Expect no changes in the coaching staff any time soon

While all the media and so-called experts are saying Joe Philbin is on thin ice, as well as the rest of his staff,don’t expect anything soon.

The problem is that people have have no memory for the type of owner Stephen Ross is.  Mr. Ross truly feels that Clueless Joey P. is a fine head coach, and Ross defends Philbin every chance he gets.

Last year, on the very day when Miami was eliminated from the playoffs, Mr. Ross REWARDED Philbin.   Ross heaped praise upon Philbin that no one else on earth had ever said, such as Philbin being a strong leader and all that.  He extended the contract of a man who had just ended our season.

Ross is gunshy to fire Philbin, period.   But he is particularly gunshy to do so  in the middle of the season.  If not, Philbin would have a pink slip in his hand already.

The off-season media kept saying that Philbin has to win to keep his job, but that is hogwash.  He has never won a winning season, and he maintains his job anyway.  He is not winning now and he maintains his job,   The media’s problem is that they use common sense, instead of Ross’s sense.

How many of us woke up this morning, hoping to see a Sports Alert on our phone about Philbin being fired?  I did.

Then I realized what a familiar feeling it was.  Last year I felt that same anticipation as the Dolphins gave up in December.

I felt that after Philbin handed free victories to Green Bay and Detroit.

Year before, I realized it when Philbin non-handled the bullying situation and kicked Pro Bowl guard Richie Incognito off the team.   And then he let us lose to an 0-8 pee wee squad called Tampa Bay.   Eight teams had laughably walked thru Tampa that year, but then Joe Philbin couldn’t.

He simply is not a strong leader nor a good football mind.  We all know it.   His record shows it.   I sense the players know it.  Mr. Ross does not.

In all reality, I think Mr. Ross will give Joey one more week.   It will be easier to fire him during a bye week and give the new coach 2 full weeks to prepare.

The problem is, no good coaches are left.   Rex Ryan proved his value yesterday, and he could have been ours.  The one that got away haunts me, and I laugh at all the Dolfans who say “we wouldn’t want him anyway.”

Lazor and Coyle don’t deserve the job, although I would side with Lazor, just to see what he would do within Joey hovering over his shoulder.


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  1. I agree with you 100%

    Now that Rex ryan is gone as a coaching possibility I would love to see Rob Ryan in Miami as HC or DC (although I doubt Ross could ever land him)

    since im in fantasy land why not Josh McDaniels?

    I would settle for Rob Chudzinski at lest he has some experience

    But man there just isn’t much out there and I think Lazor will be gone this year, poached by another team needing a HC if Ross treats him like he did Bowles

  2. Author

    Almost impossible to land those guys mid-season without some sort of tampering.
    I just wrote some comments last week about how assistant coaches dream of becoming a head coach, and any assistant out there would love the chance to be Miami’s HC. However, Josh McDaniels is one of those few men who WOULD decline the job! The guy has it made exactly where he is.

