Dolphins To Allow 13,000 Fans Into Games

The best part about the Dolphins allowing some fans into their home games is that Sean McDermott, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, is whining about it!

I love it!

McDermott doesn’t whine when the Dolphins have to go up to frigid Buffalo to play December games, but when the Dolphins try to begin a sense of normalcy in the world, he opens his mouth.  I hope all 13,000 fans are all diehard Dolphin fans who make as much noise as possible.

The Bills keep popping up as the favorites of the AFC East, but you’ll hear it here first.  They are overrated.  The Patriots and possibly the Dolphins will finish better than the Bills.  The fact that a head coach complains that a team allows fans into a game (instead of concentrating on his own team) shows you how easily distracted this guy is.

I love it!

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