Further Proof of Adam Gase’s Arrogance/Ignorance…

So it looks like Ja’Wuan James will be out for a while, which leaves a huge hole in the Dolphins’ already-porous offensive line.

Adam Gase was discussing the line and the way they’ve played this year.    He said this:  “Pouncey is the only one I can say every game I’m seeing a lot of the same things that are good.”

I guess that Gase feels holding penalties are good.

Gase thinks that when Pouncey let the ball slip through his hands and snapped it 2 inches on a shotgun, that was good.

Illegal hands to the face penalties?  Good.

Not creating any running holes?  Good.

As I’ve been stating for several years now, nobody seems to call out Pouncey for his poor play.   Moreover, he’s actually complimented!  Just like I predicted last Sunday night when Pouncey played horribly, I KNEW that Gase would praise him.  And as usual, Gase proved me right.



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  1. Ya well Juliaus Thomas was able to kneel on the sidelines during the National Anthem so that’s kind of a feel good story and shows that Gase is one of the best HC in the NFL!

    1. So what, making these NFL players stand at attention with their right hand on their hearts while the national anthem is being played will make YOU feel better?

      1. Yes Phil for all the suffering the wars my father and brothers and myself faught in and the effect that had on us and our families it would make me feel better.

        My father and younger brother died on foreign soil and my oldest brother was so screwed up when he got back he did drugs until he OD

        You think seeing people piss on what they died for dosnt piss people like me off?

        And then to see comments from people who should care because you or your children could be the next to be sent off is also unfortunate.

        1. Careful, you’re talking to a ten year vet. And while you’re moaning about “people pissing” on something, remember, at one time this country didn’t care how many wars these NFL players who are black, grandfathers, great grandfathers, and uncles fought in, they faced blatant discrimination when they were in the military and when they got out. Those old black soldiers, the ones who are still living, can tell you a thing or two about what it feels like to be “pissed on” by the country they fought for.

          Millions of people tune in every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday to watch NFL football and a lot of them feel the way you do. But while they’re angry at these kneeling football players who are mostly black, they’re contradictably (just keep reading ADMIN) sitting and dipping their “tostito chips in their cheese dip” and yaking it up with their friends while the national anthem is being played at the game on their television. They want them to hurry up and get the game started so they can see people violently bash into each other. Same with a lot of people at the stadium. No one cares about them standing or going to restroom or going to get food or a beer while the national anthem is being played. All the while the NFL steadfastly defends their point about football not causing brain trauma. All the while these black NFL players are seeing on You Tube a white cop saying “we only shoot and kill n**gers.” All the while these black NFL players are seeing on TV a black man getting choked to death and by white cops and getting away with it. There are more examples I can bring up but they are too numerous to list.

          So if my children or grandchildren is sent off to war somewhere in a far off country, I want them to absolutely know that they are defending a USA that staunchly defends their citizens constitutional rights and not just pay lip service to them. I don’t want them to know they are fighting for a county that’s not turning a blind eye when it comes to cops who swore to swore to uphold the constitution and then shit on the rights of a certain segment of the population because they’re bigots and these are the people they were taught to hate and or violate.

          These kneeling NFL players are not doing it because it’s a “fad.” They’re doing it in the most peaceful way they know how to bring attention to the safety of a public being violated and their rights being disregarded by some thugs who wear a badge.

          That means, they kneel for you to BRIAN.

          1. correction, I meant to say:

            I want them to know they are fighting for a county that’s not turning a blind eye when it comes to cops who swore to uphold the constitution.

            1. Phil I’m not having this debate. You asked me if I would have felt better if they stood I said yes.

              I am just as I titled to my opinion as they are and as you are!

              Thanks for your service

              1. Brian, if you would’ve just said “yes,” then my comment wouldn’t have contained points that I think people like you are entirely ignoring. This is not about debating. My point is to show the real views, experiences, and thoughts from the other side.

                Like the saying goes, “opinions are like assholes, every body has one.” Except, I’m not talking from an opinionated stance. I’m speaking facts.

  2. Rabble rousing simply calls attention to yourself, which takes away from team unity. Let Stills and the Thomas sisters purchase television ads, and they can say whatever they want and kneel or stand, their choice. But I don’t want them doing it on Dolphins time

    1. “they can say whatever they want and kneel or stand, their choice. But I don’t want them doing it on Dolphins time”

      Oh, I’m sorry…are you important?

      1. Why? only important people are allowed have opinions in Phil’s world?

        1. Watch out…. Phil’s a 10 year veteran!

          1. Hey Brian, I’m not the type of person who sat on my ass, got five deferments, and used bullshit patriotic slogans to show my love for this country and pointed fingers at others while accusing them of “pissing on the flag” all from the comfy of my easy chair. See, I did what you, your “father and brothers” did, I wore the uniform and put up with all the crazy shit the military puts you through. After that, I realized what really mattered in this country, “Paying Taxes.”

            You’ll be amazed at the amount of wealthy so-called “patriotic” assholes who go through various extremes to skirt the laws to get out of paying one dime in taxes. Like that filthy rich bitch Leona Hemsley once said – “paying taxes?…paying taxes is for the poor folks to do!”

            You better bet all those kneeling NFL players pay taxes.

            1. Author

              I heard that policemen nationwide had a meeting, and every single one of them all said, “A third-string backup special teams player in Miami named Michael Thomas is protesting. I guess we better change our habits immediately”
              To me, the players can do what they want. But why do something that will not cause any change?

              1. You, ADMIN, have a blog site and write about the Dolphins and they still shipped Ajayi off for a fourth round pick.

                In your own words – “why do something that will not cause any change?” Because the Dolphins are still doing the same ole dumb shit.

            2. @Phil

              What are you talking about? I originally stated my opinion and your response to me was, “Watch out I’m a ten year vet…..” what an ass! Watch out for what Phil? In your rant you forgot I served too! I’ve never meet a vet before you who didn’t thank me for my service! FYI, I’m a Marine sniper and we don’t “Watch Out” for anybody!

              1. Hey dickhead, can you read? Here, I’ll restate my first statement again for you:

                Careful, you’re talking to a ten year vet.

                I don’t have to thank you for your service, that shit is for other people who never served in the military to do. All that patriotic “Ra RA” shit is for wannabe tough motherfuckers. I battled badass motherfuckers in gangs OverTown and Liberty City in 1960’s and 70’s before I went into the Army. Marines don’t and never did frighten me.

                Look man, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, so just chill the fuck out and stop beating your chest because that shit means nothing to me.

                1. Apparently it does matter to you. Apperantly only your opinion matters. Anyone who dosnt agree with almighty Phil is a dickhead.

        2. You didn’t state an opinion…you appeared to be in charge of something and things had better go your way or else:

          Let Stills and the Thomas sisters purchase television ads, and they can say whatever they want and kneel or stand, their choice. But I don’t want them doing it on Dolphins time.

          That make you seem be somebody of an pretty important stature to me!

          1. Phil, a quick lesson for you: When a person states what they want or don’t want, that is their opinion. Why do you take someone’s opinion and then turn that into them trying to be important or they’re trying to appear to be in charge?
            Brian M has 99% of the nation on his side. You have less than 1%. calm down

            1. Because FLORIDAN, there is a high percentage of the people who watch NFL football who want to see their team beat the shit out the other team and they can care less if players kneels, stands, do jumping jacks or somersaults before they take the field…as long as their team win, they don’t giveashit!

              Now relax and just watch the game.

          2. Get the fuck outta here with your liberal bullshit no one here agrees with you or cares about your opinion on the topic.

            1. Go lick on Trump’s balls faggot.

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