghouse, so Gase got rid of Maxwell too.  The Dolphins are 0-3 without Maxwell.

To prove a point and to demonstrate his arrogance, Gase put himself above the overall need for talent on his team.  The team is piling up loss after loss after loss, but Adam Gase is getting the last laugh, because he was able to punish a couple of guys he didn’t like by kicking them off the team.  Right?

Some punishment.  Jay Ajayi is now on a first-place team.  The Eagles have the NFL’s best record and an incredible 3-game cushion over the also-ran Cowboys.  Ajayi now runs for a team with a phenominal offensive line, and he’s already scored a brilliant touchdown in one game for the Eagles, whereas the Dolphins had zero rushing TDs until the other day.   Ajayi joins a team with proven RBs, meaning his workload will be less and his rewards (wins) will be more.

This situation must have other Dolphins begging Adam Gase to “punish” them too.

Byron Maxwell is now a member of the Seahawks.   He went from a last-place team with no realistic playoff chance to a perennial contender.  Some punishment.  Imagine playing with Bobby McCain and Michael Thomas one day, and then the next day you line up as a Legion of Boom member.

Way to prove your point, Mr. Gase!


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  1. I had thought about that with Ajayi but not Maxwell! Great point. Also how bad could these guys be if really good teams want them. I mean if I’m the GM and the Vikings call about acquiring my RB I’m thinking, “Hey maybe this kid is a lot better then were thinking.”

    Who has the better personal department the Dolphins or the Vikings? The Dolphins or the Seahawks?

    These guys running the Dolphins are so obtuse that they cant see the forest through the trees!

  2. Please move to Philly so you can stick you head back into Ajayi pants. Get over it. He’s gone. He is one-dimensional. Hands of stone. Getting rid of him had little impact on a team that is worse than last year.0-3,that was expected,with or without your boy. Maxwell a slug who could not strat for a team that probably will only have 6 wins,in spite of me saying 7 wins when the schedule was announced. The ONLY reason Maxflop was signed by Seattle was because they lost a starter. He may get a little playing time but if he does,he’s a target for sure. I hated to see Ajayi go but it’s done. So you have one less thing to complain about.

  3. You’re as bad as Cheeto complaining about an election he won a year ago. Get over losing Ajayi. Gase is a flop just like Mazflop is,but his position affects every facet of this franchise. We may be the worst organization in the NFL,from top to bottom,outside of Cleveland. The only piece that remains in place because he never fails to open his wallet to sign players.Everyone below him is far beneath others in similar position around the league.

  4. Author

    I’m not complaining. I’m pointing out that both men are in a better place. Both are happy. Both are playoff contenders. Both now play for a coach with a Super Bowl title under his belt.

    THAT is what Adam Gase does to the players he hates?

  5. The reason makes no difference in the big picture. This franchise is crap. Gase his the head crap. We have an owner who is not afraid to spend money,but he simply follows what his front office tells him to spend his money. THEY are the reason we are crap. I’m not defending Gase at all,but he simply does not have the players to even play .500 ball. The OL has been an issue for years and has not been addressed-blame the front office. There isn’t room here to list all of the free agent flops we’ve had for the past 6-7 seasons. And poor drafts.

  6. Dolphin fans seem to forget that adam waste has final say on roster.The o line is pitiful,but who put them together?

    1. The front office who refuses to address a long-standing problem,that was obvious before Gase arrived.

  7. The only 2 lineman that were there before gase is pouncey and James.Everyone else was brought in with the gase seal of approval

    1. Again,the OL has been an issue for a long time.

  8. Author

    Inconsistent play (not necessarily poor play) from the players hurts a lot. The line gave Cutler time when he threw his awful pick Monday night.
    The line gave him a huge hole on the game’s first series when, instead of running for an easy first down, he threw to Landry instead. Who promptly dropped the ball.
    Is Landry bad? Cutler? No way. Inconsistent?
    Same for the line.
    The offense seems to play a few good games then a few bad.
    The defense seems to play good for a month at a time, and then devolve in a j.v. high school squad for the next month.
    Remember how great Timmons, Alonso, and Maleuga played together their first three games? Now they cannot stop or cover anything.

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