Let’s Forget This Hideous Game and Fast!

Adam Gase wore a t-shirt and sweat pants to coach the game Sunday, and his team looked just as bum-like as their coach.   I am trying not to make a big deal out of the man’s attire, but It looked like he just rolled out of bed and grabbed the first thing laying on the floor.

A few good plays from a few good players, but nothing was enough.

Excruciatingly, Gase continues to bench Jay Ajayi on every single third down.    Name one other coach who benches his best  player on the crucial downs.

Damien Williams continued his streak of trying to cost us games two weeks in a row, but this time he succeeded.    Laughingly, I saw 3 different articles during the week that listed Damien as unheralded and under rated.    I laughed.     My laughter was proven correct Sunday.  Overrated 5th stringer.

Jarvis Landry hurts more than he helps.    Gase has no control over him, and it costs us.    His stupid celebration penalties are bad enough.    And weekly. But when we had 1st and goal, Landry didn’t even know the rules, didn’t get set, and cost us five important yards.   Next up was the Damien Williams  play.  Thanks a lot Jarvis and Damien.

Matt Moore threw another pig if an interception.    A horrendous pass.

I don’t make it to too many live games due to work commitments; but I was there today amid a sea of Patriot fans.    It’s disgusting that DOLPHIN FANS don’t buy those seats up in September.     So many MVP chants for Brady today.

A few other things I noticed that you can only see live:     When New England had the ball, Gase spoke a lot to Matt Moore    On 2 occasions, there was a NE offensive penalty, and the ref just moved them back because he literally could not get Gase’s attention to ask him      Maybe it was his t shirt that made him forget he has to watch the game.    Not making it up…he held long conversations with Moore with his back to the game.

When NE kicked off (and this was often), Michael Thomas called plays out to Damien Williams, who relayed them back to Grant and Drake .

After he game, Gase spoke for about 5 full minutes with Pats D.C. MAtt Patricia.    Looked very friendly as if they knew each other a while, or else Gase was accepted a belated bribe for refusing to use Jay AJayi

Andrew Franks came by later to join in.    Franks and Patricia both went to RPI

JAkeem Grant is a tiny tiny man in person. Laremy Tunsil is a huge huge man.

I guess I don’t believe in jinxes, but some chick next to me handed me confetti when we had first and goal.  She said to toss it when we scored.   2 plays later, Williams fumbled the game away, and I dropped the confetti on her feet.

Matt Darr sucks.

LeGarret Blount ripped off Suh’s helmet by the face mask and was not ejected. Gotta wonder what it takes for a Patriot to face discipline.

Always wonderful to see the hall of famers again.  Csonka, Little, Griese, Marino, Stephenson, and Wakefield all received special rings    Even saw Coach Shula.

Speaking of Shula, I always gain a little more respect for him each time I see another cowardly Super Bowl coach step down like Gary Hair Dye Kubiak did today.       Shula was a champion, but then ALSO stuck around during several rebuilding decades.

He did not just take his titles and run away, too embarrassed to go through a few non-playoff years like Kubiak, Cowher, Gruden and more.



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  1. “Jarvis Landry hurts more than he helps”. Please stop with that crap! He has more heart than anyone on offense. Imagine having to throw to massive underachiever Devante Parker and Kenny-hands of steel- Stills. Parker has great tools but no heart. Stills-the jury is still out. Without Landry,we win 7-maybe 8 games against along string or crap teams. We played 2 good teams during that stretch and we were abused.
    That penalty you refer to was Miss Albert’s fault because he couldn’t get set with the OTHER 4 linemen. They were set and Landry assumed like you and I that Ms Albert would be too.
    I think we have a chance next week,even if DoorMatt has just an average game.

    1. Author

      Well I obviously exaggerate when I say that about Landry. But you are confusing good old fashioned enthusiasm with bone-headed, injurious nonsense. I love his heart too. But I’d love it more if he politely handed the ball to the ref and walked away after he scored. To act like such an ass after scoring in a 20-0 game…we don’t need or want or benefit from that kind of heart.

