Dolphins Updates: Aaron Hernandez Supporter Mike Pouncey Signs new deal, and Zack Bowman too

This week, the Dolphins signed cornerback Zack Bowman and re-signed center (maybe guard) Mike Pouncey. Neither move has me overly excited, yet they are both good movies.

Pouncey, who supported his friend and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez and who was involved in the Jonathan Martin teasing, has a lot to prove still. Was it immature of him to publically say that Aaron Hernandez should be freed? Not my place to say. I don’t care about a man’s immaturity nor his taste in friends, as long as he’s an excellent player.

So that brings up the question: Is Pouncey an excellent player? He’s certainly good, and I’m glad we re-signed him. But he has not proven to be a game changer. I can’t remember a single play over the past few years where Pouncey overpowered a defending nose tackle on a short-yardage play. I can’t remember a single block where he knocked a defender on his ass.

Pouncey’s game is more about finesse. Nothing wrong with that, but I don’t think that makes him a superstar who deserved to be the highest-paid center in the game. With Samson Satelle playing well in Pouncey absence, the Dolphins made the (correct) decision to keep Satele there when Pouncey came back. Pouncey came back as a guard, and my expectations were high. But the production just wasn’t there. He played well. He somehow made the Pro Bowl. He didn’t get embarrassed out there. But I don’t think he excelled either.

2015 needs to be a breakout year for Pouncey. He needs to show us that he is worth all that money. He needs to be a force on that line.

And then there’s Zack Bowman. This is an intriguing free agent who could be the next Brent Grimes, or the next Benny Sapp. Time will tell.

The good things about Bowman include his speed and his experience. He’s started NFL games and he’s led his team (the 2009 Bears) in interceptions. He is already an improvement over Will Davis and Jamar Taylor (but that’s not saying much).

The bad is that his best days might be behind him. Bowman’s playing time subsided in Chicago. Then he went onto the New York Giants, who barely used him as a special teamer only. The Bears and Giant coaches (who are ALL smarter than Joe Philbin) didn’t think he was good enough to play defense. So it’s a bit risk y for us to think he can. Time will tell, and I have hunch that he has something to prove and could be a great surprise for us.

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  1. So here is what pisses me off

    No one is excited about the Dolphins moves to sign another CB and no one is too excited about Pouncey resigning, except for Pouncey but heres what infuriates me…..

    That the Dolphins HAD TO RESIGN POUNCY!

    This is what the really good teams do very little of but the Dolphins handicap themselves every year overpaying because they can’t consistently draft good players and then they can’t develop those players.

    I don’t have a ton of time to look info up but let me just present a little historical evidence that proves this out.

    Over the last 3 years (Philbins unfortunate tenure) these are the Offensive lineman we have drafted

    JaWuan James OT 1st Round 19th Overall
    Billy Turner OT 3rd Round only played 2 games

    Dallas Thomas OL 3rd Round – Major Disappointment

    Jonathan Martian OT 2d Round – Major Disappointment

    So for the last 5 years the OL has been in need of major (almost complete rebuilding) and in the last three years we only draft four players for the OL?

    Yes we spent a lot in free agency but you can’t pay that many guys big money you have to restock it through the draft so when these big paydays come due you can let they guy walk and plug in a draft pick you brought along for a year or two!

    Out of the guys we drafted the last three years all but one are a major disappointment! That is why we paid pouncy and that sucks!

    Consider this fact

    In 2013 the dolphins picked (with the overall number 3 pick) Dion Jordan
    In 2013 the Egals picked (with the overall number 4 pick) Lane Johnson

    See the difference

    Even with his PED reduced year last year lane Johnson was ranked by PFF as the second best RT in the NFL

    We can’t even figure out how to use Jordon

    Not Excited about the Dolphins resigning Pouncy is absurd. In my opinion we should be outraged because he has taken so much money off the table for use to sign other playmakers.

    1. Thanks for laying out that list of drafted linemen. When I look at that list, I realize instantaneously why we’ve had so many problems there. We USED to have 2 pro-bowlers in that line until relatively recently I recall….

      1. …And speaking of Incognito, did y’all hear that former trainer O’Neill is now suing the Dolphins?

        I missed this from about a month ago, but it looks like some of the chickens are coming home to roost from the Jonathan Martin scandal. As others have said on this site, it looks like firing O’Neill was a big mistake – and now there’s more TRUTH coming out about it:

        1. Yes I forgot to mention that not only was Martian a terrible pick for the Dolphins but he essentially cost us two linemen because we lost incognito who although he had his flaws was a mostly productive lineman compared to the what we have been working with the last three years.

          This drafting problem obviously isn’t limited to the OL and it will take years to fix and let’s face it for good drafting to be effective you need good coaches so we’re probably doomed anyhow but god it’s just that the Dolphins don’t seem to have ANY areas that they are competent in

  2. Also I forgot to mention all the wasted picks miami basicly threw away over the last 3 years

    Rishard Matthews
    Kheeston Randall
    B.J. Cunningham
    Josh Kaddu
    Mike Gillislee
    Caleb Sturgis
    Don Jones
    Matt Hazel

    None of these guys we Offensive Lineman but with the huge need all these picks should have been OL to see if any could have been developed!

    All Wasted Picks in my opinion including Caleb Sturgis. We could have hired a collage kid off the street to QB the practice team we didn’t need to wast a draft pick on that ether

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