Draft Watch: Steelers Lose! Texans Win

The Atlanta Falcons have never been the same after handing a free-gift Super Bowl championship to the Patriots three years ago, and their long decline continues.    On Sunday, they barely put up a fight vs. Houston.  The Texans got to 3-2.  Let’s hope they start losing soon, because as we all know, the worse they do, the better our draft will be.   Thanks for nothing, Atlanta.

The Steelers, however, were more generous.  They blew a home game late, and they fell to 1-3.  It would be wonderful to see them stay at one win all year.

Prepare yourself for a week of bad jokes and mocking leading up to our next game, as the 0-5 Redskins come to Miami next week to face our 0-4 Dolphins.  This one could be a real stinker.  Our defense, as bad as it is, is actually better than the Redskins horrid offense.  We have a chance!!

I watched Minkah Fitzpatrick have another good game for Pittsburgh in a losing effort, and it got me thinking that we should have let him play safety.  This is an experimental season anyway.  The  kid begged to play safety for a winless team, and our coaching geniuses said no.  Why?  Why not try it?  Yes, I know the coaches make the decisions, not the players.  But he has so much talent, and he’s telling you how to use him.  Why not listen?  I don’t get the inherent stubbornness in the Dolphin coaches.

Remember 2016, when Jay Ajayi rushed for 1,200 yards (including a record TWO DIFFERENT 200-yard games in the same season), and made the Pro Bowl?  He asked for more carries and so Arrogant Adam Gase gave him away to Philly (where he promptly won a Super Bowl).  Sometimes, the players know what they’re talking about.

Fitzpatrick and Ajayi played football their entire lives.  Gase, Philbin, and Flores, COMBINED, have played in zero games.  Zero.  Before Ross gave them jobs, they had coached ZERO games as well.  What makes them think that they know better than the players out there in the trenches?



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  1. Jets allow 10 sacks today. What was our biggest problem with T-Hill, sacks. Any correlation now that a new Gase team cant block? I may not be able to enjoy Miami’s season but I am sure enjoying NY’s. I sort of feel sorry for their fans.

  2. Mason Rudolph was actually starting to look like a decent QB that might endanger our draft status until he got blown up in that game. Still think the Steelers are a better team than many at the bottom of the rankings but looking more and more likely we should at least get a top 10 pick out of it.

    I agree 120% on Minkah and the coaching. I think he has the potential to be a multiple pro bowl caliber safety and our coaching staff just refuses to adapt to what strengths our team has (limited though they obviously are). Bobby McCain is a great slot corner…. Minkah is a great safety… why is this so hard to figure out. I get we want to change up our looks and be “multiple” but for f’s sake…. it’s the coaching staff’s job to adapt that philosophy to match the skills of our players not the other way around. I don’t see Stephon Gilmore playing middle linebacker… sigh… sorry for the rant… it’s just maddening to see the lack of ability to adapt not only to what our players are best suited to do but also to what the opponents are doing in a game.

    1. Author

      Yeah, it’s a bit like the coaches demanding that Jakeem Grant play tight end. “Oh, just go catch the ball. All the positions are the same.”
      At first, I was upset with Minkah fro being an ungrateful whiner. But I watched the Steeler game, and he is shining…shining because his coach let him play his position, not experiment.
      Steelers had their 3rd string QB in there and they still almost pulled it out.

      1. Yeah the rookie UFA out of Samford didn’t look half bad at QB… it’s frustrating to me some teams seem to be able to uncover these “diamonds in the rough” and Miami almost never does… at least not since Cam Wake… who knows though… can’t judge too much from one game.

  3. It appears over and over for several years, the Dolphins rarely, so rarely find an under the radar player that turns out to be outstanding…We all saw how Wes Welker was becoming that and then the brains of the organization traded him to the Patsies! He was the only good player at that time so trade him to a division rival no less! It’s these kinds of things that drive most of us spiraling! Again, (Admin is probably pulling his hair out), the ownership stinks, and coaching is light weight and our scouts should not judge a dog show.

  4. Gruden’s brother got fired from Washington. Will the Skins play harder against us now for their new coach?

    1. Author

      Yeah, teams generally play their asses off for a new coach. Bill Callahan is a good one too. He led the Raiders to a Super Bowl as their head coach, even though they didn’t win. (Their starting center went AWOL the night before the game!!) Imagine having experienced coordinators and assistants on our team, instead of letting the rookie head coach hire rookie buddies of his. It never ends around here.

    2. Yeah I would agree with most everyone that this will be our most competitive game of the season for obvious reasons…. BUT… if anyone thinks this is a lock for us hasn’t been watching our games. It’ll be interesting to see which team sucks less… but at the end of the day the one thing we can hang our hat on I guess is win or lose the Dolphins have a plan…. whether it’s a good plan or the right plan can certainly be debated but it’s a plan. Washington has been floundering for years and there doesn’t seem to be a clear plan in place for them to change that fact anytime soon.

  5. Admin….I agree …I am sick and tired of the dolphins drafting a player and putting him at a position that he doesn’t play well ….if that player played safety in college and got drafted high ,you put him at safety ,not cornerback and same if you draft a right guard don’t put him at left guard ….time and time again we see the dolphins do this and its maddening …when are we going to get experienced coaches ….ours are all rookie coaches who never played the game ..lol

    1. Author

      Even Tannehill was a converted WR who didn’t grow up as a QB like most of the great ones did.

  6. Just noticed the patsies have another home game on Thursday night…the breaks never end plus they get the giants most likely without Barkley. I bet they’ve only had to play 20% of their Thursday games on the road.

  7. Dolphins release Johnson Bademosi. He was part of the Laremy Tunsil trade with Houston.

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