Game Day Chat room this sunday–Instructions

Okay, I think we finally have the chat room situation worked out.

It’s been pretty popular in the past for a bunch of us to get together and gripe about how the game is going in real time!

Anyone wishing to participate will need to first register a user name.   In the right column of any Dolphins Truth page, under the META heading, you’ll see “Register”    Should be to your right just under the ad.   Register.

Or just click here:

It will ask you for a User Name and your email.    You have to enter your real email, because the system sends you a temporary password.  Don’t worry, I don’t even see this and I won’t collect emails and spam you.

Check your email and following the link to set up your password.

Follow the links to log in.   It may bring you to a profile page, which you can skip.

Then go to this page:      There’s also a chat room link in the left column.

You can do this now to get all set up for Sunday.


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  1. I will be in Miami this weekend for the game. I will be in section 132, row 22. If any other fans from this site will be there too, let me know.

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