Pre-Season Finally Here

What do you guys look for?

Personally, I just like to see the rookies go out there and show us what they can do.   Let’s just hope no one blows out their knee on their very first play!

By all accounts, the offense is not performing too well in practices, so that could be a very dangerous omen when the real games begin…

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  1. “too” well. LOL Let this be the only correction in this 5,and possibly 6 win season.
    Let’s hope it’s all rookies tonight. And Ms. Parker. WE know what the other slugs can do but it’s time to cut our losses on her and move on.

    1. Author

      I knew that but rushed! Too is corrected !
      Sooooo tired of hearing the coaching staff praise Parker. Other analysts are far more truthful about assessing him as a liability, rather than a stud.

      1. This is the perfect opportunity for him if he blows it he’ll be gonzo. Fight for a first down and I’ll be happy…

        Anyone have a link to watch the game tonight?

        1. Author

          CATCH a ball and I’ll be happy !

          If it’s not on your local TV, then you can go to and sign up for the pre-season live viewing access. Just get the free trial and cancel it tomorrow.

          1. OK cool I was thinking that… thanks!

        2. It’s on here in Ft. Myers. Huge crowd tonight-about the same size as the annual Miami Springs-Hialeah rivalry.

  2. Author

    Was just reading several reports on Stephen Ross’s lack of involvement/interest in the team. I guess he’s been in NY all summer following the Jets and taking care of the important businesses in his life.
    We are cursed.

    1. It would be nice if he was but he never will be. I don’t care as along as he continues to provide all the $$$ we need. He has always done that. He follows the Jets and Michigan. We’re a hobby for him.

      Griese-just leave.Now.

  3. Author

    And the season starts off with a bang. Pass pass pass and not good at it. Tannehill missing left and right. And then some bum who Adam Gase thinks is better than Codey Parkey missed a field goal.
    Gonna be a long year.

  4. Author

    And our D played just as good as our O. Allows an easy touchdown to Tampa without putting up any fight whatsoever.

    1. Literally first offensive possession for Tannehill in 2 years and you say getting in field goal range is a failure. Literally the most biased commentary ever.

      1. TV or radio?Are you totally clueless as to who the announcers are on TV? Regardless,they are HOME TEAM announcers.DUH!

        1. I’m talking about admin maybe you should work on your reading skills. And just stop watching this team if it gets you so mad it’s prolly unhealthy, and it is just kind of sad.

  5. Author

    Minkah Fitzpatrick absolutlelty schooled and fooled on Tampa’s TD run. So out of position.
    As usual, we make 97-year-old Ryan Fitzpatrick look like Marino.
    No linebacker play at all.

    1. He always manages to have career games against us. Now their career criminal is QB.

  6. The Jets Fitzpatrick makes a huge difference when playing against our slugs. Can’t compare apples to apples.

  7. Hey don’t forget to mention that Kenny stills continues to disrespect our country by kneeling during our national anthem, and our new star wide receiver Albert Wilson joined him. According to Mr. Ross they will both be suspended for four games

    1. Yeah,that will happen! Don’t bring your political crap here-this is about football.

  8. Bob Griese is 73. Get him the hell off of broadcasts. I’m a fan with his jersey but he can’t even complete a sentence. I believe he has had CTE for several years.

  9. Author

    Man, a lot of Anonymous commenters tonight.
    1. Yeah, it doesn’t look promising for Hull. Gase never lets him play much anyway, even though I feel he should get a chance. moot point now.
    2. Bob Griese is a legend, but yes, his announcing is slow.
    3. I hate the protests, especially for Quinn doing the raised fist. However, I don’t stop you guys from having opinions for from disagreeing with me. Doesn’t matter, as long as they produce on the field.
    4. You’re damn right I say a drive that gets 0 points is a failure.
    5. I hope to see Gase give Bryce Petty a fair chance to be 3rd string QB. Unfair and unwise for Gase to just hand the job to his friend David Fales.

    1. “3. I hate the protests, especially for Quinn doing the raised fist. However, I don’t stop you guys from having opinions for from disagreeing with me. Doesn’t matter, as long as they produce on the field.”

      Give it a rest Admin, give it a rest. You’re starting to sound like that dufus named Trump.

      1. Author

        Hey, if you like watching guys kneel and raise their fists, that’s your right. Personally, I don’t think it’s proper to do.
        I’m just worried if Ross will really suspend them 4 games each, like he promised to do. Losing 3 starters for the first quarter of the season could be a big blow to us.

        1. First of all, if the cameras panned these football stadiums during the playing of the national anthem and focused in on the crowds, you’ll see people sitting down and eating hotdogs, texting, walking around, talking, and doing a whole host of other things while ignoring the playing of the star spangled banner.. but I see you’re not, don’t, or wouldn’t get infuriated by that. Nah… but god forbids that these same cameras focus in on a couple of football players who are black, knelling with their hands over their heart or raising a fist in the air during the national anthem, because people like you get offended mainly because you don’t understand the real meaning of TREASON or what’s really disrespectful. These players are only protesting the unjustified shooting and killing of black people by cops who do it sometimes right before our eyes on camera and get away with it, their not protesting the flag or the national anthem at all. They’re just trying to bring attention to these unrighteous cop killings, and that’s all.

          Stop letting someone control your feelings by narrating your thoughts concerning what you’re watching on TV.

          1. Author

            That’s like boycotting Starbucks by raising your fist in front of McDonald’s. You want to protest police violence? Then be brave enough to go to your local police station, on your own time and your own dime, and protest all you want there.