  3. This is the exact reason why I got away from the Dolphins for many years and only watched occasionally. and as I’ve stated before if things didn’t dramatically improve this season I would side with you guys and support the firing of philbin in which I am now doing regardless if the season turns out to be a good one. The players are playing with absolute indifference and that very well could be as a result of their frustration without there being instructed to play I’ve been there myself and that’s exactly how I do things when I’m frustrated. the players are only going to do exactly what is instructed with zero passion and 0 care for how it affects the overall outcome they’re there for their paychecks and nothing else. I’m most likely going to start doing other things with my time on Sundays and throughout the week instead of following my favorite team which I’ve been doing every day for close to two years straight. I don’t expect the Dolphins to turn into the Patriots in one season but for god sakes not to be that much of an embarrassment especially at home and doesn’t even seem like they even care about how they’re hurting the fans. how they’re disrespecting the heritage of a once great team and how they’re not doing it any sort of justice at all. I think we’re being screwed by the owner I think we’re being screwed by the coaches and I think we’re being screwed by the players. And funny enough about the Charles clay touchdown when it seems like players didn’t even try to tackle in the Miami Dolphins were three point favorites in this game where they trying to help the bills cover some type of spread. who knows but something really stinks in Miami and it seems like it permeates through the locker room into the players because nobody with the exception of Tannehill and Landry are really trying to make anything happen. maybe there are the only two players who aren’t on the take. And what was up with Brice McCain it was laughable towards the end of the game the bills would run twice get stopped short of the third down and then they would rely on trusty Brice McCain to give him a free first down every single time. he had passes thrown his way and he refused to close the distance and even tackled the receiver when he caught the ball he just stood there and watch the ball land in the receivers hands and then he played five yards off allowing the receiver to gain an extra 5 6 8 10 yards. this was a rinse and repeat free first down option every single time the bills had the ball and not a single adjustment was made to address it. and we trade will Davis for a laughable 7th round pick in an area that we needed hey if the guy ain’t getting it done give someone else a shot if nothing else. but oh yeah right you traded one of our depth players somebody who did pretty well in preseason mind you. it’s almost like our team is run full of a bunch of secret Patriots bills or jets staff and all of their object is just a crush the hearts of all of the fans year after year after year building up our hope only to crush it. the Hollywood scriptwriter couldn’t write something more horrible or worse than the way the Dolphins are playing and I am so close to being done with it I never thought I would be at this point only three games into this pathetic season. and one last thing and all in this rent I just said it before other people including the admin on this site and set up before listen man I love Tannehill but the dude lack emotion he lacks fire he lacks a furious sort of approach when things are not going the way he wants them to. This is the lack of fire I’m talking about not his physical toughness we all know he’s got that. enough of this shit I’m done.

  4. I agree with most of what you say except that I don’t blame Philbin for the Incognito mess. Most organizations and coaches would have done the same. Hell, the Patriots would have banished him for being late to a team meeting. I think we all felt Incognito deserved better but I don’t think any team would have given him better unless he spent some time away from football.
    If Ross does have the balls to fire Philbin mid-season he needs to get rid of Coyle in the same breath. The two are connected in responsibility. It only seems fair. I eagerly await those headlines saying we are starting over. I think the players do too.

    1. Author

      Brandon, you’re right about most teams might have done the same thing. However, almost always in these situations, they say, “We’re aware of the situation and we’re gathering facts.” etc.
      Patriots sure as hell didn’t suspended Tom Brady while the investigations were going on. Dolphins suspended first, then investigated second. Not cool.
      But listen, I blame Johnny Martin 95% for that mess, and give Dolphins management a small share of the blame.
      I will always remember the text that got released when all that broke. Richie sent Martin a text that basically said, “Bro the media is destroying me. All you have to do is contact the media or contact the Dolphins and tell them that you and I always teased each other, and you can save my career.” Martin, of course, thought of nobody’s interest but himself.
      Maybe I was in the minority, but I felt so sorry for Richie once I read that and had no sympathy for Martin.

      1. I don’t think you were in the minority. Those texts that were released painted a crystal clear picture to me of two grown adults teasing each other. Martin used the teasing and the media coverage as a way to get out of playing football, at the cost of another mans career. Hell, even most of the Dolphins players were supporting Richie. Doesn’t that say all you need to know about the character of the guy right in the center of the controversy?
        You are right about the order of suspension with the Pats. They stuck by Brady from the start, from the owner on down to the coaches, and the players, and the “ball boy”. Hell, there were even obnoxious Brady fans holding up signs as if suspending Brady would be a national calamity. I bet Incognito felt good seeing that kind of support from Pats fans while he was kicked curbside by the Dolphins. Kind of surprised they didn’t sign him in the offseason. I don’t blame Philbin for wanting a culture of “good” men. I also don’t want to blame Ross for wanting to create a work culture where people respect each other. Having said that great organizations know how to keep it classy while also allowing those large egos (who are usually very talented) to bring in some bravado. You can’t have a team of just nice guys and you can’t win with a team of egos. A good coach knows how to strike a balance.

  5. And you know what’s sad is that I have more negative things to say about my own team then I do about any of the teams my team plays that is the definition of a shit ass team if I’ve ever heard of it. and this is no way to spend a Sunday or to show any loyalty to an organization that shows none 0 to its fans.

