Dolphins Upcoming Schedule NOT as Easy as Some are Reporting

As you’ve probably seen in many other Dolphins articles, Miami doesn’t play a team with a winning record until January. Some are reporting this as if it’s good news. Granted, I’d rather play a bunch of losing teams, rather than a string of 7-1 teams coming into town. But just because we have some upcoming games against 4-4 or 3-5 teams doesn’t guarantee anything.

Those teams, plus the NFL’s insanely unfair scheduling, are working to defeat us.

First up is the Jets and their losing record. But make no mistake about it, they are on a roll with consecutive back-to-back wins under their belts. Todd Bowles always likes to defeat the Dolphins. Ryan Fitzpatrick is old and slow and wears that ridiculous facial hair, but he’s still an annual Dolphin killer, and he comes into this game hot and with a chip on his shoulder.

Next up are back-to-back road trips to California. Thanks for that NFL. Real fair.

The Chargers’ offense is still a force, and their 3-5 record doesn’t mean we can easily count it as a win. And then the Rams, who seem to be hot or cold each week. With Miami’s luck, the Rams will be hot that week. Plus, the Rams will have 110,000 rabid fans supporting them, and that could spell trouble.

Next is a home game vs. the 49ers. I want to beat Colin Kaepernick so bad, which assuredly means that the Dolphins will drop that one while CK throws for 4 TDs and 450 yards. I can see it coming, can’t you?

Then December begins. The NFL was kind enough to give the Dolphins exactly ONE home game in December. One. I don’t see us winning in Baltimore. I certainly don’t see us winning two games in a row, two weeks in a row, in New York and Jersey when we play the Jets and Bills. Sandwiched in there is a home game vs. Arizona, another team that is way better than its current record.

Others disagree, but I think the NFL truly helps the teams that it respects, and certainly the Dolphins are not one of them. I think it comes from being perennial losers. The NFL is the only major sport that still uses an unbalanced schedule. It uses a complex and unfair algorithm to determine our opponents, and then human beings get to decide who plays where…and when. I believe the league knows which teams to take care of, which teams to help, and which teams they can walk all over. Guess which category the Dolphins are in?

In comparison to our ONE home game in December, the Patriots get THREE home games in December. The Seahawks get three. The Bills get three. Couldn’t someone have simply noticed this way back in the spring and switched one of our October games? The answer is, Yes they could have. But they didn’t.

I still see the Dolphins as a 6-10 team, but I hope I’m dead wrong. We’ve been teased many times in the past with mini-winning streaks that get our hopes up, only to come crashing down to earth when we realize that it was fleeting. Remember Dan Campbell’s first two games? Remember Clueless Joe Philbin began a season at 3-0. (I still hear Dan Fouts saying that 3-0 teams make it to the playoffs 95% of the time!). Remember a few Decembers ago when we needed to win one of our final 3 games to make the playoffs, and we won zero of them? So forgive me for not getting my hopes up.

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  1. @Admin

    This may be one of your best posts of the year and I tend to agree with you on almost all points!

    One thing I will say is that you make the comparason to this “hope” we have now to Dan Campbellā€™s first two games and Clueless Joe Philbin when we began the season at 3-0 and you are dead right to point those out!

    I think that this weeks game against the Jets at home will tell us a TON about who this team really is so I’m going to reserve my opinion until after that game!

    As you point out this teams crummy play and false hopes over the last many years give us the right to do that!

    1. Author

      Brian, congrats on your Cubs. Now back to the Dolphins. If Gase has really turned things around, then we should beat the Jets and do so easily. No more nail-biters. No more sweating out an onside kick at the end. Let’s go up by 17 and stay there. The Jets are strong against the run, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

      1. Thank you Admin!

        One observation over the last few weeks is the way the dolphins seem to be playing as a team in both sides of the ball. Guys seem to be rushing to getsownfiled and block on defense they are hitting guys 3 yards in and chipping recovers a little more.

        I think the me first attitude ended with….. two guys getting fired!

        If that is the case then that means there is a little talent here and yes we should easily beat the jets.

        Is there enough talent to make the playoffs? If the online plays the rest of the year like the last two games then yes

        Reality indicates we’re another good draft and really good free agency away

        But the new attitude is very nice to see

        1. Author

          Yes, I agree about Gase not wanting the me-first guys. I believe that might be at least part of the reason Arian Foster “retired.” I remember disliking his attitude in his Houston days and he was overly concerned about his own stats. You can google some of his old interviews. I hate to speculate and make up rumors, but I would not be surprised if Foster was acting a little cocky about his playing time being reduced, and Gase said be a team player or else retire. I have no proof of that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. I agree that this Sundays game will tell us a lot. And I hope we are not “teased” again. I do feel that they are now playing with more of a “teamwork” mentality than before. The guys seem to be coming together. All this “me me me” crap is out the door. If that’s the case, I think it is resonating from Gase. But again, lets see what happens on Sunday.

  3. I’ve been fooled way too many times by this garbage franchise. I wont get back in rah rah mode until after we win 2 playoff games some time.

  4. Agreed gentleman. Until further notice my Dolphins are on a season by season basis on prove it probation.hope will turn into faith with a playoff appearence and at least 1 win. Sadly at best we might have to wait 1 more year for that but only if we overcome many prerequisites which isnt likely.

    So damn sad to say since weve beaten 2 good teams we are long overdue for a loss we on paper shouldnt have. Im certainly not putting on my phins jersey at 1pm on sunday. But will only on monday if we win.

  5. Yea idk I think the jets game is for sure winnable but with the Dolphins you never really know.

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