Thursday Night Football with the patriots

It will be very interesting to see how the Patriots handle their QB situation on the short week.

I, for one, hate the idea of TNF.   I love having an extra game in prime time, but to be fair to all teams, it should be on a Saturday night, not a Thursday,    Even a Friday would be better.

Whoever the Pats use at QB, their system is good enough where they should destroy the Texans tonight.  But I’ll be rooting for Houston and Lamar Miller to take them out.

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  1. So far it looks like a blow out. While the score is close, the game itself isnt anywhere near close. Now the Texans are in 2 min offense, the Pats get to see more into their held back playbook options. Its methodical . They take you apart , you try and play catch up, they learn just what your team will really try . They adapt and stop it just enough to prevent a comeback but make it look like your making headway. Exactly what they did to us last week. When you’re so good you can win more than just the game, you win the influence too. Youre playing 3 dimensional football.

    Im not by far a genius, but have a very gifted talent for troubleshooting. The core of solving problems is boiling them down to their core components and then examining them piece by piece. I see this pattern again and again and I dont think its happenstance. They gut you early, which in of itself is remarkable. Then their opponent adjusts in a predictable way and also fail. Then opponent gets behind and plays desperation football and essentially the game is over. Once this happens you’ve taken the bait and play right into the Patriots hands.

    That all said their superior talent is striking often and striking first. This forces the game into their hands of which they are masters of managing from there.

    Disregard what I’ve said and keep attributing everything to the X’s and O’s . You’re doing the same thing every team that has suffered defeat from them. You have to out-scheme them by understanding this is the approach they will take. But they mask this well but the math almost always plays the same way. This is the smoking gun that should give credibility to what I say.

    Or just keep saying somehow year after year they keep drafting superior talent and their coaches are just that much better than ours. Bullshit this is superior game planning and scheme. But the aforementioned can be beaten if first its recognized and respected.

    Finally dont gimme that BS about the last game of 2015 we won. They were playing to prevent injury and it was completely obvious with their vanilla approach. If the Pats really wanted to win , they most likely would have.

  2. The pats just don’t lose and it pisses me off man they’ve been good for to long

    1. Author

      Yeah, they come out so prepared. They know what they want to do, and they make it happen. The Dolphins need to go 3 and out a few times just to see what’s going on

  3. BS pass interference call. Pats receiver grabbed the defender by the neck . Totally unbiased reffs.

    1. They seem to always get the calls and tonight and most nights every break. How can you get every fumble recovery? What 9 tries for a TD on the last series. You stop them and the ref steps in.

      As per your theory it’s obviously not talent they can win without a QB, no oline, injuries everywhere,…etc…so you can only point to coaching, system and I hate saying it blatant cheating or unbelievable luck. No team can have that much luck so that may have to be ruled out but how do you win that many games at home ridiculous no matter how good you are.

      Moving back to the Fins do they look as bad now? At least they outscored the 3rd string 24-7 Houston 0????? The mafia must be making a killing….

      1. complete BS pass interference call. Watch the replay from afar it looks bad. The close up footage shows the Pats receiver grabbed the defender around the neck. WOW. As if they needed more of an advantage.

    2. Author

      Impossible to get a call in Boston. Pittsburgh is the worst, and I’d have to say New England is second throughout the years.

  4. When the Pats split the series with us they influence their opponents and keep in place our shitty players b/c they get a once a season chance to look good against an elite team. You guys think we beat them b/c we just did. Maybe once in a while we actually do. More often than not a loss to us mean far more victories down the road b/c they throw off their opponents and give false hope. This is 3 dimensional football. But im just a dummy who doesn’t notice anything even when the pattern is obvious.

  5. This is what great coaching will do.

    1. Jay you are correct. Watch last year’s game .. the final. It was obvious the Pats were playing extremely conservative. Yes loosing influenced their playoff standing. But they all but laid down for us . You saw nothing like what we expect when the Pats really want to win. They were trying to preserve health of their players and hopefully win. But they werent overly upset if they didnt win. Remember I played and schemed sports for several years. Strategy and its footprints in the grass become obvious after some time of observation. They toy with us every year like a cat with a toy as they do with most teams year after year. And their wins always follow a similar pattern. But Im just a dummy who doesnt know shit.

      1. Idk man I think your thinking to hard about this. Losing to the Dolphins is kinda what cost the pats the super bowl last year. If they had home field advantage things prolly would of been different. Plus I’ve seen the pats lose to bad teams in the playoffs, their not perfect.

  6. So if it’s coaching Jay how can Tanny be at fault for everything? It can’t work both ways…NE coaches, system, biased refs, etc…..are obviously too much to overcome for anyone Tanny included. Hell at least the Fins made a game of it on the road! We also know that they could have done much better even with worse coaching than Philbin according to you.

    1. Yea New England is such a good organization even without a star quaterback they can win. Miami is not though without a great quaterback this team (the Dolphins) will go no where.

    2. @ FlyerFinFan

      Top coaches GET great players and especially great QB’s. That’s part of being a great coach, obtaining top players.

      TannePuke and our HC’s all stink. They’re incapable of getting a good QB

      1. It was no accident that Don Shula had 3 HOF QB’s.

  7. You should be able to challenge anything you want including pass interference that would clean a lot of this BS up.

  8. Belichick would never have a loser QB like TannePuke……

    1. Dude he won with a 3rd string QB you just blew your own theory out the window. So brisset is now HOF? If he can win with that clown he could win with Tanny…NFL will always be about coaching this just proves it. Also helps to have a few refs, judges, your pocket.

  9. You also realize that BB was fired and found brady way down in the draft right? You make it sound like brady was impressed by BB so he waited to get picked by him. Make no sense…he’s also missing half of his starters!

  10. Belichick would never have TannePuke for his QB. He would’ve recognized what a loser Tanny was in year one or BEFORE the draft!

  11. I can’t believe how totally outclassed the Texans were in that game and they went into Foxborough as favorites. And I guess Lamar Miller even though he’s decent is not a game-changing running back

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