I was glad to see the Dolphins active in the trade and free agent market yesterday.   Glad we kept a few of our own.   Not too worried about the ones who may be leaving.

Some new faces include Julius Thomas and William Hayes.

Some old faces include Reshad Jones and Kenny Stills.

A new face that is sort of old too:  Anthony Fasano.

What do you guys think of these moves?


  1. Yes we are actually making moves in FA that aren’t ridiculous huge signings for one player. We kept Jones who is a stud best Safety in the game. Stills got paid a lot but if you look at the numbers he had close to the same numbers Mike Wallace had and we definitely way overpaid for Wallace. Lawrence Timmons is reportedly visiting today. Dolphins looking to sign Ted Larsen a Guard from Chicago. The only signing I don’t like is Branch. Don’t get me wrong he played but 9 per year is outrageous and this is still the same team that didn’t want to pay Vernon 8 a year. One position im worries about is free safety Michael Thomas isn’t good enough and there aren’t good ones in the market this year.

    1. Almost as soon as Im Done writing Timmons is signed 2 year $12. $11 guaranteed

        1. After seeing that im still convinced Williams is a better pass blocker than Dallas Thomas … definitely better than Jonathan Martin

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    John Denney has re-signed. TRIVIA: What position did he play in college and was drafted as? Don’t cheat with Google. Take a guess !!

    1. My guess is Tight End and drafted as such.

      1. Author

        Nope. I thought TE also! You can google it now, but don’t tell anyone yet !

  3. Wow who knew about John Denney. I’m a little upset we didn’t get either Sheard or Hightower. I’m sure they could have provided valuable info about the patises. I just hope Timmons still has some gas in the tank on not contemplating retirement in South Florida.

    1. I think we would have really overpaid to get them, and while It would be great to have them on the team I’m glad Miami isn’t breaking the bank.

      1. True that. It seems we are spending wisely this year.

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    Damien Williams was tendered, meaning he can sign elsewhere, but the Dolphins can observe/match whatever offers are on the table. I hope they don’t match anything. I’m not a fan of Damien and his miscues.

    1. @Admin

      100% agree with you! Funny thing is you know they tried to shop this kid and no one took the bait confirming what we have thought about him for years. Why they kept him I don’t know I would have loved to have given his roster spot to Hogan years ago or to Matt Hazel last year…….

  5. I’m really excited for two reasons.

    1 – We are filling huge NEEDS with proven dependable vets. We are not breaking the bank to get them and we know exactly what we are getting with these guys which so far is improvement all across the board!

    2 – This one may excite me even more! I see good veterans coming to Davie and SIGNING THE CONTRACT! Compare that with years past where only crap players would sign with us because we would overpay them! The vets signing here as a first option tells me that the NFL is on notice that the Miami Dolphins are for real with this Management and coaching staff and that says just as much if not more about this team then last years playoff appearance.

    1. Yes exactly that its nice to see vets come here and sign for reasonable deals. It’s also nice to see that they don’t have to chase too much in the draft they can pretty much go BPA although I’d still like to see another LB, OG, DE, DT or FS taken that can be a difference maker. With LB and OG really the only positions left with starting implications.

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    Ross looks good with that hair-doo

  7. Damien Williams is a very good 3rd down back because he has good receiving skills and can probably pass protect better than the other backs on the roster. Despite his shortcomings as a a pure runner he does contribute and 1.7 mil or whatever is dirt cheap.

    1. He tries hard but he’s dumb. When the clock is ticking you go down or out of bounds he keeps trying for 1 inch running out the clock when time is precious.

  8. I wonder if Fasano has anything left in the tank. I’m really tired of new skill position guys learning a new system. So for the first month when Fasano runs the wrong route and causes an INT, we’ll hear “Well, he’s learning a new system.” Lets hope not. He seems mature and smart.

    1. I wonder too if he has anything left. They got rid of him for a reason…..years ago.

  9. Pretty sure Fasano is there specifically to help the run game. He’s one of the best blocki g tight ends in the league. Ajayi and the rest of the backs should benefit greatly.

    1. I think Fasano will be ok and he can catch just as well if not better than Sims I’m pretty confident with that. His only flaw is that he’s older but far cheaper so be it.

      I like what’ they’ve done smart rational moves not breaking the bank. Players who can help in certain situations. Branch may have been overpaid but DE’s always are he’s still half as much as Vernon but did he really look horrible in comparison…I think not.

      These guys will play their roles and hopefully they find a few difference makers in the draft would be nice to get a wicked FS or LB to add to all of this.

  10. This is purely a fan motivated post. I’ve always liked Fasano and felt he was a real Dolphin with his first stint with us. Was sad when he left. I’m glad he’s back and think this will be his home for the remainder of his career. There are just some players out there that strike me in this way and why I like them has more to do with team morale than it does measurables and NFL combine statistics.

    That being said I did like his performance and grit. Another leader by example our team needs. As I’ve said and will never stop saying mentality and morale are the X factors in a sport of which all are physically gifted and well schooled in this sport. To me a superior team morale and true confidence separate great teams from those with superior talent but lower mental toughness.

