First Looks at Tua and Others

Hard to believe that opening day, if it happens, is less than a month away.

On Monday–most important to the players–real practices start, with hitting and contact and tackling/blocking drills allowed.   Also–more important to fans–is that the media will be allowed in to film certain parts and report on things.  We’ll get our first real looks at the rookies.

A few videos of the guys have emerged already, mostly cardio drills and the QBs throwing some passes.

Most of the news so far, rightfully so, has been about who’s been testing positive and having to stay away.  The latest was Xavien Howard, who’s still recovering from his knee surgery.  Let’s hope he recovers from both very soon.

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  1. The one thing I find really encouraging is the relationship that seems to be forming between Tua and Fitz. It doesn’t guarantee anything of course but my hope is that Tua is really genuinely trying to learn everything he can from Fitz about being a professional and knowing when to take chances…. reminds me a bit of the Alex Smith/Mahomes relationship and we all know how that worked out. Granted, I don’t think Tua has the raw skill Mahomes… very few if any do… but I still think it’s putting him in a position to be the best QB he can be coming out of the gate.

    1. Author

      Mahomes is definitely the comparison guy these days. I’m sure all the teams who selected QBs in 2020 are thinking like that. But some of the old school QBs like Brady and Big Ben are still going strong. Always depends on what type of offense you want to run, and Chan Gailey has been around forever.

  2. Apparently, Rosen has had several good days throwing the ball since padded practice started. If this continues, it could get quite interesting.

    1. Author

      Yes, several sideline reporters who are allowed to attend the practices keep raving about Rosen. Interesting indeed!

      1. Would love it if Rosen was so good that they cut Fitz and went with Tua as a backup to start the year. One can dream!

  3. Bad news fellas, per Barry Jackson – Per team source, Dolphins LB Vince Biegel has a left Achilles injury and the fear is that he will miss the season. I love this young man and this is terrible.

    1. Author

      Yes, one of the reasons I always hated pre-season games. In this case, it wasn’t even a game…just a routine practice.

    1. I remember early on with this case a mention of sex trafficking involved as well. That narrative seems to be missing as well.

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