            1. That’s like saying “Admin, if you don’t like seeing these players knelling or raising a fist, then stick to watching soccer or baseball and writing about that.” You wanna tell people what you don’t like or offends you about these sports players, then write about flowers or animals. Don’t ask people to read your blog and make comments on their time and talk about somebody doing something harmless like kneeling or raising a fist in the air and then say “Doesn’t matter, as long as they produce on the field.” Even you know that your disdain about it in the long run is moot. Now I see that you didn’t comment about what I said concerning these fans in stadium who are doing whatever they want when the nation anthem is being played. You didn’t because you know they don’t giveashit how you feel or what you think about them.

              1. Author

                I think those fans should definitely be paying attention and standing too. I remember one time I had an awful haircut and I was wearing a baseball cap for a week because I was so embarrassed of the haircut. Went to a game, and left my hat on for the anthem, and a bunch of people yelled at me so I took it off. I was prepared to go against anthem etiquette but I got guilted into it and looking back, it didn’t kill me to conform for 60 seconds even though i didn’t want to.

                1. And the point is, you didn’t have to take off your hat if you didn’t want to. You see Admin, me, as a former United States Army soldier who doesn’t givadamn if you wear a hat during the playing of the national anthem, I’m more concerned if you’re paying your taxes like me. The IRS don’t givashit what you’re doing in the stadium at some sports game or how patriotic you are. Don’t pay your taxes and see how fast they take your home and other possessions. And it’s funny how you felt “guilted” and succumbed to those shouting fans outrage and took off your hat, but those same screaming at you fans didn’t approach other people they saw in the stadium doing whatever they felt like doing. And it wasn’t like they didn’t see them. They harassed you because you were their nearby focal point. If one of them would’ve went two rows to the left or right or in front of them and ask a fan they saw sitting “why didn’t you stand up for the national anthem,” I bet they didn’t do it because they were afraid that that fan would’ve told them to “step the fuck off!”

                  1. Author

                    I respect your service, first of all. I just think these protests are disrespectful and it kinda bothers me. It doesn’t bother you, and we disagree on this point.

                    1. These “protests” are disrespectful to who and what?

                      Dude, cut it out with the worthless outrage. The football season can be aggravating enough and life is too short and hard enough to be worrying about somebody kneeling during the national anthem. If Trump respected this country where he was born so much, then why didn’t he marry a born and raised true blue American woman?

                    2. No matter the reason some fans simply don’t like seeing it. People are just saying do something else that doesn’t aggravate the fan that just wants to see a damn game. Too much politics out there already. I understand both sides but if it hurts your bottom line stop it and the player’s should want these guys doing something else too. Why doesn’t the nflpa buy some advertising or something or work a deal with the league?

                      As per Trump he found a hot chick especially for him can’t blame him. Most American ladies probably wouldn’t touch him…

                1. Author

                  LOL, I think the middle wife was American, maybe right?

  10. Any update on Hull? Feel bad for him.

    Petty should definitely be given equal opportunity. I just get this feeling that he’s probably just as good as the others but may have more upside. Hate to lose him probably cheap cap hit to boot.

    1. Author

      Been checking every source I know all day, and no word on Hull

      1. Thanks I guess their waiting to hear.

        What do you guys think about the initial depth chart? I’d probably shuffle a few things around but it looks like they want to motivate a few guys. Rookie TE seems to be one of them perhaps really stress that he needs to block better. He can definitely catch but you still have to be a decent blocker. Ballage did a great job blocking in the backfield…

        1. Author

          I’m a little miffed to see A J Derby so high on the tight end chart. He’s a nobody journeyman who has made zero impact on any team he ever played for, but Gase loves the guy. Hopefully it inspires the two rookie TE to excel.

          1. I think that’s the point and totally agree I haven’t seen Derby do anything of value.

      2. Hull injured his MCL. Won’t miss the season.

        1. Sorry, it’s me jus4midabl admin!

          1. Good to hear I think the Fins will need him especially on ST.

          2. Author

            Thanks, J. I read that too. A sprain is obviously far less serious than the dreaded ACL.
            We survived a pre-season game without losing anyone! That hasn’t happened in several seasons. Raekwon McMillan, Dustin Keller, etc

  11. Yeah FLYFINFAN, those kneeling NFL football players aggravated you and those other fans so much where you almost, ALMOST didn’t watch those players go out on the field and entertain you, knowing they face the consequences of getting their heads handed to them and other body parts torn up trying to make you and others happy. But you, FLYFINFAN and others somehow sucked it up and found a tiny bit of compassion in your hearts to forgive those selfish kneeling football players to the point where you could finally sit back in your recliners and easy chairs with your favorite ice cold beer/drinks and hotwings to watch the games.

    Selfish damn kneeling football players, they don’t know how frustrating they’re making it for you and others like you to watch an NFL game.

    1. Yes we make them play football poor guys getting millions barely covers their rent and board. We are so greedy paying them this small pittance to play a kids game wow we should be ashamed of ourselves… are you F’in kidding me? Read my response most understand the issue but there is a large percentage of people out there who look at kneeling as disrespectful no matter the cause. They are walking away which is hurting the league as well as the players. When you start crossing politics with entertainment this can happen. No different if you went to go see a movie and half way through they stopped it and started preaching about a certain cause. It’s simply not the time or place for some. Personally I don’t care what they do but if I was a player and it affected my salary and ticked off my clients I would find another way. That’s all that we’re saying…

      1. And after saying all that, you and others like you are going to be sitting back in your bigass comfy recliners and easy chairs with your favorite ice cold beer/drinks and hotwings to watch the games next week. Because when all is said and done, it’s really going to be “Personally I don’t care what they do,” as long as these players are out there entertaining us and making our team look good!

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