  6. Its not the coaches fault that the players stink. Our drafts the last 10 years have been horrendous.

  7. Mike- the library is closing soon, and your mom wants her basement back. Please do us all a favor and kick out the chair…

  8. I think that even if we go 1-15 this year, that Philbin will still be the coach next year.

  9. At the end of the year, he’ll finally throw Coyle under the bus and buy himself another year, just like he did with Sherman.

    Remember when John Harbaugh fired Cam Camoron midway through the season and went to the Super Bowl? Seems like a decent coach knows when to cut bait….

  10. So to ad emphasis to “we’re screwed” today philbin said this

    “I believe in the coaching staff that I have in place right now. I think they’re the men that can come up with the solutions to the problems. We’re not playing well.

    This idiot thinks that his assistants have come up with “solutions” to last years problems?

    Let’s see shall we?

    (By last year I mean the last six games as we played ok for a stretch)

    Last year we couldn’t run the ball – same problem this year

    Last year we couldn’t protect the qb – same problem this year

    Last year we couldn’t defend the long pass – same problem this year

    Last year we couldn’t stop the run up the guy – same problem this year

    Last year we could stop teams on 3rd down – Same problem this year

    Last year our head coach was constantly out coached – same problem this year

    Fill in what I left out guys!

    The point is what the hell solutions did these guys come up with?

    Nothing is fixed! Nothing! In fact I think it’s worse!

    So philbin doubling down and suggesting they came up with the solution and the problem is the players means that philbin isn’t a bad coach.

    It means he has no business coaching anywhere at any level!

    He claims in one breath to take responsibility while with the othe breath saying he and his guys implemented a wonderful solution that the players can seem to implement

    What a coward!

    If Ross had ANY sense he would hold a team meeting tonight and tell his team to run philbin and his assistants out of town!

    1. Author

      Philbin is a problem-causer, not a problem-solver. He makes no one better. He refuses to innovate a struggling system. And he tells us, in all seriousness, that his gang of co-problems-causers are the ones who can fix it.
      There MUST be some person, at least one, who has Ross’s ear and will tell him Philby sucks. Warren Buffet or Hickey or even Cameron Wake. Ross cannot possibly be surrounded by morons telling him to keep Philby.

      1. Tannehill doesn’t make anyone better either. Just sayin…

  11. BTW in the event philbin hadn’t lost the entire lockeroom before today I think that comment probably doomed him in that regard.

  12. Author

    I just keep seeing that pick-6 safety blitz in my nightmares. We run the same blitz five times per game, and our safeties run right into blockers.
    Buffalo tries it for the first time all year, and they get a touchdown. Read an interview with the safety. First time he was asked to rush the QB this year.

  13. One reason is that the Bills coaches through scheme and motivation get their DL to get constant pressure on the qb and they don’t always need to blitz.

    Good thing we didn’t get Rex Ryan down her as a hc

  14. Changing coaches wont be enough. I don’t think Vince Lombardi could win with these scrubs. No talent, no playmakers.

    1. You say that now but watch a few of these players go to other teams and watch them succeed. It happens all the time to the Dolphins. We have talent, we just don’t know how to motivate or execute with that talent.

  15. Look at how we performed against like kind opponents against the Patriots. Jax gets big play after big play and beats pretty easily. NE gashes them for 51 points, all while limiting them to 17.

    The stronger example is BUF. NE sacked Taylor 8 times! I know they were playing from behind, but 8 times? We couldn’t even lay so much as a finger on him. Does NE really have a pass rush 8 times stronger/better than ours?

    Of course not. They have coaches who put their players in positions to succeed and come up with schemes that confuse their opponents.

    My wife asked me, “Why doesn’t the team revolt?” I replied, “Trust me, they have……” This is the unspoken revolution.

  16. If they don’t rebound this week I expect at least Coyle to be dismissed. If Philbin doesn’t do it let him go too. Maybe you get a spark but I think that the seasons lost already due to the tie breakers as its so tight. But at least you will have a better idea of what’s happening and you can find a better coach in the offseason.

  17. Anyone else read about how the only Dolphin player this year with an official sack , rookie Jordan Phillips, was inactive Sunday because coaches supposedly told him that he needs to practice better in order to play on Sunday? This is common ish in the world of Philbin and typifies exactlt why this team hasn’t taken that next step under his regime.

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