Kenyan Drake Not Travelling to Pittsburgh

In what looks like a clear sign that Kenyan Drake is about to be traded, he is not with the Dolphins on their way to Pittsburgh.

I’ve liked Drake for several seasons, but this is the right move.   His negative plays have worn out his welcome (in my book).   As I’ve mentioned several times, he will go down in history and in our hearts for his TD in the Miracle in Miami play.

But, besides that, his bonehead plays are just as engraved in my mind.   He dropped the 2-pt conversion pass against the Redskins.  He fumbled at the goal line in the Cowboys game.  He fumbled at the goal line in the Bears game last year (in overtime, when we were literally 6 inched from the victory).

Somehow, for some unexplained reason, Drake cannot hold onto the ball when he’s about to score.   I don’t understand it, and now it will be up to another team to correct.

Looks like Mark Walton and Kalen Ballage will get the bulk of the work now.

In other news….Man, is Ryan Tannehill looking good !!

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  1. He, like the other Alabama alumni – Minkah, probably wanted out anyway. Along with others – Phillips, Kiko, Stills. Miami used to be a team players where players wanted be. Not so much anymore. Thanks Ross.

    1. What concerns me about that isn’t so much that Drake got traded… it’s that we’re going to have to overpay for talent next year when we are supposedly ready to compete again. Vicious cycle.

  2. It’s the right move either way he simply doesn’t do enough to resign for big money. Walton has also been very good and Ballage should get more carriers too. Gaskin waiting in the wings for an opportunity…

  3. Author

    The Raiders choked away a big lad in Houston and handed a gift victory to the Texans. We need the Texans to lose games so their draft pick is higher. Unfortunately, their opponents are just lying down for them

    1. And with the Steelers remaining schedule (Fins tonight obviously, Bengals, Cardinals, 2 games against the bust of the season Browns, and the Jets) they could easily finish around 8-8 and there goes our top ten pick for Minkah…

      Not saying the “plan” is coming apart but not sure a pick in the teens and one in the 20’s with the Texans is looking all that worth what we gave up (granted we get another 1st from the Texans next year but still….)

  4. BTW… it was announced that he was traded to the Cards this morning… but haven’t seen the exact parameters (ie, what’s the best and worst possible scenarios in terms of that draft pick)…. I’d be curious if anyone else finds out.

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