Washington Redskins in Town

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With 4 playoff teams in September now out of the way, we now embark on some very winnable games.

First of all, let me state my personal wish is the Dolphins go 1-15.  I DO NOT WANT the stigma of 0-16.  I think that’s a kick in the face to the players and fans, and puts us in a historical collection of the worst of the worst.   No, I want a win.

But I don’t want 2.   If we win two games, then we may as well win 4 or 5.   And with the Bengals, Jets (twice), Bills (twice…and they are very overrated), Giants and Redskins coming up, we have some winnable games.

If we beat the Skins today, then we need to immediately go into full tank mode.  Let Adam Gase beat us twice. It doesn’t matter.

Case Keenum led the Vikings to the NFC title game a few years back, and for some reason they kicked him to the curb and sent him to Washington, and we get to face him today.   He’s a strong QB, and he’s playing for a brand new coach this week with Super Bowl experience.   Last week, we had a chance to beat Washington.   But with a real coach now in place and a seasoned pro at QB, the Skins should win this.

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