Drake-less Dolphins Head to Pittsburgh

We’re now 4 games into a 5-game lull in the schedule.  After feeding us 3 high-quality teams to begin the year, the NFL then served us 5 patsies.  We already lost to 3 of them (Chargers, Redskins, Bills).  Next up is Pittsburgh and the Jets.

The Steelers looked like a sure thing at the beginning of the year.  But now with a rookie QB in there, anything goes, and the Steelers are not the team they once were.  We can beat the Steelers.  What we cannot beat, however, are the refs.  The Steelers have gotten all the calls for decades.

Anyone remember the Super Bowl vs. the Seahawks?

Anyone remember this:

Quick summary:  Big Ben fumbled at the one.  Dolphins recovered in end zone.  Official ruling: Steeler touchdown.  Insanely unfair.

Steeler fans whine over the years like no one else.  They chuckle when you point out all the calls they get.  There’s some odd agreement between the Rooney family and the NFL going back decades.  Will it show up again tonight?

I’ll have the chat room open, but I have a prior engagement and may not be on too much.  I’ll try.

If we don’t win tonight, then next week (home game vs. Gase) is our best shot until the Bengals on Dec. 22.

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  1. I’ll be on tonight for the first time this season! Couldn’t be on until now because I was coaching my son’s football games every Sunday. Season is over now, so should be on the chat from here on out.

    1. The ref for that game- Gene Steratore.

      1. Author

        I’ve been upset about that call for 9 long years. After reading this article, I’m even more mad. Their logic is off base and makes no sense.
        That’s why you can’t have refs reviewing refs. They stick together and make excuses for each other.

    2. Author

      Thanks Sean. I had never seem that article. Those refs stick up for each other, don’t they?
      It’s ridiculous to say “ we didn’t see who recovered it”. And also to say “the play was dead”.
      How many excuses can they come up with?

    3. Author

      Steratore always hates the Dolphins, and I don’t get it.
      Anyway, look at the 5:29 mark of that video and tell me again which team recovered the ball??

    1. I’m honestly torn… we certainly need a pass rush and putting him at one end, Taco at the other could wind up giving us a pass rush that would be fearsome for quite some time…. BUT the whole goal of this was to get a QB… could we get lucky and land a franchise QB with that second 1st rounder? Mahomes and Watson were taken at spots in the draft where the Steelers pick might wind up being… That would be a dream scenario but how likely is that to really happen with our drafting luck?

      1. Author

        Yes, I’ll definitely open a post this week about the draft. Like WCFF said, the order of the draft will be hugely important. Also, which teams are picking in the top 10 affects things. A few teams won’t draft a QB, so if they pick ahead of us, then no big deal.
        Look what they say about Chase Young, and then review Charles Harris….they said the same stuff.
        You just never know.

    2. I think it depends on where our other 1st rounders place and what the teams in front of those picks are and what they need. There are about 4 QBs that I view as very good and they are all about equal (of course the season needs to play out). They include (my order of importance): Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovailoa, and Jake Fromm. If the teams in between our first rounders will take Qbs and all 4 of these guys are gone, then I think we take our QB. If one will remain, then Chase Young is without a doubt the number one overall.

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