Final pre-game thoughts on the Bengals game tonight

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We need to play a brilliant game if we have any chance to win.   I don’t think the Bengals are as elite as other people think, as evidenced by the fact that they lose their first playoff game every single year.  Combine that with their losses the past two weeks, and I’m sure they doubt themselves these days.



I think of a few years ago when we beat Indy and Atlanta in back-to-back weeks, and I was proud that we beat 2 elite teams.   Didn’t realize at the time that both of them were on a downward spiral.  They weren’t elite at all, and it was just a perception.    All I’m saying is the Bengals aren’t as good as the media might have us believe.

That being said, they are infinitely better than the Browns, who we barely and luckily got past.   Tonight’s game might be over by halftime.

It’s the worst possibly week to have a Thursday game too.   Our offensive line is banged up, and the sissy NFL is overly protective when it comes to injuries (thus, Jordan Cameron is out because he might possibly maybe potentially have an iffy mild concussion).    Arian Foster has a sore hammy and is out.    Mike Pouncey, as is usual for him, is out.   The scary part is that his backup, Anthony Steen (who has played excellent football), is doubtful.

Our offensive line will need to gel around 3rd-string center Kraig Urbick.

The score could be very very ugly.  But it won’t be as ugly as the disgusting orange color rush jerseys the NFL is making us wear.


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  1. Author

    Getting reports that Brandon Albert is now out, and that Byron Maxwell has been benched in favor or Tony Lippett. So now our O line will consist of a 2nd string left tackle, a rookie college tackle pothead playing out of position at left guard, a 3rd string center, a right guard who’s been on the injury list all week, and a right tackle who was benched 3 days ago. God, we are in trouble.

    1. That is exactly why I didn’t like the idea of a Thursday night game. There is no way a football player’s body is ready to get banged around again only three days after getting banged around.

      God the NFL need to cut this crap out.

      1. Author

        Yes, I’ve been saying that for years. The argument is that BOTH teams are equally banged up after Sunday, but the home team has a HUGE advantage in TNF because of either an extra day of practice or an extra day of rehab/hot-tub, etc. I wish the NFL would move this to Saturday night, but Goodell doesn’t want to upset the college boys.

        1. Author

          Not to mention, I will be bored out of my mind Sunday without a Dolphins game on.

          1. I’m bored out of my mind with a Dolphins game on

  2. As I mentioned in the last blog Fins always have to travel on Thur night games while teams like the pats are always at home. Always at a disadvantage.

    Tunsil moving to LT so we will now have a new LT, LG and C…hope they know what they are doing! Otherwise on D it’s not like maxwell or the LB’s were playing well so who knows maybe surprise us.

    Go Fins!!!

  3. gase’s playcalling is horrendous ROLL OUT

    1. Ya know, Tannehill really sucks………………..

  4. Tannehill not only scares me when tries to throw in the middle of the field, now he scares the hell out of me when he calls an audible.

  5. D actually played well but offense has regressed. Too bad as they had a decent start but you can’t keep going 3 and out getting killed on TOP. Just sick….

  6. Isn’t Tannehill great? 5 more years!

  7. Trade Tannehill for a movie ticket

  8. Tannehill has to go after this right?

  9. He wasn’t great but with the injuries the oline was atrocious. His own guys were sacking him! If they come back from the minibye and still look this bad then we have problems…

    1. Idk we already have a lot of problems. Oline isn’t great, but I really think tannehill makes them worse. Dude stands like a statue most of the time. It’s like he doesn’t know how to move in the pocket.

    2. Author

      Yeah, Bushrod got the sack. Pathetic

    1. That guy is undefeated as a rookie and is eons better than Tannehill

  10. In reference to Maxwell

    “When we go and play our next game whoever is out there is who we are playing.” …….Adam Gase

    Don’t think Philbin would say something that stupid

  11. We have to relax until next game. They’ve played 6 of 8 on the road this year it has to be wearing on them. Plus a short week on top of it and injured. After the rest and 4 at home I think we can then have a better handle as to where this teams at. Right now it looks horrible but I’m hoping that it’s not as bad as it looks. Give Gase a chance to reset hopefully he’s the guy to fix some of this with time.

    1. I’ve seen enough FlyerFinFan. Tannehill was converted from a wide receiver to quarterback while he was at Texas A&M. Is it entirely Tannehill’s fault for this debacle that’s the Miami Dolphins? I’ll say no. But the Dolphins have shown far less patience with other quarterbacks who weren’t given half the attention when it comes to money spent on manpower to help him improve. That first interception Tannehill threw to the Bengals I have no doubt had all of us shaking our head, not in disbelief, but in disgust.

      If Gase is the man that’s “hopefully” going to fix this team, he must began with a new quarterback.

  12. @FlyerFinFan

    Ummm we had a game at home on Sunday and look just as inept the only difference was that team was worse then us!

  13. Im getting the feeling gase maybe loosing the locker room. Players seemed like they werent trying on offense. Like some staged a mini mutiny. Think he needs to be a bit less candid during press conferences

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