      1. What Landry did was not against the rules. The rules state that a player cannot take his helmet off on the field of play. The officials (who seem to always be in a zest to screw the Dolphins) called an illegal foul on Landry for taking off his helmet, but if you look at the film again, Landry was on the sideline when he took off and threw his helmet down.

        The officials were wrong, again.

        1. The rule is you can take your helmet off only in the bench area. While Landry wasn’t on the field of play he wasn’t in the bench area. Not that it matters it’s a stupid rule

    1. Author

      Yes, the NFL helped us out by not forcing a Saturday game on us. Pitt already rested everyone in their game.

    2. Author

      I was waiting and waiting for the playoff schedule to be released. Shockingly, Yahoo had it posted before NFL.com, ESPN, or Fox or CBS.

  2. Off topic here but I see a bias on behalf of the networks when it comes to the patsies. Yesterday the colts and jaguars game was televised in my area. And every single time the patriots scored or did something to turn the game around, it was always “lets go to New York for an update.” And sure enough the announcers were saying “no letting up from Tom Brady and the patriots” or “the patriots getting control of home field advantage” yada yada. When the Dolphins scored, it was crickets. No updates, no highlights, nothing. Seems like a bias to me, but, that’s my observation. It’s sometimes mentioned on this forum how the NFL caters more to certain franchises than others, but, seems to me it’s the networks as well.

    1. Well, the Pats are a much more followed team. Longest dynasty in NFL history. Admin even noted how many Pats fans were at the Dolphin game!!

  3. Landry does have some bone head plays but he is the heart and soul of this team. The fight he plays with is contiguous, he just needs to learn to real it in sometimes.

    1. It’s his 7th unsportsmanlike of the year. They need to reel HIM in lol

    2. “real” it in…or reel it in?

    1. Author

      And I see that Dunce Joseph, I mean Vance, is up for the Chargers head job, LOL. The Rooney rule wastes everyone’s time.

      1. @Admin

        If I were a black man (which I am not so I am only assuming this and not saying that I would actually feel this way if I was) I think that the Rooney Rule would be disrespectful to me. I mean if I were a great coach but every time I got an interview or a coaching job people said, “Oh he got the interview or the job because of the “Rooney Rule” I think I would be irate!

        I can’t think of much that is more condescending then that!

        If I EARN something no one else should be stealing the credit from me especially who ever the hell Rooney is!

        1. The Rooney Rule doesn’t say a team must interview a “black” person for the head coaching job, it states that a team must interview a “minority candidate” for the head coaching job also. So if I were Asian or Latin, should I be “irate” and feel disrespected if I got a head coaching job in the NFL?

          1. Basically it does refer to a black person because as I know,there haven’t been any Asian or Latino head coach interviews since the rule came into existence. Try your semantics elsewhere.

            1. This is what happens when someone brings up factual information, some “peanut gallery intellect” barges his way into the conversation and uses conjecture to make his point.

              So I guess Ron Rivera just gave himself the head coaching job with the Carolina Panthers organization?

              Try your moot assertions on a kindergarten class somewhere next time.

              1. Get over yourself. And lose your attitude about people here. You # of lies,not facts,is amazing in such a short post. I’m fully aware of Ron Rivera but I doubt he met the criteria for the Rooney rule. Just go away.

                1. Run away Mr Grinch. You got caught putting coal in peoples stockings and now you wanna cry foul. Now go slither back into that dark, dank, and crusty little hole you crawled out of and keep your opinions to yourself. Don’t come back out until you learn how to stop trying to BS people!

                  1. Again,go play elsewhere. Ron Rivera was interviewed AND hired because he is a good coach,not because he is Latino.
                    Hopefully your middle school has a forum you can log into for name-calling.

                    1. Oh boo hoo you sure did put me in my place.

                      Let me see, what did you say? Oh yeah “I’m fully aware of Ron Rivera but I doubt he met the criteria for the Rooney rule.”

                      You “doubt?” You’re not sure of anything are you? I guess in your world, only black people are referred to as “minority?”

