Game day week 17 Live From Stadium

here we go.   I am live at Hard Rock.    Warmups looking good.    AJayi walking around with some kind of portable oxygen mask looking thing

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  1. Author

    Phins wearing dark aqua today

    1. Author

      Franks just miss THREE 55 yarders in warmup

      1. Author

        Rizzi on the field now watching Darr and Denney practice

    2. Author

      Landry just gave Brady a hug

    3. Author

      Gase chatting with josh mcdaniels

      1. Author

        Interesting. Vance Joseph and Lou Amarollo are watching Brady warm up. Like right behind him!

    4. Author

      Ross chatting with Robert kraft. Kraft wearing suit and sneakers. Dick move from a cheater

    5. Author

      Really annoyed how many Pat jerseys here

      1. Don’t beat them up like we did when the 49ers were here.

    6. Author

      Larry Csonka talking to coach Shula in his cart

    7. Author

      Landry with yet another ghetto celebration penalty

    8. Author

      Damien Williams shows why he belongs pumping gas. Another game he cost us. Not to mention last week when he would not run out of bounds

    1. He has zero chance for Broncos job. 1 year as a coordinator doesn’t cut it. He was interviewed before to meet the, “We interviewed a black person/Rooney rule”.

  2. Ajayi is using Tunsil’s bong mask.

  3. Is game chat open this week? Having difficulty logging in.

    1. @Karma

      I always have trouble logging in I think it takes me 20 min to actually get in the dumb thing but this week I’m pretty sure there is no chat

      1. Author

        The chat room is funky with cookies, sorry guys. You basically have to log in and then that dumb preferences screen opens. Just ignore it and enter the chat room URL

  4. I logged into chatroom live and was taken to Sept 14 chat!

  5. Apperantly Gase hasn’t been talking to Jay about how great of a passer Moore is as Gase has elected to start this game where we left off in Buffalo – on the ground

  6. @Jay

    Wow Moore showed not only his elusiveness but his great deep ball on his first throw!

  7. Wow look at Miamis Dline getting blown back a yard at the snap of the ball! They are opening holes big enough to drive a mac truck through

  8. Dam I wake up put on red zone and the first thing I see is the pats going up 14-0. Gonna be a long game for this defense.

  9. @Jay

    Your boy Moores second pass is worst then his first can you say


    1. Author

      Most Phins did play tough. DAmien WIlliams did not. That douche Adam Gase benches Jay AJayi on EVERY SINGLE third down play. Today is cost us dearly. Why bench your best player on the plays that matter most ???

  10. Total yards for pats- 154.
    Total yards for Phins- 4.

    Gonna be a long one gentlemen.

  11. If Landry had a brain under that helmet maybe he’d keep it on to protect it.

  12. Wish Gase would stop spotting the other team a touchdown every game by deferring. Happens almost every game. They need to lose more coin tosses.

    1. Author

      Also, why would Gase literally wear a $4 t-shirt and douche track pants to coach a Professional game ??

  13. Author

    On Edelman’s long TD was that a dirty block on Tony Lipett ??

    1. I thought it was. Looked like helmet to helmet contact to me and a blindside hit. Lippett couldn’t protect himself from that in my opinion. But I might be wrong

      1. Author

        Yeah I saw it again and it was more shoulder to shoulder. However, he was still blindsided and helpless. A simple shove would have been just as effective as a dirty hit like that. That piece of shit drunk arestee Michael Floyd did it too. Two weeks ago the dick is in prison, and today he scores for them and cheap shots our only healthy DB

        1. Ever since you started calling out Matt Darr I’ve been keeping track of him and this week he was complete utter trash … not the reason we lost but he sure didn’t help

          1. Author

            Very true. Early on he punted from like the 25 and only made it to the NE 45. Ten yard holding against us, and NE began a drive at our 45 thanks to his 25 yard punt

  14. I would have loved to have won this game but the truth is our 2ndary is swiss cheese and our linebacking on fumes. Good coaching can only get you so far. We are an emerging team capable of turning no names into competent players. Check. Our rotating oline and backup centers performed solid . Check. Backup quarterback while not perfect didnt screw the pooch. Check. Until the damien williams fumble we were in the game and looking to seize the momentum. Attitude check. It may take another year or 2 but progress is moving us in the right direction but it can’t all be done in 1 season. We need talent and players that can stay healthy. Gase will have much more say now for the draft. I think we are on the cusp of something special. And who knows our 1st playoff game since 2008 is as of yet undecided. This isnt september its January and we are still part of few teams lookinh forward to another game.

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