Stephen Ross Spits in the Face of Dolphin Fans AGAIN

Stephen Ross has given away yet another home game.

Next year, the Dolphins play a “home” game in London…again.

Ross simply does not understand football.  He certainly doesn’t understand the huge advantage that one’s home stadium brings to the team.   Not a single Dolphin or Dolphan asked Ross to make them travel to England for a ball game.   Not a one.

Instead, this is pure stupidity, where he’s (once again) trading away a huge advantage in order to get his property in a national TV game of the week.

Because we all love getting up at 9 to watch a ball game.   And the west coast Dolphans love getting up at 6 am.   Not to mention the Hawaiians who have to get up at 3.  Yep…a perfect way to treat your fans.   It’s truly disgusting and depressing to recall all the things that Ross does to either hurt this team, or the time and effort he spends on things that have nothing to do with his team. His moves are either irrelevant or detrimental, and he’s oblivious to his own shortcomings.

Any Dolphan who doesn’t see how horrible this is simply doesn’t know sports.   I’ve already seen some morons out there saying “Oh, nice.   We get to be the international game again!”   Clueless fans and a clueless owner.

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  1. I’ve been saying that for a few years myself. He doesn’t need the money. Why force your athletes to make a grueling road trip ? Why ?

  2. Thanks for giving us Chris Hogan. Your team and your webblog is a joke.

    1. Author

      You have Tom Brady on your team and yet you brag about Hogan ? Go away.

    2. Yeah good thing you have Hogan because the Patsies have no running game against the Bills.

  3. @Admin

    Ross doesn’t care about the W’s and L’s . Everything he does is to make MORE money. Pray for new ownership….and if you aren’t boycotting the disrespect of our country , boycott Ross until he sells the team!! THE ABSOLUTE WORST OWNER IN SPORTS!

    1. Author

      Yes, but remember, the only person legally allowed to buy the team is Ross’s business partner, another multi-billionaire NY City resident who is a Jet fan. We can’t win

      1. Yeah, I’m aware of that but I have to hope that can be changed. Plus winning has to more important to that guy than it is to Ross.

    2. “…and if you aren’t boycotting the disrespect of our country , boycott Ross until he sells the team!!”

      All this SHIT-FOR-BRAINS wants to do is “boycott.”

      Boy, you really are one DUMB FUCK!!!

  4. Yeah, this was part of the agreement to host a super bowl in Miami. Ross always puts his dreams and desires ahead of the fans and the team. We need an owner who understands the business and culture of professional football players.

    1. We need an owner that considers himself rich enough and that JUST wants to win!

    2. Author

      Yep. It was Ross going out of his way to land a Super Bowl for the city of Miami that ends up costing the Miami Dolphins. The man can’t do anything correctly for his team. It’s like he wants to be liked so much by Dolphin fans that he tries everything he can think of (new stadium awning, new uniforms, celebrity owners) but we end up hating him all the more

  5. Author

    Meanwhile, Ross’s favorite pro team (Jets) comes to town next week on a hot winning streak with Dolphin killer Ryan Fitzpatrick suddenly red hot. The Browns had the Jets beaten and but then showed how truly awful they are.

  6. I hope the team we have seen the last two games shows up against the Jests.

  7. Didn’t we give up a home game last time we visited England? If we have to do this shit to appease the NFL then can we at the very least alternate home games? I further ask what in the hell have the Saints done to earn the privilege of saving their home game?

    Ross is BTW one of the leagues richest owners yet acts like boy among men. Aponte probably jettisoned because I bet even she would have disagreed. Oh well all of the dissenting voices have been silenced by Tananbaum.

  8. The Walking Dead” might beat the NFL in ratings here and there, but it’s rare for another sport to go head-to-head against the NFL and win.

    Major League Baseball must be feeling pretty good today.

    According to Austin Karp of SportsBusiness Daily, the World Series Game 5 between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians posted a monster 15.3 overnight rating, beating a good “Sunday Night Football” matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. The Sunday night NFL game drew an 11.6 rating. It was a blowout. According to Sports Media Watch, it’s the first time since 2011 the World Series beat “Sunday Night Football” in the ratings.

    It’s not like the NFL matchup was bad. It pitted two NFC East rivals, and NFC East games usually do very well in the ratings because of the markets. The Cowboys, who are probably the sport’s biggest television draw, won a thrilling game in overtime to improve to 6-1. It was perhaps the best game for the NFL all season, especially among the prime-time games. But it couldn’t beat MLB’s perfect storm.

    The Indians were trying to clinch their first championship since 1948. The Cubs, who haven’t won a World Series since 1908 and hadn’t been in a World Series since 1945, are the best ratings draw the sport has had in many years. The Cubs won a tense game, the first time they have won a World Series game at Wrigley Field in 71 years.

    It’s hard to beat that if you’re the NFL, no matter the matchup you have to go against it. The reasons don’t matter, however, it’s just another talking point for those who gleefully point out that NFL ratings are down this season.

    1. @Jay I support your stance in spirit and praise how you’ve kept it in the minds of those whom frequent this forum. I cant say I have found the strength to avoid watching NFL games but I revel in the fact the NFL is suffering for the insult to our veterans and patriots of old whom sacrificed everything so the anthem could be protested in the first place. And the backlash should have substance of which cant be ignored.

      I support our system of avenues to social change .. meaning free speech and the right to redress grievances. But there is a time and place. The NFL has no place as a pulpit for social and political messages. We are here for the absence of that . We watch and listen the news if were seeking depressing material about our crumbling republic.

      Our unheard voices echo the ideal that kneeling is a way for a man to show submission. We as real fans will not only stand but will look down on those closer to the ground. That says it all.

      So with all of that said. Who are we as Dolphins Fans? Who would we be without as Dolphin fans without our hard won freedom with the blood of our forbearers? As Dolphin fans who never laid our lives on the line, how can we pay our respects and maintain it game after game to represent our sincere respect and appreciation?

      You words of indignation ring true to me as the bell of liberty rings throughout the world.


      1. Thanx. The NBA has it in their contracts that they must stand for the National Anthem. The NFL has no such rule and I am glad that the TV ratings are suffering given the lack of respect for country.

        Strong coaches and teams don’t allow the childish kneeling that’s going on. The great Tony LaRussa said if they want to kneel they’ll do it in the locker room not on public display. I’m reasonably sure there is no kneeling in Seattle or NE……..

        I’m hoping/expecting sponsorship drops off these lower tv ratings.

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