Miami Dolphins 2015 NFL Schedule to Be Released Tuesday, April 21

The wait is over.  On Tuesday. we’ll learn not only who and where the Dolphins play, but when.

In recent years, the “when” has not been good for the Dolphins.  We closed out the season at home the last two years, and blew both games to a vastly inferior New York Jets team.   So I’m not too concerned about where our season openers and finales are.

I’m more concerned with spacing out and away games.   The NFL is not Major League Baseball.   There is no reason for any team to have to play 2 or even three road games in a row.  Two years ago, the Dolphins played 3 or its first four games on the road.  It just doesn’t add up.

We already know that Dolphins have tossed a home game in the garbage can and agreed to play in London instead.  Thank you, Stephen Ross.  Your worldwide ambassadorship has cost us a home game against a heated, bitter division rival.   Win or lose, it was an idiotic move to make.

I’d like to ask our readers:   Do you guys prefer to open at home or on the road?   Finale at home or on the road?  What about playing on nights like Halloween and Thanksgiving?   Do you like or dislike those scenarios.

And finally, the Miami Herlad noted today that Dion Jordan skipped today’s “voluntary” team workouts.   I wish we wold have voluntarily skipped drafting this guy.

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  1. I always prefer playing at home the first game of the year because it is important to start off on the right foot and for the Dolphins that means a win and there is no better place to get a win then at home!

    Many bo ho home field advantage exists (apparently even our idiot owner who gave a home game away for seemingly nothing and then took 10k seats out of our stadium) but look at the facts.

    The home team in football over the last 10 years has won 57% of the time!

    I couldn’t find a statistic that only broke down the first game of the year but I would assume it would be a higher statistic because some of the things that go into why the home team fairs better at home include:

    Comfort of familiar surroundings ie. Hotel, locker room, playing field, stadium. Lack of jet lag from travel, having your family in the stands on game day and so on.

    One big consideration is also “Homecooking” from the officials.

    Yep thats right the officials and by the way they make up the biggest reason why the home team is a 7% favorite.

    In the book Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports Are Played and Games Are Won by Tobias J. Moskowitz and L. Jon Wertheim (these guys know more about football then probably most of us combined will ever know) they state this startling truth:

    “Home teams receive fewer penalties per game than away teams—about half a penalty less per game—and are charged with fewer yards per penalty….It turns out that more valuable penalties, those that result in first downs, also favor the home team….Before instant replay, home teams enjoyed more than an 8 percent edge in turnovers, losing the ball far less often that road teams. When instant replay came along to challenge wrong calls, the turnover advantage was cut in half [With the introduction of the instant rule, home field advantage shrunk by 29.4 percent according to the authors].”

    “Could referee bias explain a large part of the home field advantage in football? Absolutely….The fact that home teams in football have better offensive stats—such as rushing more successfully and having longer time of possession—could be the result of getting more favorable calls, fewer penalties, and fewer turnovers.”

    So admin askes if I would prefer a home game for game 1 and the answer is YOU BET! I love to start the year with a win.

    Do I like playing on the holidays? Yes if its on prime time and I love nights for the same reason I have been to so many games and it seems like there is more electricity in the air during night games and holiday games and it feels like the players dial it up a notch so I am all for that.

    Admin made a point that no one should argue with, that was that Ross was an idiot to give away a home game but we all know hes an idiot when it comes to football decisions whats more alarming to me is that it seems no one else in the organization stopped him from doing it. No one in the organization stopped him from taking out 10k seats. No one in the organization stopped him from marginalizing season ticket holders with this stupid pick all the good seats you want and put long standing season ticket holders in the upper deck against the top wall.

    1. As we’ve discussed here (and I’m sure will continue to discuss), the idea of getting rid of seats is an a$$hole move on Ross’ part. It just makes it easier for him to sell out games. Obvious value-booster to a team you are thinking of selling at some point IMHO.

      Think of the time, energy, and planning to do these stadium “upgrades” compared to the focus on the coaching (and playing) the past few years.

