Dolphins Truth to resume May 15 !

Sorry, folks.  I’m away one more day and then will be back with our brand of truth, including commentary on Ted Wells (and the millions of dollars that Roger Goodell handed over to him), our draft grades and reports, and a dream I had about why Joe Philbin would be a great basketball coach (because he would not be able to call timeouts on defense).

Until then, here is the new thread Bryan requested…

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  1. Right now I REALLY like this team. The only thing holding us back is Joe Droopy Philbin and Kevin Coyle. Management seems to have righted the ship by injecting the team with talent across the board. If I were some veterans like Koa Misi, Rishard Matthews, Louis Delmas, some back up OL, I’d be worried. I like this new wave of LBs we have in Hull, Tripp, Vigil, & Luc. Despite not going live with pads I think they are diamonds in the rough.

    With Brady possibly out 4 games we have a real chance to grab the reigns. Somebody out there find out why our LSU recruiting trip with La’el Collins did not work out. What did WE not do as opppsed to what Dallas did?

    1. Amongst several other things, we sent 3 former team mates (who are now Dolphins) to his come in order to convince La’el to come to Miami. Dallas convinced La’el to come to Dallas and visit with the team, owner, etc. Big differences right off the bat.

      1. I meant to write, “…to his HOME…” lol..

    2. I’d like to think we could improve on 8-8 but it will be difficult. The HOME schedule is tough and 8-8 won’t get us in the playoffs. Pats in the final game on Jan 3 at HOME will be BIG!

  2. He’s a Dallas fan apparently. Once he signed he made a statement about how he was a star. As in alluding to their logo.

  3. I read in a Dallas newspaper that he has a lot of family in Dallas.

    It didn’t state that as the reason but all accounts had it down to Miami and Dallas and this newspaper stated the day before he said to his agent that he was going to Miami so I would bet it was family that persuaded him to visit Dallas and once that happens it was over

    Can’t say I blame the kid it was a toss up one way or the other

    Idiot coach in Miami or idiot ( choker) qb in Dallas

    At lest in Dallas your going to the playoffs every year not 8-8

    Also Brian I don’t agree that were so close

    Bad DC and a terrible HC equals a bad team and I’m sure with our schedule we will jump out to a great start

    Just like last year

    Then bomb the second half

    I actually expect to do a little better the second half of the year

    I can see making the playoffs but without good coaching we’re going nowhere

    Those won’t be 2-14 teams that time of the year

  4. I can remember when Jason Garrett was considered to be an incompetent coach that probably would have been fired in a lot of other places. He iced his own kicker, so Philbinesque in my opinion. My guess is that Collins is banking on that top five Cowboy o-line to help make him look good while he transitions to the league so that once his contract is up he’ll be able to cash in on the basis that he played on one of the best in the league. As compared to Miami were the positions aren’t settled at guard and it statistically has been one of the worst the past few years and he may come into a situation were you’re expected to be a savior as a rookie. Maybe he felt the small contract he was getting as an undrafted free agent wasn’t worth that stress. Can’t say I blame him if that was his logic. He won’t be blocking for anyone notable as far as the run game though since Murray bolted to Phillie. I was excited when they said his agent was flying to Miami only to hear that he signed with Dallas a short while later and have my hopes deflated. But oh well, we have Suh, Devante Parker, Kenny Stills, Cameron, Jennings, and Ajayi as new contributors so I guess you can’t win them all. Philbin will have no excuse for missing the play-offs with this unit and this lightweight schedule.

  5. Delmas was solid last year and coming off an injury he’s reportedly ahead of schedule so I doubt he’s too worried. Misi may shine at the Mike position with Suh and Jordan Phillips there to potentially take up double-teams and keep the linebackers clean and free from blockers on the 2nd level. Rishard Matthews having the audacity to ask for a trade is laughable considering elite players like Brandon Marshall are only commanding 5th-rounders when dealt. I’m very excited about the season.

    1. Rishard Matthews and the word trade are hilarious. Best we could hope to get for him would be some Gatorade.

    2. Marshall is also MUCH older and has personality issues,, just baggage. That isn’t to say Matthews is worth more than Marshall, but before Ireland did a brilliant trade in getting two 2nd round picks, not only was Marshall older at that point, but he also had SOOOO much baggage with him that that at first Ireland was only offered a 4th, but eventually he worked it up to two 2nd rounders.

      If Mr T is a good negotiator, they’ll Matthews play in the preseason so teams can see his skill and he can hustle some team the way Ireland did.

    1. Sorry to hear about Mr. Yepremian’s passing. In all honesty this is the first time I’ve heard of the guy. I started being a Dolphins fan in 1985, when I was 10. Only players before that time frame that I know anything about is Csonka, Griese, and Mercury Morris. Funny thing is that after reading that article about his super bowl gaffe…it got me thinking that maybe Ray Finkle from Ace Ventura was loosely based off of him, but after doing some searching found out it’s based off of Uwe Von Schamann (who I know nothing about either).

  6. I miss Garo. Worst passer in Super Bowl history but a clutch kicker. Also his line of ties (if anybody remembers) were very cool. Still have a few someplace.

  7. There aren’t any newer threads for me to post my recent thoughts so I figured I would write them here. Ive developed a reputation for supporting Joe Philbin although I do so because we are stuck with him and he’s as new of a HC as Tannehill is a QB. Im still hoping hes traversing his own learning curve and is still developing and transitioning from an assistant coach approach to a leader mentality. That being said. I’ve been watching games from his Rookie season as an HC and among many previously mentioned anomalies, one thing kept nagging at my observations. And its a subject and fact mentioned by this sight several times. Joe Philbin’s uncanny ability to squander, alienate, and rid the team of precious talent. And its becoming so apparent now that I look back that I strongly feel and analysis and article should be done covering the span of Philbins term as HC compared with all of the talent that has come through our rosters. I watched Miami play the Raiders at home when we had Reggie Bush for example. And you let a player like that walk in favor of Miller? Let Jake Long walk in favor of Johnathan Martin? Wallace is so pissed off he quits ( and yes he did for a fact say ” I dont wanna f*ckin play anymore!” to Philbin. Reshard Matthews is begging for a trade though he assuredly will take a pay cut to play somewhere else. What the hell is going on? Ross has done everything this offseason to make us winners. This year we have such a very talented roster I fear Philbin will alienate ,disappoint, and discourage this group to mediocrity . Im slow to pass judgement here, Philbin has dealt with several personal tragedies and this could have stunted his development or set it back a few steps. But Im firm that if we do not see a reasonable amount of production and success from this current roster and season. It will be his time to go. I will no longer make excuses and will call it for what it is. And sadly as I look forward to game 16 of our 2015 season, I can already feel my clinched fist pounding the desk as I type my indignation and call for his firing.



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