Game Day

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Dolphins are a 6-7 point underdog on most lines.   I’m more interested in watching our D line today of all the units.  Is Christian Wilkins the real deal?

On offense, I’m keeping my eye on Michael Dieter.  A future star guard, or just another temp?

Raven have experience, but I’m not sold on their offense.  They will regret dumping Flacco.

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  1. CBS sent in the d-list of announcers. Andrew Catalon??

  2. Can we have Adam Gase back please ?

  3. I write this fro the game. This is pathetic.

    1. Sean, get a refund my friend !

      1. I was smart enough to get the cheap seats this game. 😃

    1. At least you’re there,Sean!

        1. Author

          Sean, go spit in harbaugh face. Ran a fake punt while up 35 points ?

  4. I should have said 34-13 at half,not final score. Get used to it everyone!

  5. The stadium is very quiet right now

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