    2. Author

      There are some advantages to being on the road, especially in the NFL where your travel usually consists of only 3 days…leave Friday and back home Sunday. You don’t have as much family drama and stuff like that when you’re on the road. I think it was Hedo Turkolu who had a newborn child keep him up all night on the night before a championship game, and he was saying if it was a road game, he would have gotten a full night’s sleep. I bet that stuff happens more often that we think.

  2. I’d love to see ANY AFC team play on Thanksgiving. Unlike last year when all 3 games featured 6 NFC teams. It’s like our conference is still segregated. I’m sick of always watching the Lions, Cowboys and Giants every single year. Wish the NFL would mix it up.

    1. Completely agree about the 6 NFC games. Having said that I think the Dolphins have played the Cowboys on Thanksgiving a lot historically, perhaps more than most AFC teams. I could be wrong, obviously.

  3. I suppose it would be nice if we didn’t have a division game as the first or last game of the season. Better to have a game that matters less at those times.

    But really, I’d be much more pleased to have better coaching than any decisions about scheduling.

  4. To be mor fair…I think with the 3 NFC teams getting to play every year on thanksgiving, then the NFL should give 2-3 AFC teams a holiday to play every single year. Maybe xmas or extend the regular season a few more days until new year day. Wouldn’t really be in favor of Halloween since most people work.

    But yeah I’d agree with you on coaching. I would rather have a better owner/coach over an easy schedule.

  5. Sorry to keep rambling about the thanksgiving games. I know those teams have tradition to play on that day, but there is no reason why all 3 games can’t be against afc teams. That’s what would satisfy me.

  6. Author

    Great comments about the schedule. Always appreciate hearing from our readers, and still trying to expand our readership. Tell your friends! Phinsiders banned me from promoting my site on their stupid blog! All I did was disagree with one of their articles and invited differing opinions to come to this site .
    There are a few things that I mention ALL the time, and I admit it. I keep harping on a few of these because they still get me mad. The main ones are Jonathan Martin being a traitorous Judas to this organization, Joe Philbin handing the Packers a free win last year, and Stephen Ross taking away home field advantage from us for a division game vs the Jets this upcoming seasons.
    Sadly, in ALL THREE cases, these were off-the-field decisions that ruined a lot of hard work and effort.
    If a player drops a critical pass on 4th down and costs us the game, we get angry but move on. It’s harder to move on from bad decisions than bad plays.

    1. I’d tell my friends about this site, but they are all Chicago Bears fans. Boo! lol, yeah it’s mostly Bears or Colts territory where I live with a few Packer fans here and there. Good thing is that we usually beat the Bears when we play them so that makes it much sweeter to me. In fact that’s how I became a lifetime Dolphins fan. It was the Monday night game in 1985. I was 10 years old and didn’t know much about football, but didn’t care for the Bears and all the hype they were getting for the undefeated record they had so far that year. I watched the game and fell in love with the Dolphins instantly. I don’t know what it was exactly. Maybe it was how awesome Marino was that game or how Mark Duper and Mark Clayton were the best WR combo around. Then again I loved the Aqua and Orange colors and of course giving Chicago that loss…so it had to be a combo of everything.

  7. Even though our 1st two games are on the road I can optimistically see a 10-6 or 11-5 record. I can see us starting out 6-0 and then losing 3 straight on the road and winning out and then losing the last 2 at home (unfortunately)…..

    Our schedule is FAIR and there for the taking.


  8. I’m not too worried about the schedule this year. We could play 15 teams under .500 and Philbin would still find a way to finish 8-8. My expectations have been high every single year. I really hope we do well to start to year off, but I’m actually prepared for the worst.

  9. The Dolphins should do well this year despite philbin but I have a bad feeling they will be the third best team in the afc east. It seems hard for me to see good things happening (I’m referring to the playoffs) when your the third best team in your division

  10. Over on ESPN James walker has a game by game breakdown of the Dolphins games following this years schedule. He has them opening 5-0 which is a pipe dream imo then has them sweeping the Jets which is another pipe dream since philbin hasn’t been able to come close to that yet and he has them winning the last game against the patriots….. Maybe

    After all if that he has the Dolphins at 9-7 so if you factor in philbin throwing a game or two it adds up to another 8-8 year for us.

    But don’t be fooled 9-7 isn’t good enough eather and I don’t think the Jets will be laying down for the Dolphins this year

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