Frank Gore Purchases #21 from Jordan Lucas

Sources tell me that Jordan Lucas is wearing #23 this year because Frank Gore wanted to buy #21 from him.

The price:  $20,000!

Yes, I actually do have sources and inside info.

I hope Gore lives up to the hype.   Yes, it’s nice to sign a hometown guy, but that’s all we keep hearing about.   Come September, I want to hear about him running over defenders.

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  1. Admin, you better be more concerned if the Dolphins offense can climb out of that near bottom dwelling (28th) 2017 ranking and not Gore spending $20,000 and if he can run over defenders this season.

  2. I want to see more of this from Tannehill! He sent the rookie Ballage to the bench screaming at him in practice today! Admin, I know you have said in the past that you want to see Ryan T get pissed at his teammates and himself more in games! Couldn’t agree more!

    1. Author

      Finally he showed some fire !!

  3. I read about that incident too and agree with you guys. Good for Tannehill

    1. Agreed spark is good once in a while. The rookie understood so no harm done.

      Apparently Parker broke a finger week to week . . . ridiculous.

      1. Author

        A few different stories this week about how poorly Parker is playing. Armando at the Herald mentioned a pass play where Parker just stood there waiting for the ball, instead of going after it. All I can say–and all I ever say–is that Parker does that every single play, regular season or practice. Armando is 3 years behind noticing this.
        Doesn’t matter though, because Gase will defend him.

  4. Jesus Christ did you people even watched the game? In the first quarter the Bucs ran through the Dolphins defense like Exlax and Tannehill completed about three passes and then begin to look like his usual ho-hum self. Besides the running backs, the dolphins first stringers didn’t impress at all… and all you guys can talk about is Parker? GTFOH….

    1. Author

      Mr. Anonymous, we saw the defense falter, and Adam Gase already said that needs to improve. He also acknowledged that Tannehill wasn’t crisp. The coaches know those issues and recognize them. However, when it comes to Parker, they act like he’s an All Pro and won’t ever critique him.

      1. I think that they will back him this year to boost his confidence but by next year he’ll be gonzo if he doesn’t improve or stay healthy.

      2. The coaches refuse to focus on critiquing one player in the media? You said they already recognize the issues on this team, when it comes to Parker what makes you think they are protecting him from criticizers scolding? The Dolphins drafted a Tightend with their fist pick. I’m more interested in seeing how they utilize him and his impact on the team.

    2. Just mentioned he’s injured again as he’s always injured. I tend to look at a players body of work not one series in preseason. Either way no one can say that they aren’t disappointed in Parker. Hopefully he gets better and turns it around this year but I’m not betting my house.

      The D has to stop the run no doubt but not worried yet they were only in for a few series heck Wake and Jones didn’t even play…

  5. Viola Langford DT signed. He should help with run D. If anything help the rotation.

    1. Author

      Yeah, I always liked Kendall Langford. Shoulda kept him and Paul Solai. I remember Langford losing a diamond earring at his Dolphins practice, and he offered a reward for whoever found it. So half the team is crawling around on the grass trying to help the guy.

  6. After finally watching the first pre season game…. Ballage is a big athletic guy, fales is kind of a gunslinger, but the way Petty played they do need to give him a fair shake at Back up! There will be some learning but I think Minka Fitzpatrick is gonna be a star! Love his hitting! Using his shoulders, the way the NFL is going to be. Defense needs to be better against Carolina!

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