Weekend notes before the Panthers Game

The Dolphins hope to avoid going 0-3 in their third prime time game in a row Monday night, and they’ll have to do it without Ja’Wuan James.

James was put on IR, meaning he’s gone for the year.  It’s a tough blow for an offensive line that isn’t too good to begin with.  But dont’t worry, the media and Adam Gase will praise Mike Pouncey.

Dion Jordan played his first game in three years Thursday night and already has as many sacks as Charles Harris.

In the Raiders game last week, Oakland scored just before halftime, and those three points proved to be the difference.  On the play right before the field goal, the Raiders completed a pass in the middle of the field with about a second left.  The receiver went down, and Bobby McCain touched him.    A Raider time out, and they scored 3 points.

If McCain simply waited and didn’t touch him, then the clock expires and no field goal.  It shows me a gross lack of intelligence when it comes to knowing the game time situation.  Instead of letting the half expire, McCain instead gave Oakland 3 points.   I have to blame McCain’s stupidity there, but also I blame the coaching staff for not screaming out instructions to the players.

Later, when the Raiders ‘completed’ a pass that actually dragged along the ground, Adam Gase refused to challenge it.  The Raiders raced to get the next play off before Miami could challenge.   When was the last time Miami’s offense hurried?   The last time we didn’t predictably snap the ball one one?

The above examples show me that Adam Gase is lacking.   He doesn’t have his players aware of proper game procedures, and he doesn’t listen to his players when they’re screaming at him to challenge.    It further proves how arrogant he is, as if he and only he is smart.


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  1. Gase is still “shaking things up!”

  2. Super stoked to see how TJ McDonald does! Should help the back end big time! And hopefully Ted Larson will improve this O line! Gotta stop the penalties though!

    1. Author

      Justin, I also hope McDonals steps in and makes an impact right away. However, that is wishful thinking for a guy who hasn’t played in so long. He had a decent pre-season, but so did Jakeem Grant and others. The regular season is soooo much different.
      I hope the other 10 Dolphins on defense don’t just think that McDonald is a savior so they don’t need to try as hard. The D has cost us games lately, just as the offense came to life…a horrible time to go cold

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