                      Look, I don’t have time to keep teaching an old man like you, that’s why they invented the internet. Now scoot along, use it, learn something, and stop bugging me.

    2. @Jay

      You need to call up the odds makers and let them know Moore is playing because they OBVIOUSLY must not know that Pro Bowl HOF QB Matt Moore is starting for Miami!

      I’m sure if you can let them know Miami will be favored by 41 points!

      1. @Brian M

        If TannePuke were starting the Steelers might’ve been favored by 41pts!

  4. Got to agree with Jay on Moore. Moore’s 3rd down conversion rate is much higher than Tannehill’s and he doesn’t get sacked all the time like Tannehill (he’s only been sacked once).

    1. That’s absurd. The pass protection has been much better the past 3 games than the previous 13. I’m no Tannebust fan but imagine if DoorMatt had been sacked 3x per game hit many times more and rushed as much as The ‘Bust. We’d see far more floaters from him than we see now.

      1. No one ever complained about the OL when Moore is playing. Fast decisions and release. The same OL seems to get much worse when TanneBust plays! LOL

        Tanny is just terrible…a sack machine!

      2. There’s a reason why the pass protection seems much better the past 3 games – Moore can avoid a sack, Tannehill usually can’t.

          1. Kerlvet-just ignore him and he’ll go away. He has had a breath of fresh air since DoorMatt has been playing. There is no fresh air vent in football pants.

  5. Omar Kelly just tweeted Vance Joseph is the hot name in Denver.

    1. Please hire Vance. Like now. Before Sunday.

  6. Oh geezzzz…….Gase, please don’t start Tannehill over Moore against the Steelers.

      1. Um, he hasn’t made a decision yet.

        1. Adam Gase couldn’t be any more clear Wednesday: Ryan Tannehill is still not ready, and probably won’t be in time for Sunday’s Wild Card game against the Steelers.
          “Unless something changes drastically in the next few days,” Matt Moore will start on Sunday, Gase told reporters.
          Gase added: “We’re trying to take these steps. We may run out of time this week.”
          AGAIN-he has no choice.
          Tannehill’s injured knee, which has kept him out of the past three games, was not healthy enough for him to practice Wednesday. He was an observer in street clothes, wearing a brace on his ailing left knee.

          Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/nfl/miami-dolphins/article124488609.html#emlnl=Today_in_Sports#storylink=cpy

  7. LeGarret Blount ripped off Suh’s helmet by the face mask and was not ejected. Gotta wonder what it takes for a Patriot to face discipline.

    And this tool then ripped Suh for being dirty…comical. I really do hate the pats it never ends.

    1. Lol. So true. Punk got lucky to be chosen by New England or we wouldn’t even know his name

  8. I think Matt Moore has won and deserves the starting job…..FOR THE SECOND TIME!

    That being said the Vegas line (now 10) doesn’t bode well for our Fins.

    1. @Jay

      At last check Adam Gase is the HC of the Miami Dolphins so I don’t think anyone cares what you think on this issue lest of all Gase!

      1. Gase is as big an idiot as Philbin if he doesn’t see Moore is DA MAN!!!

  9. If dumbass Vance gets a head coaching job I’ll laugh. Miami defense is like 28th in the league, why would anyone want to hire this guy? I mean the guy calls man coverage with 2 back up safties and 2 back up linebackers. Even Jay knows better than that

    1. @Zach

      While I agree with much of what you bring out I’m not sure I would agree that Jay knows better then Vance!

      I will say I don’t mind some of the man to man coverage because hey were going to get eaten alive so we might as well try something BUT can we jam the recivers to throw off the quick 3 step timing throws?

      Did you see that there were times Brady took 2 step drops and threw the ball last week. Chucking a guy at the line disrupts that timing and makes Brady hold the ball to find another target and allows the DL another second to work it’s magic.

      Of course that didn’t happen ONE TIME last week! What we saw was Brady, pass after pass getting rid of the ball on timing throws because we didn’t force them out of it!

      Thank God we have Moore starting or we would have lost that game!