    When I played sports I always recruited minds over talent every time.

    Either way Ive been out for a while. Nice to be back.

    1. Exactly everyone is talented in some way or they wouldn’t be there but if motivated that in most cases can be the difference. I don’t believe Fasano was ever a big difference maker hence why he left for too much money but if you need him to do his part he will. For this price you can’t go wrong and I’m sure he’ll make some plays when needed.

  11. Just signed Bushrod not sure of the terms but he can’t be that much. Seems good to me as it will create competition and worst case he starts if a rookie isn’t ready. He’ll probably be better this year as it was his first at OG.

    The other bonus is that they don’t have to reach for a OG now. I hope they still draft one but they can go BPA between main positions that need an upgrade. I’m thinking LB, FS, DE and OG. DE may be your best value for the first round and Wake isn’t getting any younger. Anyone else have a better idea?

  12. I agree that DE should definitely be an option 1st-round especially if a guy like Taco Charleton is there. I actually think that a starting caliber linebacker will still be there by the middle-round and that it would be safe to wait to take one. If a top DE or either Rueben Foster doesn’t fall to 22 I wouldn’t mind the Dolphins trading down in the 1st to acquire an additional pick. A great haul would be to come away with some combo including Forrest Lamp, Jarrad Davis, Marcus Maye, Jordan Willis, and David Njoku. I like Jabril Peppers also in he were to fall to 22 but I’m not sure if he would fit with Reshad Jones since they both play in the booth.

    1. Author

      I have to disagree with our alleged “need” for a defensive end. Not when so many other areas need upgrades. Armando today once again wrote about the need for a DE, and I see Rick James here agrees. I guess a lot of it depends on Matt Burke’s schemes. I fear that Burke will be outmatched by some of the more complicated offensive minds we play this year. We have to face Atlanta, New Orleans, Carolina, and the Patriots twice. I just don’t see a rookie defensive coordinator getting things done against those teams. Playing the NFC South this year is a tough assignment. The NFL scheduling system remains bizzarely unfair.

      1. I think that most teams like to have 4 starting caliber DE’s to effectively run a 4-3 defense. As well as 4 starting caliber DT’s. That way guys are fresher in the 4th quarter. Plus with Cam Wake being 35 the Dolphins need to start looking for his replacement. If Dion Jordan gives the Dolphins anything it will be an unexpected bonus at this point but I’m sure they know they can’t rely on him by now. Dolphins have enough draft picks are remaining cap space to plug all their holes.

        1. I agree that this year DE isn’t a need especially if Jordan comes to play but in the first round you need money positions and you can see that DE costs you more than LB or OG. FS may also be a better play if your guy is there. If DE isn’t a worry then moving back and taking extra picks may be the best move. This way you can get everything that you need at good value and upgrade a few positions. Saying all of this I wouldn’t complain if they found a stud at any of those positions that fell to them.

  13. I meant since the both play in the box.

  14. We need a cornerback I don’t see Xavien Howard holding up against the offenses Miami has to play this year.

    1. Well they have Maxwell and Lippett too. I would think that Howard and Lippett should improve and Maxwell did get better as the year progressed. I think FS is more of an issue as those guys keep dropping like flies…would be nice to have a stud there helping the whole secondary improve.

  15. Salami Jenkins signed with the Raiders.

    1. Author

      Yes, and he already missed 4 tackles and let his man wide open twice.

      1. 😃 good one. He was hurt all the time too. Just read Zac Brown was going to visit.

  16. Good luck to Jenkins with the Raiders(unless they are playing Miami that day. Does Miami get a comp pick for that? And I agree with Flyerfinfan that a trade down for extra picks could be a coup with all the defensive talent in this draft.

    1. I think so moving back wouldn’t be bad unless a game changer falls to 22 then you have for take him especially if at LB FS DE or OG. I think lamp is the only OG worthy of the 1st Rd.

  17. Still need a QB. Cant win consistently without a franchise QB.

  18. Author

    Kiko Alonso has re-signed and is not going anywhere. Good news.

    1. Yep and Zach Brown leaves without a deal. Going back to Buffalo.

      1. Prolly wanted to much money, Miami is playing it smart this offseason.

        1. If anything they raised the market value for buffalo if they want to keep him.

      2. That doesn’t bother me. Some say Brown is an upgrade but didn’t Miami run for over 200 yards against his LB group TWICE last year?

        1. Could also be a one year wonder at least Alonso has played well only bad when he was injured so I feel more comfortable especially if brown wants a lot of cash.

    2. Resigning Alonso helps the stability and it’s such a need. That idiot barnwell gave it a D+ saying they could have used a tender to draft a LB in the second Rd like that’s a guarantee. Moron…

      1. Barnwell and Heath Evans should team up since they both have such an infinity for hating the Dolphins

        1. I’d rather overpay our own loyal players, than overpay newcombers who we don’t know much about. Just ask Phillip Wheeler.

          1. The thing is that they actually received better value than what they would have received on the market for those exact same players that they resigned. Sure they could have went in another direction but who knows what you are getting you know your own players.

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