      1. I agree with Brian. It’s the 1st line of defense when it comes to disrupting timing.
        Wait,we LOST that game with DoorMatt? He’s a lock for HoF QB .

        1. @Karma

          Ya a lock for JHof

          Jay’s Hall of Fame

      2. Haha I was just making a point to how bad I think the calls are. I couldn’t agree more that the corners need to stop playing 10 yards off the ball though, the steelers will eat us alive this week especially with brown if that happens.

    2. @Zach
      You give Jay far too much credit.

  10. I mean Gase starting the Puke over Moore is as bad as Philbin starting Henne over Moore!!!


  11. Rather Sparano starting Henne over Moore!

  12. Career backup for a reason-limited talent.

    1. Voted MVP of the team….more than TannePuke ever won!!

    2. Tanny has ZERO talent! 75 consecutive starts and STILL STINKS! LOL!

  13. @admin
    “Name one other coach who benches his best player on the crucial downs.”

    Well, Philbin benched his Team MVP….on every down!!

    And Ajayi isnt the best player on the team, Suh and Wake are…..JMHO.

    1. Ajayi may not be the best but he may be one of the most important. Without a running game or threat of one they suck all around. Overall I’d say oline is actually the most important because we have seen what happens when they are all injured… get blown out by the titans at home!

      I’m drafting all D and a few olinemen next year…. And they’ll take the next step. Will be exciting times.

      1. Author

        All D in the draft, for sure. 5 linebackers and 2 DBs, and then find a few undrafted gems the next day.

        1. Still need a franchise QB. 27th rated passing attack is pathetic ……especially with our receivers!

    2. Ajayi may not be the best but he may be one of the most important. Without a running game or threat of one they suck all around. Overall I’d say oline is actually the most important because we have seen what happens when they are all injured… get blown out by the titans at home!

      I’m drafting all D and a few olinemen next year…. And they’ll take the next step. Will be exciting times.

      1. Not sure why I became anonymous?

      2. Author

        And he doesnt take penalties every time he scores like Landry. Suh needs to punch Landry in the face next time he sets us back 15

    3. Author

      Not this year, my friend. Three 200 yard games speak for themselves.
      But even if you are right and Wake and Suh are the best, Gase takes them out as well at crucial times. It’s ludicrous

  14. I was more pissed at the corner blitz call when it was blatantly clear that McCain was coming. Brady still waited for him to tip his hand twice before snapping the ball. If McCain pulls back Brady throws it right at him for a pick six. Instead a wide open edelman gets to trot freely into the endzone. Either way a horrible call at a bad time…

    1. Author

      Good point, and I agree. McCain didnt fool anyone, plus he was slooooooow to arrive. Vance Joseph’s defense is too easy to decipher for someone like Brady. I liked the idea of a blitz since we didn’t come close to Brady all day…might as well try something. But the execution of a Vance Joseph blitz is too easy to get around for Brady

      1. The player should be smart enough to kill it if the QB is pointing it out it was clear as day and you just knew that Brady was going there. Otherwise I guess I don’t mind the call but you have to know when to kill it. Didn’t help that know one rolled over that way and it was Brady’s favourite target too simple. Also the alcoholic laid a blindside hit should have come back you know if it were you Fins it sure would have…

  15. Bleacher Report just ranked Tannehill as the 8th best QB for the entire season while Moore is ranked 32 out of 38

    1. And some people thought that Marco Rubio was a better candidate for president than all of the other republican candidates.

      Who gives a shit what Bleacher Reports, the Dolphins are in the playoffs now.

    2. Funny, when Moore is better than Tannehill and has a higher passer rating!!

      Moore has completed 63.5 percent of his passes with eight touchdowns and three interceptions this season, for an excellent passer rating of 105.6.

  16. FOX Sports ranked all of the NFL teams based on their cumulative records over the last 10 years, and the Dolphins, who have gone 71-89 during that time, rank 24th out of the league’s 32 teams.

    1. Thanks I really needed to see that… haha! Just as long as they don’t shit the bed on Sunday I’m happy with the season. Just keep progressing…

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